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  1. What have we become? Any win in the NFL by 10 points is VERY ACCEPTABLE!!
  2. Weather at the stadium will be great at game time with sun & clouds and a temperature of 65 degrees. Winds will not be a factor at 6 mph from the SW. I see the Bills winning 27-17 with 170 total rushing yards combined with 210 yards through the air. A solid NFL win! GO BILLS!
  3. [I Expect The Bills To Win Their Next 6 Games - merged] Why Not? A very solid roster, 4 games at HOME, the 'D', excellent coaching and Josh coming into his own!
  4. Out of all the announcers in the land why did they select him for MNF?? Maybe a nice man but terrible as an analyst.
  5. Is this game being broadcast in slow-motion? Announcers are unbearable too. MNF used to be a treat!
  6. I love when they bring on the "NFL Rules Analyst" when a call is reviewed. They know NOTHING. It's as if they were asleep somewhere and got a slap in the face to SAY SOMETHING!
  7. The announcer less game was an NFL contest played on December 20, 1980, between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. The NBC television network broadcast it without assigning any commentators to cover it. The two teams were playing the last game of that season for them as neither had qualified for the playoffs. Since the game was being broadcast nationally NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer decided on the idea to boost what would otherwise have been weak ratings. The Jets won a 24–17 upset victory. Just crowd noise and officials calls. Wonderful
  8. And to make it all worse they bring in these "Rules Experts" that say nothing of importance and obviously don't want to make statement against a referees call. So stupid.
  9. I guess I am the HE in this response. Big NFL media exposure means other teams will make over-value offers to any of our Free Agents, Monday & Thursday night games (on the road) and extreme scrutiny of our coaching when the Bills lose. It's not fun or rewarding. Our franchise will always be seen within the NFL as small potatoes.I enjoy that status.
  10. And, we don't have a STAR or Media grabbing player on the team. Shady was the media focus for the past few years.
  11. I love the Bills being ignored. It’s our little secret about a great overall team and organization. A small TV market location and a team with a history of losing doesn’t grab big NFL headlines. It seems that NFL game day announcers have a script for the Bills that includes looking for imperfections in Josh Allen’s play or the ‘big mistake’. And, why do I keep hearing that the defense is playing well in a game while our rankings last year and currently tell a much larger story of excellence? Let the Rams, Patriots, Chiefs and Cowboys get all the attention. We don’t get the big ratings or deserve the glamour team status. That’s fine with me.
  12. Agree with above but the question still remains - -who is coaching Josh?? Our QB coach is an unknown and certainly the Offensive co-coordinator doesn't spend time coaching the QB???
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