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NFL Week 12 - Around the NFL - Turkey Day Special - NJ Giants at The Cowboys


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Just now, Yobogoya! said:

They’re definitely putting in the work early. 

Love Daboll’s fire tho! Wouldn’t mind a little of that from our sideline…

I was thinking the same thing. I wish McD would lose his crap when we're getting hosed 

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Just now, Nextmanup said:

I'm looking forward to this game, and tonight's too.


Solid 3 game lineup today for most fans to enjoy.



A lot different from most of the Thanksgiving games I have saw over the years, they was real stinkers every year.  But I still watched to avoid the family

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Just now, Putin said:

I’m at the point where every call or no call should be challenged , maybe it’s the only way to stop these refs from deciding who should win 

Yes it’s gotten alarming. Watch the KC LAC game. The Brady calls in last call for PM. The Bills with this explosive O have approximately a 4-1 ratio of PI called in favor of opponents. Makes the NFL integrity to be in question. Not taking close marginal calls. Example today the PI on TJ called vs not called on little dirty. Not even considering that Goff is not a chosen qb. Just impactful critical calls! 

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Do the bills just not play at home anymore? I swear it seems like 80% of the season has been on the road. 


At LA 

At Miami

At KC 

At Baltimore


At Detroit

At Detroit

Next week At NE 



8 out of the first 12 on the road, massively injured, and STILL 8-3?




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