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  1. Or you'll see how often players actually don't go offside on kickoffs, justifying the penalty not being called often.
  2. I've always thought teams should pass the ball if the game clock is just over the two minute warning. The clock stops no matter what and can surprise the defense. At least a play action rollout.
  3. So by this logic you wouldn't take guys like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning over Tyrod?
  4. Def, at Bills Backer bar in Austin and the entire bar just yelled about it.
  5. I don't know about rigged, but I've always thought that some refs have at least a subconscious bias.
  6. Besides the fact that Incognito did not hit the guy on the thigh or lower, how do you know what Incognito's intent was, and when can penalties be called on intent alone?
  7. Even if they make penalties reviewable, the refs will still probably get it wrong, like when the Giants supposedly intercepted the ball without their player touching the out of bounds line.
  8. The Bills did make plays, and then get called for highly questionable penalties.
  9. It was hard to tell what happened w the horrible camera angle
  10. Rex and Roman would rather lose running the ball than win passing it
  11. Well if Easley could stay on his feet we would have had a TD
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