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End Zone Elvis taking his show to Laramie

The Virginian

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5 minutes ago, Bad Things said:

Good for him and all that stuff, but as a former Colorado State Ram, I gotta say... Laramie is a S-hole.


There is only one response to this, and it comes from Josh Allen:




During a conference call Wednesday, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen talked briefly about this Friday’s Wyoming-Colorado State college football game: “Oh yeah, it’s ‘Sheep Week.'”


When asked to clarify what he meant, the former Cowboys star said, “They’re the ‘Sheep.’ They’re not the Rams, they’re the ‘Sheep.'”



“It does and always will (stink) to be a CSU Ram,” Allen said. “(I) never lost to them. I won in the old stadium that they had and I was on that team that beat them the last time ever there. I left, hopefully, a sour taste in their mouth forever in that stadium, so I’m very proud to be a Wyoming Cowboy.”


And that is the Word from Laradise via Buffalo's QB

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