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  1. THANK YOU for an honest reply! It's refreshing on this board!
  2. I thought Josh looked very poor in the 1st pre-season game. The same accuracy issues as last year and the lack of game instincts. His release is slow and if he keeps running the ball when he feels no receiver is open he'll get hurt. As a LEADER for the offense he seems very immature. A lot of nice talk to the media and in his Buffalo area commercials but he just doesn't come-off as THE GUY!! With the HC in his 3rd season he needs WINS! Will he allow Josh to decide his fate???
  3. Chris Brown earns $39,600 from the Bills through their PR account. I know - I cut the checks. Want to you want from the guy??
  4. I think it means the OL coach should be running the OL and that maybe they really don't have 5 excellent players up-front - maybe????????????????????
  5. Really - - who cares - - we didn't win the ultimate prize and that's what counts in Bills history!
  6. Excellent! Every team picture has the same crap.
  7. WE. us living in the Buffalo area, know damn well we can't afford a new, plush new stadium for an NFL team playing 8-10 REAL games a season. Just look at the median income in the area. WE are what WE are. So, the best we can hope for is that the Team Owners build a multi-purpose facility for hockey, football, indoor lacrosse, indoor soccer, major concerts etc. That's the only way they can possibly make a profit from a new building.
  8. A sad, sad tragedy all around. Bob, the war and our country.
  9. It's his opinion and that's his right to express it. He'll get more publicity here by his stance than jumping on the Josh band wagon. But, let's face facts, Josh is very inexperienced and don't plenty of us have some doubts??
  10. He was a star without all the hype and glory. A respected man on and off the field. It was another age of football and he was part of the greatness of it all. RIP Bart.
  11. I was at the Rockpile in 1960 with my Dad and I've been optimistic ever since . It' a wonderful illness!
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