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  1. I hope so. Retiring a number, celebrating a person with an honor like the Wall, are optional. It’s up to the team to honor the person. The Bills should skip that honor for Simpson.
  2. Big Moose Lake in the ADKs. Been going there for several decades. Near 4th lake and not too far from Old Forge. Great trails. Great swimming lakes.
  3. You wanted her to do more than save the world? No one was the prime mover. That was part of what made it so great. Arya went away. Learned all the things she learned. Never forgot she was a Stark. Avenged the family. Saved the world. Took her vengeance almost too far and lost herself, but didn’t...but she wasn’t going to be a “lady” in the 6/7 kingdoms so she went off to find out what else is out there.
  4. Highest single night viewing in HBO history. Pretty incredible number of 19 million for a premium network with ~44M expected to view it this week. Cheers, Mash etc were in an era when you had to watch live or miss it, and there was not much competition. Kudos to good art.
  5. Come on. I read it too. He beat himself up but he also gave in and loved her. That’s what made it so good. He wasn’t only undercover. He fell in love. Not just with her but with them. He loved those people. It made for for a great tension.
  6. All he did was talk, which was always his way of leading. But he didn’t choose.
  7. She used her faces perfectly to kill Walder Frey. She used her stealth several times. And her fighting skills saved the world when she killed the Night King. How much more can one character of many do without making the entire story about her? She is a Stark. That was one of her defining characteristics, but she was as she said, not a lady. Whatever she was going to do next, it was not going to be sitting around helping build Bran’s Utopia. She followed a good arc, maybe the most fulfilling besides Sansa. .
  8. His vows didn’t stop him with Ygritte. He’ll find a Northern girl with a way of kissing to keep him warm at night.
  9. Not sure I agree. Just different mediums. You can do a much deeper character dive on TV. The evolution of Tyrion or Jaime would not have been as touching in a trilogy of movies. Or would we have had the chance to get to know so many characters. Ned Stark would have been on the cutting room floor or just part of a brief flashback in a trilogy. Instead we got to see him for a whole season and he cast a shadow over the remaining 7. Martin needs to finish off the next 2, then hand out some outlines and license GoT in all mediums. It’s probably not got the legs of Star Wars just because there are more fantasy tales out now than there were sci/funny in 1977, but it’s got legs for more than HBO series.
  10. It was fine. The story had to end. Martin, if he ever writes the books, will do a better job setting up Brann.
  11. I love that airport. Best arrival to car time in the US.
  12. Can you hook a breathalyzer to keyboards? Barring that, this is a great question. The more transient nature of the chat room is conducive to game days and definitely helps wash away the worst of the posts. But that’s been unsuccessful in the past—people just didn’t use it—not against it though especially if there is no competing game day thread or a game time lockout of TSW. Technologically to prevent the overposting on game day and encourage use of a chat room, could there be a posting limit per poster during game times? (May not be technically feasible but would encourage people to chose their posts more wisely.) I’m always all for tougher moderation but that ruins your day and is too much to ask of the all-volunteer TBD management. As always, I trust your judgment.
  13. Thought you were talking about the comic book, but glad to keep the conspiracy of McGee and I being the same poster going. Conspiracy boyz gonna conspiracy! By the way, the only one of all of your conspiracies about me that I've denied is that I'm McGee. If I'm going to pick a new username, it's not going to be naming myself after Terrence friggin' McGee. (Or, to steal Tom's thunder, is that just what I want you to think?) It's funny that you guys are so alarmed that more than one person might make fun of the conspiracies here!
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