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  1. There is also the fact that in each of the last 2 seasons, the road teams won 3 out of the 4 wildcard games. Last year we were the only road team to lose on Wildcard weekend. 3 seasons ago it was 2-2. In 2015, road teams were 4-0 WC weekend.
  2. not true. that was 1998. we made the playoffs and wound up having to play on the road in the WC game vs Miami. If that Pats game isn"t stolen from us we get to play at home. that was the magic Flutie year and anything could have happened.
  3. Duke would probably beat the Jets by 13pts. Alabama would beat them by 40+ 😜
  4. Different cba for sure, but didn't Bledsoe sign a record 10yr 100 mil contract with the Pats before the 2000 season? Then only played 2 games before getting hurt and Brady happened? I could have faulty memory of this.
  5. I Always found it odd that the kid was 4 years old but didn't have a single hair on his head??
  6. I would hate the bye where you have it. It should be before the TNF game not after. That's a 17 day break. No thanks!
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