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Safety Julian Blackmon visiting Bills

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25 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:



Smart move by the Colts the safety market is really not there in recent years so bringing back a starter likely on the cheap for one season is one less hole for them to worry about. I think the Bills were never going to be in on Blackmon after they signed Edwards. I think McBeane likely feels that Edwards can be a solid starter Edwards seems to be the type of safety who makes the plays you are "supposed" to make which is good enough for me. The Bills likely want the backup safety spots to be for a development draft pick and I doubt Blackmon was going to sign on to be a backup or compete with Rapp. 

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7 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

I wonder when Justin Simmons will sign. A very Brandon Beane-esque move that I considered would be signing Simmons after June 1 when Tre White's cap savings kicks in. It feels right.

Wouldn't shock me...

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38 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:



I had a feeling. It felt very Poyer-esque. We reportedly had an offer on the table for him and I'm sure others did as well, but he kept on touring and not signing any offers. Which led me to believe he had a deal from the Colts he was sitting on and it wasn't being topped.

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4 minutes ago, Sweats said:

Sounds like he was all set in Indy from day-1.....just making the rounds to other clubs, doing his due diligence.

Well then F that guy

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