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  1. OMG, did you guys actually read the story? he DOES have to show up and testify about where the money comes from, If the judge says so. Nobody made Sammy pay the bail, he chose to do it
  2. Tate turns 29 this year..hasn't played in twoor three seasons.
  3. Bills probably arent comfortable, (weren't, as of May 2nd?) to commit app 6.6 million THIS year AND app 13.5 in 2018. I think they want to see if makes it through this season before committing. As previously mentioned, they can tag him if stays healthy and plays well. or renegotiate long term, or just let him walk. They have decisions to make
  4. Division 2....LT against lesser competition. It's a highlight film,of course it wont show penalties or times he got beat or missed an assignment . He got signed,so he should be happy
  5. Blount was a huge bargain for the Pats last year...Bills will not be able to afford him,and I think the Lions are talking with him. Most of these guys are older or have some injury concerns. I do kind of like Barnridge and also wonder about tackles. Pasztor from Cleveland, perhaps? Kuandjoe and Henderson are projected by some to be cut, leaving Ola and Dawkins as backups.
  6. Ticket prices are not going up in 2017. Rex's ESPN salary will be applied against what the Bils owe him. A drop in the bucket for Pegulas
  7. Why do people think Logan Thomas will contribute as a tight end,this year?
  8. Had read that the contracts of Glenn and Dareus would be workable. They are young healthy and not gling anywhere for awhile. A significant dollar could be converted into bonus without much worry about "kicking tje can down the road".
  9. Maybe somebody can figure out how to rework a couple contracts and free up some money. Verner, maybe Pasztor, (TTackle, Cleveland)
  10. Isn 't Verner available? Might be out of our budget
  11. Hopefully it gets solved before the opener. Would hate to see Jones or Peterman poached off the PS
  12. Did you see the Jerry Hughes interview? He talks about how McDermott is installing a defense that fits the personnel,turns them loose,let's them play.Of course there needs to be a "system " but that isn't inherently bad. I think some are worried that he will stubbornly run his ""system" whether it fits the personnel or not. Don't know where those fears come from. As for the CB's,I saw the clip of McDermott :yes,we need Corners, we only have one starter,Darby,who seemed to regress under Ryan. Seymour is unproven, Johnson and Cromertie were signed,but they haven't accomplished much, then there are some no names. What did you think McDonald was talking about? We need corners, plain and simple,because we don't have any.
  13. So far in free agency the Bills have only maintained the status quo at WR. Lost: Woods, Goodwin, Hunter (and Easley). Signed Butler, Brown, Holmes (and Tate).What if Watkins gets hurt again? I think we should draft Williams or Davis (maybe Jones?) EARLY. Not to just COMPLEMENT Sammy, but to replace him if needed.
  14. His career receiving numbers are something lke 65 receptions, 1,000 yds, 15.7 avg 6 TD's. Had a nice year for the Patriots a few years ago.24 catches 20 yd avg. Just a part-time receiver, not sure how i feel about a soon-to-be 30 year old returner
  15. it's nice they have good running backs...but it is not 'working" if we continue to miss the playoffs...7-9 is not " working"
  16. Thought the story was Gay was kept because the kick off rule is 'experimental" andt emporary.. it: might be changed after 4 weeks. I hope he doesn't get activated, wold prefer another D lineman. In case of emergency, I imagine Groy could move out there.
  17. Rumors of Titans interested in doing something THIS year..but they have way more cap money AND the second overall pick. the Bills would have to cut ,whom, to fit Rivers under the cap? Mario?Clay, Kyle, Dareus and Gilmore? It would defeat the purpose
  18. The curse of St John Fisher! I live in Rochester and will definitely be at camp again this year.
  19. I hope for a QB that has starting experience, relatively young, with upside. Versatile,durable. if the Bills can retain most , or all of their current roster, adding a top QB would be significant, maybe huge, step forward.
  20. Brady's new deal doesnt save them any cap money. It's real complicated, but it doesn't make more cap money available.
  21. With Ryan, and supposedly Roman coming to Buffalo, would you be surprised if the Bills at least look at QB Sanchez,G Colon,RB Powell,WR Crabtree,G iaputi, QB Gabbert?
  22. What difference does it matter how much money Pegula has? Everytime I read how much better the roster will look, that Pegulas will spend money on players, etc. I have to wonder if so many people still dont understand that...There's salary cap,(andyes,the salary "floor" kicked in a couple years ago).It's not a matter of how much Pegula has,it's how well his FO spends it.
  23. I dont want a GM with good "hind sight". I want a GM (and FO) with good "fore sight" ;the ability to project/forecast a player's production and value. THAT seperates the best from the mediocre.Anybody can look back and say" we coud have had (XXXXX) with that pick;look how good he turned out"...etc. I am OK with Whaley being THE man for a year so we can fairly evaluate him. if we fix the HC,OC, QB and O Line, keep D intact,sign oun valuable FA's..I will be happy.
  24. I didnt realize he had just a one year deal....interesting. I would love Schwartz to stayw here he is as DC.
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