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12/19/21 Gameday Bills vs Panthers First Half Thread

Hapless Bills Fan

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2 minutes ago, AlfaBill said:

What’s funny? He makes huge plays on third. Diggs was great last year. He’s been good this year. 


He's the 5th best receiver on this team and will be having a hard time findign a job two months from now

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Just now, KeLLy1278 said:

Allen can run.  If you think he can throw better than Brady then you haven’t seen Brady’s prime.  Either way I will say this.. the Bill’s coaching staff haven’t really optimized Allen’s running ability.  It almost seems like they cringe when he takes off.  Implement more of it, instill the sliding mentality to prevent injury and win a few playoff games for Chrissakes.  But we need to chill with the Brady comparisons because it seems like every game he gets mentioned like it’s our damn job.   How about us winning ONE super Bowl?  ONE!

I would agree with most of this and comparisons don't really matter until he brings home a Lombardi, at least one...

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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