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Name 2 players drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2022

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On 4/5/2022 at 10:47 PM, Big Blitz said:

Kenyon Green C/G Texas A&M

Josh Thompson CB Texas 




Nope.  Tweaked


Final answer:


Skyy Moore (RD 1 - this is a hope I think he and 1 or 2 of the guys I like will be gone and they go CB but I'd like to be rooting for it so I'll call it)  


Josh Thompson (RD 7) 

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On 4/5/2022 at 7:47 PM, Baba Booey said:

Elam Florida CB

Breece Hall Iowa State RB


Excellent job, your half way there...:w00t:

On 4/26/2022 at 8:59 PM, BuffaloFan68 said:

Kaiir Elam, CB FL

Matt Araiza, P


GO Bills!!!!!

:w00t: Great

On 4/9/2022 at 2:50 PM, Big Blitz said:



Changing this because I think Green goes to Dallas at pick 24 - and I think we'll take CB at pick 25 if we hold.  I think 5 CBs can go round 1 and be a starter.  White was the 5th CB taken in 2017 btw.  


And I think Safety has taken a few steps up the priority ladder.  




Kaiir Elam CB Florida (RD 1)

Nick Cross S Maryland (RD 3/4)



Wow, :w00t:

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