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Most important developments for the 23-24 season


Which of the question marks will be most important in the coming season.   

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  1. 1. Most impactful?

    • Pass rusher opposite of Miller
    • Play of Edmunds replacement at MLB
    • 2nd WR opposite of Diggs
    • Revamped OL ability to gel
    • Effective RB play

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The running game.  It's back.  I think the 2023 version of the NFL will again see prolific running backs, especially on teams that don't have a prolific QB/WR1 tandem.  


The Eagles gave the league the blueprint last year.  An effective running game, especially in the second half, leads to victories.  

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1 hour ago, GoBills808 said:

It will come down to how well the offensive line plays


Even average oline play will be an improvement

This right here, its all about the O-line, an improved O-line improves the running game, improves the ability for passing plays to develop down field, keeps our QB upright, and as well allows our QB to torture opposing defenses. 

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Don't really see any of these as most important.


I think Groot and AJ kick it up a notch this year. We have options at LB and Williams is a tackling machine. WR just like LB we have options as well as Kincaid. Not worried about the OL gelling,  but Brown taking a step up would be nice. The RB room also has options.  Power, speed, quickness, receiving and blocking all available in our RB room. Pick your poison. 


Most important question for me is our coordinators.  OC ( Dorsey) and DC (McD).


Does Dorsey have it in him to use 12 personal, call a short game and adjust on the fly? Can he be creative with play design and calls? Can he keep JA on track for a quick short game or running game if needed?


How aggressive will McD be? Can he handle both HC and DC duties at the same time? Will he stay with Nickle mostly or switch things up with Dime, 4-3? Press, Man, Zone balance? Will he also adjust on the fly?

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Protecting the franchise and giving him a few seconds each snap to do what he does best. 

Josh and our new RB corp with a strong offensive line puts up 35 a game without trying very hard. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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