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  1. BeginnersMind

    PA House Invocation

    Although this is being amped up by the outrage machine, I doubt she had any other intent other than to single out the first day in office for the Muslim Rep. An interesting angle is that in PA, there's a case pending to allow non-religious people to give the invocation.
  2. BeginnersMind

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    One nice thing about having a coach last more than two seasons is that the system changes less year to year and plugging in a guy like EJ is a lot easier. Hoping the coaching staff sticks together for a bit instead of the continuous merry go round.
  3. BeginnersMind

    Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested

    And Boies was Theranos’s main hatchet man. No weeping for Avenatti. What he did piling on to the Kavanaugh accusations was awful.
  4. Mueller concluded that the Russians tried to influence the elections, hacked the DNC, shared hacked info with Wikileaks...and charged many of said Russians. I'd say that was pretty important, wouldn't you agree? Also it's a nice restoration of faith in our intel community, who have been making the same claims since the beginning of all of this, in spite of Trump slamming them so much early on, before he finally agreed that Russia tried to influence the election. In all, this seems like it may be a good report to put this to bed, even as it leaves the stain of obstruction on the president, which thankfully Barr is dropping.
  5. Russians interfered. Russians hacked DNC and released info to WikiLeaks. Russians caught and charged. Good. (Q currently revising narratives on the above. Check back soon for rewrites. ) Trump and campaign and no American did anything to collude. Good. Maybe some obstruction actions by Trump not probably enough to meet reasonable doubt standard. Left in the hands of Barr to decide. Vague and no charges recommended by Barr but I’d rather not have my president being charged so I’ll take that as good, but not great, too. I look forward to reading the report, partially redacted, but trust Barr to release it on his timeline.
  6. This. For all his faults, no one should want a sitting president to have colluded with a foreign entity to win an election.
  7. Thank you for bringing a snapshot of billsChan to this board.
  8. PPP/BillsChan is not for people who try to act like people on the internet. It’s free speech carried towards whatever extreme sets the boundary here at TBD. I’m sorry for experience there. Most of them, if it’s any help, would be more compassionate in real life than whatever we become behind our anonymous identities.
  9. It’s not that I “never” beleieved. I didn’t know. But I thought it was critical that we look into the Russia interference and confirm who might have been involved, which we did. Some people, ie, individuals like the texting lovers, don’t like Trump. Those folks won’t help him as much as others. Other people will expand his mission beyond what they should. That’s just humans with biases acting normal. No conspiracy. None of the Deep State pedo ring. None of the absurd stuff. There’s no conspiracy. Just people being people.
  10. BeginnersMind

    Q Analysis

    Oh so I can see why it was worth sharing then! Hahaha.
  11. You’re not wrong, but you better leave the ball now before your carriage turns into a pumpkin! No collusion for Trump seems like a given. What else it says about Trump is anyones’s guess, if it says anything.
  12. 10000000% The investigation into Russian collusion was needed. The cheering for it to ensnare Trump was grotesque. Dems won’t give up though. SDNY is likely to find dirt in his business (a bunch) but that’s just a politically motivated hunt. Feels like sour grapes. It would be nice to get back to running a country, and more importantly, being one country together. Dems won’t let that happen.
  13. Another name caller. Thanks for adding to the discussion. Sharing this widely via text this morning. Thank you!
  14. I’ll say it because it’s true. You couldn’t find where I said Trump colluded. Only the opposite. The world isn’t a binary decision between your Deep State narrative and the liberal hype machine. It would make things simple if it was. Another poster adopting the billsChan way of making this such a good forum with fine rhetorical flourishes. Your mentors have trained you well.
  15. BeginnersMind

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    You Deep State narrative guys are so angry. What a thing to be mad about. It’s just your story gone wrong. Make up another. I’m sure it won’t need revision.