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  1. Executive orders are a president’s best friend. See Bush, Obama,Trump.
  2. Everyone has the goal of reduced unemployment. That’s not a policy. Neither side addresses the big problems. Just kick the can down the road. Our gross fiscal irresponsibility will come home to roost and it will be ugly. Only Rand Paul even mentions it and he gets mocked by everyone in Congress.
  3. R economic policy is a joke. Zero long term solutions or vision. Lower taxes and increased spending. Ignore social security. Ignore Medicare.
  4. I won’t bore everyone with a detailed answer. Obama was awful. One of the most divisive presidents until Trump. Obama was truly terrible. And an investigation into Russian meddling was 100% worth it. But it went too long and far too afield. It should have ended much sooner than it did and turned into a witch-hunt. Although at least in its Russian collusion conclusions it got to what seemed like a good answer. The people who broke the law, the already-prosecuted and investigators who may be prosecuted, should be prosecuted depending on what was or will be found. I believe Mueller did a good job of the former and Barr will do a good job with the later.
  5. The only Dem intellectual energy right now is with the socialists of Warren, Sanders, and the squad, who would only argue about priorities in how to give away free stuff. The rest of the party can’t express itself any better than the Reps. The center Dems and Rs are intellectually bankrupt right now and that’s why we have an impulsive man-child in the White House and no one much better in Congress. I just wondered if anyone thought differently. Reading a book now that expresses optimism about this but I don’t see any standard bearers marching to the fore. We seem not quite ready to outgrow celebrating the endorphin high of the 5 second jolt we get from the shared Twitter burn or divisive cartoon meme.
  6. But here’s the problem. The Ds are beginning to coalesce around an ideal. A terrible one but an ideal that will drive policy. The Rs have no such vision, and lack for plans, as evidenced by their failure to do anything in their moment of ascendency from 2016-18. To your point about those of us who are independent, being “anti” Dem is not a vision for all of America.
  7. Maybe the most unifying moment in the history of the world. Not sure I can think of anything that rivals it, with so many people invested in a successful outcome. Hats off to you humans, and cheers especially to my fellow Americans.
  8. The Trump world is not one of ideas and principles but if you could put what little there is out there into words, what does each party stand for today? Both: - Not for all Americans, only “their” side - no compromises with the “other” - anti free trade - large government - fiscal responsibility is priority 10000000 Dems -farthest left they’ve been and open to socialism among many (this is their key idea these days) - universal health care - ideas about lots of free stuff - tax the rich and increase spending - build relationships with other countries through binding treaties - address climate change - not a lot of energy to fix immigration Reps - conservative courts - want to fix immigration somehow - lower taxes and increase spending - isolationist - climate change is a BS hoax The left’s ideas are terrible and mostly based in an openly socialist ideal, but the right stands for very little these days. Maybe Trump’s successor can get the party to return to an intellectual and long term vision.
  9. This is 100% truth. It’s hard to find the crew here being critical of Trump.
  10. You’re just not used to this probably. This has been happening for years. She’s just the first pres candidate to follow the youth. I spent the spring and early summer visiting colleges. Nearly every tour guide did this. “Hi I’m Sarah and I use she/her pronouns.” The first time was totally off putting. By the 10th time, I was just hoping someone would make my older brain work hard to match their pronoun preference with my assumption. Alas no one did that.
  11. He said they were from other countries. Then in the next sentence he said they should go back to those places. But according to the Trump apologists, his clearly wrong statement in the first sentence has zero relation to the second sentence. Haha haha. The words are not that hard to read. BG posted them above.
  12. And that they came from shithole countries more or less. Of course he wouldn’t say it to Bernie or a white person. And of course anyone would be fired for saying this to an American black coworker in a workplace. Good luck getting movement from him. I don’t see it as an organized nefarious plot. The tweeting human is our president not Jon from Nevada. Prosecute the law breakers.
  13. He said Americans weren’t from America but some other country. You should try out your go back to your country line in a workplace to a black coworker, or just the next black person who messes up your latte order. Should be well received. Agree with much of this, if it makes you feel better. Russians interfered in our election. I’m glad we investigated. Dems got way out over their skis on wishful thinking Trump colluded. He didn’t. Intel agencies are filled with humans. Some don’t like Trump. And Obama was a terrible President. Only slightly less divisive than Trump.
  14. ? I didn’t take a hard stand on Trump and Russia. I wanted more info when the story broke. I’ve said many times in the last year that I don’t believe there was collusion between Trump and Russia, and the entire thing became a divisive waste of time (and still is).
  15. You’re both wrong. He said they were from catastrophic, corrupt countries. Then he told them to go back to those countries. If if you want to defend what he said as having no racist undertones, it’s a stretch, but at least stick to that. But if you do, you can’t redeem him by defending his statement as accurate because it’s not. Ivanka and Melania got to him and we got the softest backpeddle. That’s about all we will see.
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