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  1. Jordan Phillips and Shaq will demand much more money then they are worth. Levi Wallace can't tackle and cover a decent receiver. Use the combined $ for Phillips and Shaq for a dominating, Free Agent DL and draft a CB.
  2. NO!!! CB's are a dime a dozen in the draft.
  3. I'm not a 'troll' and agree with your assessment. Next years schedule will make or break Josh!
  4. That's what my post was about. I don't think a lame 'guru' can help. when to be smart. I don't know if 'smart' can be taught? Is Palmer the ONLY person in the world he can work with? Come on - -
  5. Is there any doubt in your mind that Josh needs more practical, game relevant PRACTICE?? There should be no melt-down events in any game if he’s totally prepared to play the position. I’ve seen that type of play from Rob, J.P. and EJ. It’s a red flag for even the rawest rookie. Where is Allen’s QB coach Ken Dorsey? He supposedly helped Cam Newton with the Panthers. Josh has been working for 2 years in CA with Jordan Palmer’s private Company “QB Summit”. They stress footwork and include ‘yoga on the beach’!! Jordan Palmer completed 11 passes in the NFL career and is really a spiritual guru rather than a coach/trainer. Josh has said he’s going back for a 3rd year. Per Jordan’s web-site: The quarterback rooms I’ve been in have been filled with names such as Jason Campbell, Jay Cutler, Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Carson Palmer, EJ Manuel, Josh Mccown, Jimmy Clausen and many others. I’ve lifted with linemen, ran with wideouts and studied with coaches. The experiences I’ve gained over my career have shaped me into the coach I am today. The emotional side of the game is the common thread that is woven into every aspect of the QB position. We help QBs to self-generate confidence, handle success and adversity, and challenge themselves to use their platform for good. Personally, I think it’s all BS!
  6. What game was this guy watching? I agree with you.
  7. ** UPDATE** Posters have furnished Revenue numbers for the Bills in 2019 - see below-! The 2019 version of the Bills drew (tickets sold) 570,713 fans to New Era Field. That was an average of 68,839 per game. The only game close to a sell-out was in week #4 vs. the Patriots with a crowd of 70,317. Current capacity is 71,857. The Bills averaged over 8 games a 95.8% capacity rating which was 16th in the NFL. Among the 16 below us were the Jets, Giants, Dallas and Green Bay. GO BILLS!
  8. Why are posters so upset when something is stated truthfully, factually about the Bills? It's little kids stuff!
  9. PLEASE STOP! We have 2 decent NFL receivers, 1 decent NFL RB, a make-shift OL with 2nd tier free agents and inexperienced TE's. Josh isn't a star (yet?) and doesn't lead the team down the field!
  10. Don scored the 1st touchdown for the Bills in Super Bowl XXV. That was his last carry in the NFL. He was released the following year and his life went down hill after that. Former NFL player Don Smith, convicted of drug charges, held his head in his hands and wept in 1994 as a judge sentenced him to a mandatory 15 years in prison. Smith, a second-round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1987, was arrested in April 1993 after trying to purchase a half kilo of cocaine from an undercover police officer for $9,500. The former All-Southeastern Conference quarterback for Mississippi State was found guilty Tuesday of conspiracy and trafficking in cocaine. A co-defendant, Raul Maldonado, was convicted of a lesser charge of possession of cocaine. Under current state law, Smith will have to serve the entire 15-year sentence because of the amount of cocaine involved. Smith, 30, played running back for the Bucs for three seasons before signing as a free agent with Buffalo in 1990. He scored a touchdown for the Bills in the team's Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.
  11. It IS for me! 50 years of following the Bills, playing the game and coaching teams at the Div. 111 level give me a pretty good feel for players. I don't think that will happen in today's level of skilled QB's.
  12. Because of an observation by a fellow poster who wants the Bills to win?
  13. Josh is a nice NFL QB. A good face of the franchise. BUT, he's not a difference maker regardless of his running ability and rocket arm. Mahomes, Brees, Jackson, Brady & Rodgers are! It’s the way they make plays out of nothing and control a game. I know he’s young and learning about the NFL but so are Jackson & Mahomes. I just don’t see it in Josh’s makeup. I don't see the quickness in his vision during a game. Also, if you have ever thrown a ball (baseball, football etc.) accuracy can't be taught. It's an innate skill. We’ll win games but not the big, dominate player defined games. I wish it wasn’t so!
  14. a game with 30 Frank Gore carries????????????
  15. I've never seen an NFL team in contention for the SB with such a weak RB roster. It's incredible. One small guy is expected to carry the load. I think it's very shortsighted and stupid.
  16. Yes - finally relevant again. I went with my Dad to a 1960 game. I got hooked on the Bills since that day!
  17. I resent being called the OP with your lame comments. I resent being called the OP when you have nothing insightful to say. Are you a favorite troll?
  18. The Bills only pass 53.32% in a game as of this weeks NFL stats. They're ranked 28th in the League. Notice the teams with them! A balanced attack wins games! 28.Buffalo 53.32% 29.Seattle 53.22% 30.San Francisco 50.33% 31.Minnesota 50.11% 32.Baltimore 44.65%
  19. I don't think he's bad on tackles - I know he is bad. Watch the tapes. He's very bad on one-on-one tackles.
  20. I know he was a walk-on at Alabama and got a scholarship based on his play. He came to the Bills as an undrafted free-agent. He just can't make tackles! The only Steelers score came when he whiffed on a tackle. It's happened all year. He weighs only 179 lbs. vs Tre White at 194. Is that why he appears to be gun shy on tackles??
  21. The team improved to 6-1 away from home which is the first time the Bills have won six of their first seven road games since 1964. Going to Houston or KC in the Play-Offs doesn't scare me at all! Actually, I think it's scary good!
  22. It's not 'expert' analysis. Just how I see the match-ups and the Steelers ability to control the ball.
  23. 1st Downs: Bills 17 Steelers 19 Time of Possession: 30 minutes each Yards Passing: Bills 195 yds Steelers 265 yds Average yards per rush: Both teams at 4.1 A key fumble/turn-over will hurt the Bills badly! After much analysis that's my call - unfortunately!
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