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  1. No I totally get that part. But I feel like we open and close with either nyj or n.e. More often than not.
  2. Feels like we get a lot of open with a division opponent and then wait the rest of the season before we see that opponent again
  3. The series of events that lead to 21 points in 77 seconds Tasker blocked punt vs the Raiders picked up by James Williams for a TD Thurmans TD run in XXV
  4. Really wasn’t even making fun but hey the easily offended will be just that
  5. I guess this was kind of my point meaningless games with huge risks of injury
  6. Let us know when the games count
  7. Hey look! Hes wearing the new jets uniform
  8. Team sucks fanbase sucks uniform sucks
  9. Too early to tell. Hes got one draft under his belt which looked encouraging as the year went on. The cap problem seems to be a non issue at this point. All of his second year FAs made sense even signing an 80 yr old Frank Gore. As his second draft looms we’ll see what he does in 3 weeks.
  10. It shouldn’t affect his ability to punt well -Dick Juron
  11. Yeah you’re right great point totally forgot about that
  12. Start the season off with 3 straight divisional games? no way, I don’t see that happening ill say bills at titans week one
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