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  1. What about BF in Indiana? Didn’t he resurface under a different name a few years back? Might be mixing up two different posters. PS The retatta thread was a classic.
  2. I think the best 4 should be getting more snaps. No problem with a lesser rotation.
  3. Frazier’s conservative nature and refusal to change in game hurt the team last night…a lot.
  4. The OL interior is subpar…especially Feliciano. Bringing back the same starting 5 from last years mediocre line was a BIG mistake by Beane.
  5. What does anyone expect from full-time officials that they aren't getting right now. They will still be officiating the same number of games, and reviewing the previous weeks game. People just need to accept that human error will always be a part of football and all sports. The NHL has full-time officials. MLB has full-time umpires. Guess what? They still make mistakes.
  6. There were many awesome personalities here throughout the drought. It is too bad that they are no longer around for the success!
  7. What the heck were they doing honoring him by painting his number in the grass, and then allowing people to stand in that area. Idiot move by the team and its midget owner.
  8. No referee is going to be correct 100% of the time, and super duper slo mo and 20 camera angles for the viewers at home, has made them look worse. This is not a new thing. Mistakes will be made, and they are part of the game. You just have to hope they even out over the course of a game/season.
  9. Factory of sadness was operating at 100% today. 😂
  10. 1 - Josh Allen 2 - a bunch of guys ranging from mediocre to bad beyond belief(mostly the latter).
  11. You know there is this sub-forum called “off the wall”. Just sayin’.
  12. Agree. No way are any of them going to be released for public consumption. It would be a nightmare for the NFL, as we all know there are all kinds of damaging emails sitting on some server(or backup).
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