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  1. There were 3 plays I specifically saw him make a great and obvious impact on. There were others I saw him get washed out and look like he wanted no part of diving into a pile and try to help. You can tell he is playing more under control and making a conscious decision not to put his body in harms way. That said, he made an impact on a few snaps at big times which is a step in the right direction. Hopefully he continues to build on it if he continues to be able to play.
  2. Beating Dallas alone won't get us in as you know. We are going to need AT LEAST 3-1. The only thing that pretty much guarantees a spot is running the table.
  3. Kill shot? How many balls went to the end zone on that last drive?
  4. 2:12 left...... Chiefs have 2 TOs. Run the ball on 1st down to the 2 minute warning. Run the ball on 2nd down. Force the Chiefs to use a TO. Run the ball again. Force the Chiefs to use their last TO. If you just pick up that last first down, you can take a knee.....run the clock down to a couple seconds and kick a short game winning FG with no time left for them to get the ball back. Instead, they passed every time, didn't get the first down, left them with basically a full 2 minutes and 2 TOs to go on a potential game winning drive. Worst case if we didn't get the 1st down running on those 3 plays would be giving them the ball with just about a minute left and no TOs. Sure, no guarantees, of course, but it would have been a much better situation at worst.
  5. McDermott was a guy lining up 6" offside from not only a loss, not only season ending loss, not only another completely embarrassing loss, but a loss that would have been replayed until the end of time.......another loss that would have had a name associated with it. Coaching and mismanagement of time almost cost us the remainder of the season. Just an awful job as per usual. Oh well......survive and advance, I guess.
  6. Why are they blaming the refs? The dude lined up offside!!! There is nothing to argue about. They may be more mentally fragile than we are.
  7. Wow.......what a lucky break...... 12 men on the field lost us a game and a WR lining up wrong won us one.....
  8. HA HA HA!!!!! Classic McDermott defensive TO only to allow the conversion anyway......
  9. Ready for the McDermott special!!!! 4th and long conversion!
  10. HA! McDermott saved from even more embarrassment for the time being.........
  11. The coaches are actively preventing us from winning by not knowing how to handle game situations. It is embarrassing.... Can't wait to watch McDermott to lose another game on the last drive. Should be fun! HA!
  12. All we needed to do is run the ball to the 2 minute warning. Then force them ti use their TOs on the opposite side of the 2 minute warning. Get one first down and kick a game winning FG. Of course we do everything exactly the opposite of how it needed to be done.
  13. Murray is the last RB I want in this game right now.
  14. 2 holds by the Chiefs on that play..... no call.
  15. In that situation, I would have been fine with Allen heaving it as far as he could and hoping for a PI.
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