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  1. You don’t have to immerse yourself in the fear. Peace.
  2. It can be much more, especially depending on other circumstances.
  3. The sarcasm was in the original post, not your "call out" where I pointed out that I linked to the article in the R. Given that this is a thread about regulating tech companies, it seemed like the right place. Nice that you take no stance on the bill. Please send me your posting rulebook. (I was serious about you being a poster I admire and still do but that last statement is sarcasm since you seem to want an indicator.)
  4. My "goal" was sarcasm that I would support such nonsense. Sarcasm is slimy? I only wish this board operated at such a high level.
  5. All of that nanny-state is the R party at work.
  6. Only in the WSJ article link that was in my post, and noting that this was an R proposal in a later reply. I value your contributions here. You're probably the most positive contributor to PPP.
  7. Here’s what the gov can do to fix social media: - remove the autoplay feature from YouTube, - end infinite scrolling on Twitter and Facebook feeds, - limit scrolling time to three-minute sessions, - set default limits on the use of platforms to 30 minutes a day, - outlaw Snapchat streaks (rewards for consecutive days of contact with friends) and most “gamification” (badges, rewards) for any online service, - require an FTC report to Congress describing how internet companies “interfere with free choices of individuals” by “exploiting human psychology and brain physiology.” Get r done.
  8. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/protective-service/correctional-officers.htm Your NYC-specific statistics were better (but not by much and certainly not by much in NYC) but in no way undermine the point that they are underpaid.
  9. I got mine from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do you think those salaries in NYC actually counters my point? They don't make a lot of money. Of course you do.
  10. You think prison guards are generally well paid at $15-$25/hour and dedicated to their craft? You are welcome to that opinion. Having a fair amount of experience with them, I’ll keep to mine as a general rule of thumb.
  11. No, that was lifted weeks ago. He was monitored, perhaps negligently. But not according to a suicide watch protocol. The truth is that prison guards get paid crap and are not all that diligent in their duty, if they take it seriously at all. This is based on too much exposure to federal prisons over a period of time. I'd like to think that they would put forth extra effort to watch Epstein given who he is but it wouldn't shock me if they were playing Angry Birds on their phones for 5 hours.
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