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Brandon Beane earns PFWA's Jack Horrigan Award

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Bills general manager Brandon Beane continues to get recognized for his success and professionalism on and off the field with another award from PFWA.


Beane earned the Jack Horrigan Award on Thursday, which is awarded to a league, club or person for his or her qualities and professional style in help the pro football writers do their job.


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He is always decent with the media; he never gives them, “I’m not answering that”. Instead, he finds a cordial way of saying that and in this day and age I find the common decency a welcome change. 

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I believe he has a communications background of some kind if I recall correctly? I believe he started out in journalism and then got into the internship with the panthers. This probably helps him in preparing for media sessions and knowing just how much info to give 

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The press probably also appreciates that he is a straight shooter and doesn't purposely mislead people.  For example, the draft, philosophically he did pretty much what he said he was going to do.

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