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How do you spend a non-Bills Sunday?

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7 hours ago, Seasons1992 said:

I'm already hammered. So not much different, except no stress about a game.


I have problems. Help me!


I told you the wine would eventually show up!!!


We took our 11 year old Golden and our 9 week old Golden to a nice square near us. Lots of sidewalk cafes and people. Get the puppy used to crowds, while the grown up shows her the ropes. The little one peed in my car on the way up, and barfed on the way home.


STILL, it was better than last weekend! 




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Reorganizing the basement and continuing to get da nursery ready for our first lil guy due at the end of January. 

I try to post as many "what if" or "hear me out" hypothetical scenarios as possible ......🤣 

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Enjoying the family, especially my five-year-old son. Shockingly watched almost no football until late in the day.. Caught the 4th quarter of Dolphins-Broncos. Put up some Christmas decorations with the family. Although I missed being able to watch the Bills today, it was strangely nice having a Sunday with the family, undistracted.

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12 hours ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

It’s the worst kind of Sunday. 

For me, I’ll try and get a little extra work done around the house or for the job. I’ll have the games on from 1:00 through the prime time game but it’s just entirely different. The anticipation, excitement and devotion to the games just isn’t there for me. 

I’ll follow fantasy a bit closer than usual, and will still drink/eat but not the usual “go-to” items. It’s like a (blue light) Bills Sunday Light. Less hoppy, less alcohol, fewer calories and when it’s all said and done you just wish you had the real thing. 


Today I spent it with the Kids putting up our Christmas Decorations. A GREAT and AMAZING Sunday I will always be thankful for. 

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I’ve always thought the NFL should have the same bye week for all the teams in Week 10. It’d become another national holiday where the entire country would get ready for thanksgiving. I hate the middle of the season where you can’t figure who’s playing or how many games they’ve played. Having a week off is too much of a physical and strategic advantage for a team coming off a bye when their opponent isn’t.

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20 hours ago, rockpile said:

What music do you play? I strum chords but cannot really call myself a guitarist! 🙄 I just like to play.

I grew up with the 'British Invasion', (Beatles, 'Stones) and I can finger pick some James Taylor, CSNY, (etc.) on the acoustic guitar. I'm pretty good on the electric, and I can walk into most any situation, and play Rock, Jazz, or Country. There is a line from an old James Taylor song that I like to quote: "Me and my guitar. Always in the same mood", - and so it goes, for me... 😀

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