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  2. Impossible, on Monday Night Football Booger told me that they couldn’t compete because they lost their fullback to an injury.
  3. Oline yes. Defensive scheming better but wow. The quarterbacks are not good.
  4. Yeah certain people would for sure. I think the type of stuff Mahomes was trying to pull off today, rather than Watson, would get Allen killed moreso. The hero ball stuff is almost always judged retrospectively by most fans. If it works (for Mahomes, it mostly has) it’s great. When it doesn’t (for Allen, it’s been a mixed bag) the guy catches more flak. i’d rather just see Allen develop his own game and not try to emulate Watson or Mahomes. Both of the latter have shown even they are vulnerable.
  5. MASH was shot at the FOX ranch a little ways outside of LA. I thought that the steep terrain added for a realistic feel. At the opposite end of that spectrum Little House on the Prairie was shot on similar terrain but different part of Southern California which looks nothing like Minnesota.
  6. If Allen had KC's skilled players, the Bills would be undefeated.
  7. LOL Arians. Can't believe he took that job. Eating no W's with Winston
  8. Freddie Kitchens, oh boy he is a bad one. The draw on 4th down a few weeks ago. Only to outdo his own stupidity by calling a challenge while his team was scoring the go ahead TD.
  9. Opponents wrote the book on the Chiefs for 2019 for 2018 they didn’t do as much prep, this allows a hotshot rookies thrive and a team to do very well Now opponents have sifted them
  10. I expect the typical national media game collapse. However we're weeks away from that, lot can happen between then and now. How many good teams have the Bills played?
  11. See San fran. They are best D. We are not there yet...need more of a pass rush.
  12. The Cowboys have only played two good teams and they lost to both of them ANDDDD now they have three losses total....... so much Dallas overratedness
  13. primetime nationally televised = automatic loss.
  14. Watkins hardly stayed on the field after week 1. And yes - Kelce isn't a JAG but I was talking specifically about receivers. And Mahomes used those JAG receivers. Hardmen and Robinson had monster games. He has already demonstrated to me that he doesn't need elite guys to produce. Does having elite guys help? Yes, of course. That is why everyone wants them.
  15. Average yearly turnover is between 6-7. Big question is what teams, other than WAS, do it in-season. Kitchens is horrible; should have never been promoted. Garrett is done. Quinn is likely done, unless they make a very unlikely Super Bowl run. Tomlin is done. Rivera is done. That makes six, with Gruden already gone. I can't see any other in-season firings. Flores and Gase are both on the bubble. Could be a record year for turnover.
  16. Good thing Jets started 0-4 because I still think Darnold was best qb drafted
  17. Quinn is long overdue;. He's a zero. A bum. Blank is a moron.
  18. If your QB keeps his lips to himself, and you can get some overrated teams on your schedule, you got a chance! I would actually be fine with the Jets winning next week.
  19. wooo the fig hoo...hit all of this!!!!! Buying beers at the Eagles game biotches!!! that was one profitable day today
  20. I think it's Quinn, but it's going to be a few games away, as has been stated, when the Falcons are eliminated.
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