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    DAZN...in Africa?

    like this?
  2. Hellcamino

    Why rebuilding isn't an excuse for what's happening this year

    Does everyone forget that we lost both Incognito and Wood unexpectedly? I don't think having to replace those two were a part of their plan last offseason. I believe those two situations are the biggest culprit of why our offense is this sad. If we had 3/5 OL playing well instead of 1/5, the other 2/5 would probably look better as well.
  3. Hellcamino

    Halloween Warning! -Stay Away from the Peterman house

    Payday! Its the combo of super salty and super sweet. chocolate really dulls the salty part.
  4. Hellcamino

    Jimmy Kimmel shames Bills fan's sign

    this was all I could think of when I saw that.
  5. Hellcamino

    Hopkins against White: 2 catches 23 yards...

    He has only faced him once and that was early in his rookie year.
  6. I think OP meant trading for player going into the final year of their contract? You are then "renting" them for one year. Then after the season, either resign them or let them leave as UFA. Much like the Rams did with Watkins.
  7. Hellcamino

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    But if its incomplete, they get the ball back at the LOS. They would knock it down like its a hail mary.