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  1. You know people are just using the term “dome” to refer to all indoor/enclosed stadiums.
  2. I wonder how many of the “it will be the end of the world if they build a dome”, if given the opportunity, would pay full price to attend both regular season games next January, or any games where the weather is somewhere between bad and terrible? I would venture an uneducated guess and say the majority would be in their living rooms on those days. 😂
  3. This is news to me. Paladino was sniffing around the Perry Projects a few years ago, and wanted to buy them for $1 or something crazy. Other than the bldg that houses PSE HQ, I don’t know of any other land the Pegula’s have purchased, and it would be hard to keep it a secret. Paladino on the other hand, has parcels of land all over that section of town...and I’m sure he hopes to cash in if the stadium goes anywhere around that area.
  4. Each passing day since this thread was started, I shake my head more and more wondering what led them to an open air stadium. IMO...such a big mistake.
  5. Im hoping somehow this isn’t the final plan. Not building a dome is a big mistake. Let’s see how many fans actually attend the two regular season games in January. Even if the seats are sold, all concession revenues get flushed down the drain when people stay home if the weather is crappy.
  6. Getting the vaccine is his choice and either way, still allows him to be employed by the Bills. Not following unvaccinated protocol as a requirement of his employer is also his choice...as in do as your employer says, or you are fired.
  7. You are mixing up the RCA Dome with Lucas Oil Field. One was a dump, and the other should be a model for what the Bills new stadium should look like.
  8. I thought for sure it would end up being a fixed roof dome stadium near the Key Bank Center. I can understand if the decision is to stay in OP, but to pass on a domed stadium? I don’t get it. 😞
  9. Bottom line...Josh’s play has a lot to do with the “process” looking good. If the Bills had ended up with Rosen and more 6-10, 7-9 and 8-8 seasons, then how would the “process” look?
  10. Not sure what the odds of making the kick have to do with the question. It was a kick to win the SB, and it sailed wide right. Worst play in Bills history? IMO...absolutely.
  11. Wishful thinking? How much have your tickets gone up in the last few years? When is a good time to implement PSL’s? When demand for tix is at the highest point in 25 years or so! Don’t think discussions on this subject aren’t happening at OBD.
  12. What about PSL’s in the current stadium? They will be implemented regardless of stadium, sooner rather than later.
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