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  1. I’ve been saying this for years either a game by game purchase or sign up for the whole season at a discount or buy the entire leagues slate of games
  2. Ahhahahahhahaha the jets.... I love being able to laugh at the rest of the East
  3. This is incorrect. The one helmet rule came about back in 2013 I believe. the reason for the reverse throwbacks back in the 90s was Ralph not wanting to go from red to white.
  4. Wow im picking the same score 3rd quarter is again our downfall Bills keep it close until halftime game is over going into the fourth.
  5. I just heard that as well jumped on here to see if I had heard that correctly interesting but doubt it will be buffalo
  6. No post season no draft picks before pick 100 vrabel suspended rest of season $10 million fine
  7. Their season should not end but from here on out they forfeit every game until testing “clean” also get the 32nd pick
  8. Uh? 41-14 Bills Game is close for about 10 minutes after that Buffalo rolls
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