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  1. I don't feel bad for him at all. He said it himself after the Draft, "At least I didn't wind up Cleveland or Buffalo"
  2. I've been saying this for a while now. Last year was kinda flukey. just look at the QB's they faced. 1 Mahomes (1st real start) LA lost 2 Allen (rookie 1st start) 3 Goff (LA lost) 4 Beathard (WHO???) 5 Carr 6 Mayfield (rookie in 4TH? start) 7 Marriota (LA won by 2 pts) 8 Wilson (only quality win in my opinion) 9 Carr 10 Keenum (LA lost) 11 Rosen (rookie on horrible team) 12 Raper (amid the drama with Brown) LA won by 3 13 Driskel (WHO???) 14 Mahomes (LA won by 1 pt) 15 Jackson (rookie) LA lost 16 Keenum thats 8 games vs rookies(4) 1st year starter(2) unknown backups(2) and most of the rest filled with the likes of Carr and Keenum. couple that with - They face a much tougher schedule this season vs Luck, Stafford, Watson, Raper, Trubisky, Rodgers, Foles and of course Mahomes X2. - Gordon's holdout shenanigans could be very damaging as well - They have virtually no home field advantage. I live in LA and it's a joke that they are even here. and yes, I was at the Peterman game - Rivers is now 38 and a career choker in most any clutch situation. At his age, I'll bet that only gets worse. I'm feeling they will be 7-9
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