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  1. He’s got to learn to take a little off his throws at times too i recall a few times where he blasted the receivers with the ball and they weren’t able to hang on
  2. What else is out there besides locked on bills
  3. It’s on in my truck most mornings on the way in and in the afternoon on the way home. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Sal C is the best on air talent at wgr.
  4. At this point neither coach nor gym need worry about their jobs. Both came in and said it’d be 2 years before they’re able to start building “their roster” Beane has gotten the cap and bad contracts under control. 2019 & 2020 are both ready to compete years 2021 and beyond are ready to contend for championship years.
  5. Exactly this. Incognito was a huge loss for Dawkins.
  6. No I totally get that part. But I feel like we open and close with either nyj or n.e. More often than not.
  7. Feels like we get a lot of open with a division opponent and then wait the rest of the season before we see that opponent again
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