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  1. Jim Kelly was a great hockey writer for the BN. The OP is confused.
  2. ‘Sota? I often wonder if people who write like this, also talk that way? 😂
  3. I couldn't decide if I should try and predict the Bills schedule(knowing that the actual schedule will be released a week from today), or should I stare at the wall for a couple of hours?
  4. You do know the start of the season is ~16 weeks away?
  5. So if he is mediocre at best in 2021, then you are stuck with his 12+ mil cap hit in 2022 for a team with the SB in its sights. Sounds like a solid plan.
  6. I think a big factor is Beane and McD not only traded up, but used a mid 1st round pick on Edmunds, and maybe they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. Where he was selected played a big role in this decsion. I think this is the wrong move, but I hope Edmunds is a LOT better than in 2020, and not a waste of cap space for the next two seasons.
  7. I’m not sure what is happening with OTA’s this year, but is it unusual to have so many open roster spots(currently 7 below max)? Plan to fill these spots with players other than 2021 UDFA’s?
  8. Unless they are a complete surprise in training camp, I'd be shocked if either Brown or Doyle are #2 on the OT depth chart come September thru December. My guess is that if either of them are even active on game days it would be to lineup on FG teams.
  9. Maybe I am just misreading some posts in this thread, but just to clarify for some, this 5th year option is for the 2022 season. Unless traded, he is a Bill for 2021. Beane not drafting a MLB this past few days has nothing to do with them deciding whether or not to pick up Edmunds 5th year option.
  10. If it is so easy to fill, and if the claims of missing Star was such a big loss, then why did they do nothing to address this last season?
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