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Carson Wentz became "uncoachable"(article)

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5 minutes ago, Man with No Name said:

ouch. dead cap hit of 59 mil in 2021. 


goes down to 24m, 15m, and 6m in the following 3 years. Maybe give him one more shot? lol

The likelihood that they cut ties with Carson at this point is so low based on those numbers alone. I don’t see how any other general manager saw enough in Wentz the past two seasons to take on that contract and try and salvage his, once promising, career

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1 hour ago, H2o said:

The Eagles are destined to completely implode and go into a full blown rebuild. Cap hell, an extremely bad QB contract, a bunch of aging players. I feel sorry for whomever takes that job. 

I’m not sure why you even take that head coaching job. You know, 99% chance your gone very very quickly. I guess if you demand a multi year contract at least you’ll be getting paid after they fire you. 

8 minutes ago, K-9 said:

Would Reich take a chance on him in Indy? Or does he know things about Wentz as well? 

I’m sure he would, after/if Philly cuts him outright. Otherwise it would be heavy compensation coming from Philly to get someone to take that contract.  

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7 hours ago, Coastie said:

Had him as my dynasty QB for 3 years. Dropped him when he was benched. Won the league with a bunch of streamers, Darnold, Trubisky. Defending champ with no idea who will be my QB next year.


And yes I know, no one cares about your fantasy football team.

I care.  Congrats!

I won a 2 QB Points League with Mahomes and Brady as QBs.  

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8 hours ago, BITE ME said:

I take anything coming out of Philadelphia sports media with a grain of salt.  Clicks, viewers, and listeners.  That is all that matters in Philadelphia (and most of this country) in the world we live in now.

Not to mention how insanely quick that fan base turned on Wentz. He was mvp and got them to the SB. 4 games into this year eagles fans were hoping Wentz would get a season ending injury.

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