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JA: Yips, new OC, or poor OL?

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He looked great the first 6 weeks of the season. Dorsey was universally applauded for the job he was doing.


Something has been off with Allen the last 3 games. I think its a combination of mental (yips) and physical (elbow).


I hope we see the September and early October version of Allen again because I don't think we are doing much of anything in the playoffs if he doesn't improve

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2 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

Right. His issues go so far beyond simple throwing mechanics, this is a silly take.



And what are you doing other than spewing hate and negativity?

It's just aimed at your fellow Bills fans, that's all.


And commenting on a player's sub-par performances doesn't constitute "hate".


Believe it or not, you can be a fan of the Bills and Josh Allen and still point out the fact that Josh is not playing at his best.


Mind blowing, isn't it? 



Yes let’s play Case Keenum in New England great Idea 

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4 hours ago, Professor Worthington said:

I will waffle here and say it’s a combination of all 3, just not sure what is contributing the most.  I don’t think the elbow has anything to do with it.  He’s not barreling down the field trucking defenders with a sore anything.


Still no other QB I would rather have.  Clearly from a fan’s perspective my frustration comes from the dominating promise of the first 7 games to the current scratching and clawing for a W vs inferior teams.


What do you all think is the most important thing to get right?

The first 7 games are over.  We have a ton of injuries on both sides of the ball.  Other teams are good too and they have seen all the film they need to see.  We are how we are.   Allen is the reason we are a contender.  You know nothing about his elbow so why bother speculating.  


We are not going to win every game by 3 or 4 TDs.  It is not happening at this time of year.  We are still a top team in the AFC.




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I made the thread comparing the 2021 bills to the 2022 Bills and how similar they were. But actually they are both also similar to the 2020 Bills as well. We have a three year trend of the offense starting off hot, cooling down in October-November and then getting on track again late in the season and the the postseason.

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Dude, the Lions played their tails off tonight.


They covered our WRs well, and made the Bills earn every inch. 

The Bills don’t get much offense in the middle of the field, a lot of their plays are to the edges of the field.


But Diggs in the postgame was right, the Bills are finding their way to win when things aren’t pretty.


I will say today, at times, the line blew holes open for our backs and Allen was much more aggressive in attacking with his run.


The next level will be to see Allen really get vocal and gesture after big plays. He’s not quite doing that yet after the elbow. 

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Josh Allen issue right now is his lack of confidence. Josh Allen confidence comes from when he "has the answers to to test" per say and I feel that Dorsey has not given enough layup easy completions based upon how teams are rolling their coverages toward Diggs and the other receivers not being consistent at catching the ball and getting open so the Bills offense has turn into too much backyard ball. That’s cool for maybe when things break down once in a while but it’s happening too much for Allen to play a clean game for 60 minutes.


If the Bills had a vet slot that was great a reading coverages which I felt Crowder would have been for Josh if he didn’t get hurt some of Josh confidence issues would not be so bad. That coupled with the elbow and the coaching staff demanding that he run less unless it’s a key point in the game is what most the problem is right now.




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