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  1. Absolutely see bills vs Broncos one week earlier also another one of my all time favorite plays Odom’s fg block that Bennett took to the house
  2. Yes!!! i was at that game 3rd row end zone where he brought it back same end zone that James Williams returned a tasker blocked punt that was my first ever regular season game
  3. I took mahommes and fitz last year when the run on qbs started and got lambasted for it then I went until week 10 or 11 before losing a game
  4. Kind of what was expected was really hoping they found something in duke Williams
  5. That is the reason I got rid of that disaster of a company many years ago. I’m only an hour north of you (Norwich) local channels weren’t available and more often than not Buffalo was the game carried in our market. Where I live over the air is blocked by mountain and trees so that’s also out.
  6. Too young to remember the world league? they had helmet cams way back then
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