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Anybody know the Bills Uniform combination this week?


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4 minutes ago, Bleedbuffaloblue said:

Glad to see the mods aren’t blasting this post like they did to me when I posted the same question in advance of the home opener. There are others out there that like me that want to know this info before game time.

Thanks for posting OP.

I'm just curious, rank the info you care about before game time, in order of importance:


1.  weather conditions

2.  officiating crew

3.  TV announcers

4.  uniform colors

5.  actives/inactives

6.  injury report

7.  point spread

8.  face mask color

9.  time gates open

10. vax policy at stadium

11. whether Josh has visible cupping marks

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1 minute ago, SlimShady'sSpaceForce said:


for future reference 


the O practices in the color they will wear that week. 


if they hadn’t blown the punt you mean



Squeelers aren’t badass enough to block that punt wearing white tops.

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