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My WR ranking through Week 1 of Camp.

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9 hours ago, Wayne Cubed said:


Just because it makes for entertaining TV/web serires doesn't mean that's what the coaches or GM are thinking, at all. A show producer is looking for interesting stories that can generate views not who the Bills prefer at WR.  Lots of guys were probably a priority but they wanted to show you the viewer how the UDFA process works which then makes you think he's a bigger part of their plans than he really is. There have been plenty of those same kind of stories shown on Hard Knocks and those guys have ended up out of the league.


Also, you don't know what kind of "full-court press" they put into getting any of the other WRs that are on the bubble, you are just going on what you've been allowed to see.


The difference is that The Bills organization ...not HBO is putting out Embedded.  PSE approves everything that we see and hear and might even work with the team to focus on certain ideas.  


That’s why there were cameras in the war room, and we didn’t see times when a players they wanted to draft was removed from the board.  The Embedded edit made it look like the Bills got every player they wanted - it probably didn’t happen that way.  


Do you really think that Terry Pegula calls every undrafted free agent (on camera) ?  Do you think Brandon Beane offers the highest salary to a rookie RFA’s agent (on camera)?  Do you think that starting QB’s recruit every UFA?  Probably not, but not only did this happen with Stills but it made the final cut.  


Also if this was more random, why would the Bills elect to share this footage?  It would eliminate any chance of sneaking him on the practice squad.  There’s a reason why they elected to go with this story. 

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On 7/29/2019 at 8:58 AM, CommonCents said:

Still can’t accept Hakeem Butler not being on this roster.  The Bills won’t be the only team regretting that one. 


Your list looks accurate though. 

And per NFL network today, Butler and Isabella are losing reps to a 6th rd pick


6) KeeSean Johnson, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals: There have been some whispers in Arizona as to whether rookies Andy Isabella and Hakeem Butler are truly ready to make an early impact. That's why the positive buzz around this sixth-round pick is notable. Johnson, not Isabella or Butler, is the only rookie already seeing some first-team reps for a squad that wants to play four wideouts consistently.

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