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SNF- Cowboys @ Eagles


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Monday morning reflections:


1. This is a likeable Philly team. Always liked Jalen Hurts and I think I was higher than the consensus on him coming into the league. Always been a big fan of Miles Sanders and AJ Brown too. They were my RB1 and WR1 in that 2019 draft. But there is still something that feels like a limitation about them. Their schedule means they are going to win a lot of games but on a team that was genuinely able to score on them could they go toe to toe?


2. The one that that has always stood Howie Roseman apart as one of the top personnel guys in football (and I was saying this 3 years ago too when there were Eagles fans wanting him fired) is his ability to draft talent for the trenches. They are excellent up front and they will overwhelm most average teams. 


3. Mike McCarthy.... crikey. Has a poorer Head Coach ever won a Superbowl? Instead of challenging what looked a 1st down conversion from Lamb in his own half he gets his team to hurry to the line to run on 4th down. His coaching constantly hurts his team. 


4. Cooper Rush has been a nice story and he has done his job as a backup but when I have been seeing some of this "is there a Quarterback controversy in Dallas?" and "there isn't a drop off between Dak and Rush" I mean come on folks. He has averaged about 190 passing yards in his four wins and managed 181 in a defeat where they were in a 14 point hole early. He isn't close to what Dak Prescott is. Everyone needs to simmer down on that narrative. 


5. Beyond Lamb the Cowboys are struggling for passing game weapons. I know I might be biased because I loved him in the draft but they need to get Jalen Tolbert involved in the offense. Okay at the moment he might have a limited route tree.... but they need someone outside with some explosiveness. I am sure Noah Brown is a great guy in the locker room blah, blah blah... but he ain't scaring anyone on the football field. 

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7 hours ago, LABILLBACKER said:

Rush with a Chad Pennington arm.

First thing I thought of too, and it makes me so happy that our guy can throw lasers. 

Not taking anything away from a very strong Eagles defense, but Rush was floating passes around the field. He looked terrible. 

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