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Bills sign P Matt Haack

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18 hours ago, junior12thman92 said:

Some more info on why we signed Haack vs. re-signing Bojo:



What the crap does that even mean?  What were they not on the same page about?

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Hm... I wonder if Bojo was wanting more than we wanted to pay? Not sure I get the point of developing him and being patient with him only to not sign him...

Just go for it on 4th down tbh 

There's that big FA signing we've been waiting on!!

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10 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Haack's contract is "up" on Spotrac.  Says $1.575M cap hit this season.  Salary $1.2M

Looks like essentially his signing bonus, this year's salary, and most of next year's salary are guaranteed ($1.05M signing bonus, $3.25M guaranteed)


Basically far less $$ than putting even the least expensive "tender" on Bojo, and Haack seems competent and a downgrade on average punt distance, but maybe an upgrade as far as directionality and pinning the punt inside the 20 vs touchbacks.


In a tight cap year, if we plan to have a good offense and not punt too much, this makes sense.





Directionality and pinning are FAR more important than distance, IMO.  Bojo had some nice pins; if this kid is an upgrade in that area, then this move absolutely makes sense.

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9 minutes ago, Virgil said:

What the crap does that even mean?  What were they not on the same page about?


It means they likely weren't even reading the same book for their book reports. 

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