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  1. My sources are telling me Brady is consulting with McCoy on the issue. Told he has experience dealing with squatters.
  2. I had the same complaint, but moreso at the end of the game. The Giants had just scored, our offense had just answered with 7 thanks to a stupid penalty giving us 3 more shots at a touchdown. When we get the ball back , IIRC there is a little over 5 minutes left in the game and we're up two scores. At this point, I believe they should still be going for 7. Not New England esque deep shots to humiliate your opponent, just move the chains and eat that clock up while giving yourself a chance to expand your lead and ice the game. McD goes into "let my 97 year old running back run the clock out" mode, leading to a quick punt. Anyone that's been around the game a while knows 2 scores in 5 minutes is not impossible. I don't care how much faith you have in our defense, why give them an opportunity? Even a field goal makes it that much more difficult for them to come back. When you have a hall of fame Superbowl mvp quarterback and probably the best rb on the planet on the other side, I'm not taking chances if I can avoid it. That's the kind of thing that could absolutely bite us in the rear against NE.
  3. The great part is now we can't be wrong. In all seriousness though I hope he pulls out of this. Maybe he's still battling shoulder injuries or something else is off, or maybe he really has hit his limit. I'm not the biggest fan of Cam out there, but I can't deny he's a really fun quarterback to watch when he's on his game.
  4. I noticed that too, it wasn't even really a quick pass game as much as it was just swings and screens with some checkdowns. It's going to come down to technique, get bodies to the football and make clean tackles. If we can get them behind early that should prevent them from handing it off to Barkley all game. First quarter points will be a huge priority. Put the game in Eli's hands.
  5. For sure, but I bet they get plenty of safety help for Engram and to help control Barkley on those swing passes and screens. The good news is, if they can contain those two (not erase, no defense is going to take Barkley out of a game), there isn't much to worry about. Eli doesn't seem to be able to push the ball down field to anyone not named Engram, and the defense looked rough against those intermediate/deep passes over the middle. Let's hope Josh studies what Dak did to them in week 1 and looks for those same kinds of opportunities.
  6. I remember seeing that live, I saw Allen's knees buckle and was a little concerned for a second. I didn't realize it was a Jet though, it came so late I just assumed one of our lineman rolled into him because I thought there was no way someone is hitting Josh low 3 seconds after he throws the ball. If it wasn't the same guy that cheap-shotted Haushka's season away last year I might have given him the benefit of the doubt, he was on the ground when he threw the ball and may not have known he had got rid of it. But ***** this guy and his DC.
  7. I think the Bills coaching staff will be watching NE carefully, but to go with your analogy, you play 3 moves away, not 3 games away. 3 moves away is going to be the third snap against the Giants next Sunday and that's what we should be focusing on. NFL coaches and teams know never to get caught looking too far ahead, that's how you end up dropping a game to a beatable Giants team or blowing our home opener. They will game plan for the Patriots during Patriots week.
  8. I don't think our coaching staff thinks in terms of #1, #2 ect. Modern day offenses are all about taking what the defense gives you, which is why teams can succeed without a true number one wr. We're not going to force feed Brown just because he's considered our most talented receiver. If teams scheme to take him away, that will open up other areas of the field that we will take advantage of. If they try to take away the short game/Beasley and the running game, we can look deep to speed guys like Brown and Foster.
  9. I wouldn't be so sure. I just read Kevin Kolb tore his ACL putting his bubble on, and Watkins broke his other foot trying to take it off. Back to the drawing board.
  10. I was intrigued by the Yeldon signing, but I agree, I would rather cut him than the 7th receiver. Shady, Gore, and Singletary should be more than adequate in the backfield and I'd like to keep one of Perry or DiMarco for special teams play.
  11. Good write up, thanks Maj. I'm really hoping they keep 7, which would allow us to put one of the bigger guys in and have a little more versatility. My ideal corps would be Brown, Beasley, Jones, Foster as the top 4. Roberts as a depth wr and obviously as a returner. Then one of McLoud or McKenzie for a smaller, quicker guy, and one of Duke or Sills for the big guy. I think that gives you a ton of speed, solid third down and red zone options, an all pro returner who can step in if needed as a receiver, and some good size for blocking and contested catches. No Julio Jones or AB on the roster, but a well rounded, versatile squad that can be adapted week to week to attack a defenses weakness.
  12. I like what you said about a couple more years. I feel like too many fans expect Superbowl or bust for a sophomore QB, and that's a really unfair standard to set. I would be ecstatic if Allen becomes a top 5-10 QB this year, but I'm more looking for across the board improvements. Can he throw with more anticipation like Palmer mentioned? Can he develop his touch passes more, and raise the completion percentage in the short game? Can he take what the defense gives him instead of always looking for the deep play? Can he learn to trust his new o line and weapons, stay in the pocket and get the most of their abilities when the blocking allows it? I can't wait to find out, just a few more weeks.
  13. I got excited when I heard the rumors that we might swing a trade for one of those two, but the more I heard Beane talk the more I realized it was probably never going to happen, and I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. A move for a player of that caliber is so expensive, both in terms of the draft picks you need to give up to obtain him and the massive contract you need to sign him to upon arrival to keep him happy. Moves like that are typically a "one player away" type of move, and Beane is on record saying a team is never one player away. That mentality is the reason we saw some of the biggest names in football traded away this past year and none of them became Bills. Beane would prefer to have his draft picks for his trademarked wheeling and dealing on draft day and the cap flexibility to be aggressive during free agency then to spend it all on a big name player at a premium position. We'll just have to wait and see if it works out for him.
  14. I tried my best to look at it from a neutral prospective but I have a hard time faulting the cop here, especially with the context from the rest of the article. Even just taking the video for what it is (out of context), you can see they were fighting before he ended up sitting on the ground. The cop was repeatedly telling him to go to his stomach,where he would have been in a secured position to handcuff. I understand Malik wanted to know what was going on, but the officers priority is to make sure this guy that's triple his size is secured and is no longer a threat. Had he complied and allowed himself to be cuffed it probably would have gone much better for him.
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