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  1. Atlanta has been no pushover since they fired Quinn...they just cleaned the Raiders clock yesterday. I wouldn't be counting those as 2 easy wins. They might be lucky to split those games the way the two teams are trending.
  2. There is no "screw them" involved. Only is the outbreak contained or is there a risk of transmission between players? Again you are making assumptions that are simply wrong.
  3. So you have played fantasy land in your own head before anything has happened ans determined this is going to be true. You live in fantasyland rather than reality at this point. And you are depressed about something that hasn't even happened yet because you already have determined it will in the future? Have you consulted the precogs in Minority Report? Unbelievable...sometimes I wish a board existed that we could go to that eliminated nonsense threads like this. It is depressing for me to have to come to thia board and read this type of content.
  4. I guess 85% of the teams that win these days can't keep doing this then...maybe the Chief fans should be freaking out because they almost blew a 17 point lead against TB yesterday twice at 17-0 and 27-10 amd had to burn 4+ minutes off the clock at the end of the game to hold on. But I am sure the talking heads will all be too enamored with the fact Hill had 270 yards 3 TDs and Mahomes made some great plays instead of how they didn't finish the game properly. Apparently only the Bills win games like yesterday...all other teams get big leads and then cruise to victory with their backups in for the entire 4th quarter...
  5. I watched Herbert's PC after the game and he said it was an audible from him on the sneak and it was a miscommunication.
  6. I am sure KC fans are saying the same thing after allowing TB to get to within 3 points after leading 17-0 and 27-10. Point is, very few teams are going to play a great 4 quarter game these days in all 3 phases. Other teams are still good and get paid to play just like we do and the rules are slanted to make comebacks more likely.
  7. That is not how it works. If they forfeited neither teams players would have gotten paid as they are only paid for games played. You disagree but that doesn't matter, that is the criteria being used and it is very cut and dry in most cases as to whether the game will be played or is in danger of being moved.
  8. How is it unfair? Rivers is playing pretty well this year. Herbert is the Rookie of the Year running away and has 3100 yards in 10 games, making him and Mahomes the only 2 players in NFL history to do that... They have multiple probowlers on that team. Maybe an All Pro in Bosa. Lynn does less with more. There is absolutely NO excuse for only having 1 more win than the Jets dumpster fire under Gase since the start of last year. The reason they lose these close one score games is because of exactly what happened yesterday with the game management aspect. That matters, especially in close games. They had the same issues last year losing a bunch of close games. When does he get held responsible for not being a very good head coach? Is he going to be allowed to keep getting Doug Marrone like passes? The man went 5-11, 6-10 and now is 1-10...when does poor coaching cost a person their job?
  9. Brees will be back by then... I have posted ad nauseum about it. It makes complete sense. Read one of my previous explanations in this thread or one of the others as to why if you want to understand. In what way? They had a massive outbreak on their team. It is actually pretty cut and dry no matter how other people want to spin it. Does your team have a large outbreak? If yes, move the game. If through contact tracing and more testing it is determined they don't then those players get moved to the COVID list and the game gets played. They didn't move the Minnesota game because Thielen had to be on the list either. It is what it is. Games are only moved if medically necessary and a last resort.
  10. The man has a very talented team and has only managed to win 1 more game than the Jets dumpster fire under Adam Gase has since the beginning of last year. That is almost inexcusable. It is great to want a coach to succeed because you like him but Lynn is not HC material. He made more poor game mismanagment decisions yesterday than some coaches do in an entire season. It was brutal to watch and I am so thankful we didn't hire him as out coach.
  11. Umm...did you not watch last year as the Bills led the NFL in punts from the opponents side of the field because Hauschka couldn't get enough distance on even 50 yard field goals? It is why Bass pretty much would have had to be brutal in training camp to not win the job...you can't go into games with one leg tied behind your back and put yourself at a huge disadvantage right off the bat before the ball is even kicked off.
  12. Imagine what we would be saying if he was the coach here leading us to 1 more win than the Jets have since the beginning of last year.
  13. No they didn't. The Broncos did it to themselves. They chose to not follow protocols. They chose to not wear masks and tracking devices when they were required to. They chose to try and cover it up by not cooperating with NFL investigators into the incident. The NFL moves games based on medical decisions ONLY. If a team has an active outbreak with players testing positive multiple days in a row then the game gets moved. If it is a contact tracing thing and there is no outbreak the players are ineligible to play and the game still is played. It doesn't matter if it is a bunch of practice squad players on the list, starting QBs, fringe players, some combination of them or the entire starting defense. The rules are the same for all teams, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO THE PLAYERS ARE. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada.
  14. If they look around the league they would see far more often that teams get out to big leads and then hold on for dear life at the end and have to survive a last ditch effort by the other team to win it... Pittsburgh has done that in at least 4 games this year if not more...
  15. I don't see how that game gets played tomorrow.
  16. Like when the Bills went up 21-0 and quickly found themself down 49-21 in what seemed like the blink of an eye?
  17. I think everything changed after the KC game and the light went on for McD and how he approaches games. I was pissed after that game...they played not to lose and more than that almost scared.
  18. I love the happy cheerful music and the matter of factness of him talking about how 40000 fans watched as the balloon took the kid out over the light tower and dumped him in the icy Minnesota river. Then said the teams had a tough act to follow as if that was something amazing that happened. ROFLMAO!!!!
  19. The Allen fumble came the play after he hit Davis for like a 45 yard gain. Seriously what are they talking about with playing "not to lose"??
  20. This gets thrown around way too much on this board. "Finding a way to win". This denotes the team overall played poorly, was outplayed by the other team, was losing for much of the game, but made a key play or got some luck somehow at the end and pulled it out. That wasn't what happened yesterday. Not even close. 1) The Bills never trailed and led for 57 minutes of the game. 2) Up 24-6, the 18 point deficit was the largest the Chargers have faced all year. 3) The Bills snapped the longest streak in the NFL of 12 consecutive 1 score games the Chargers have played. Now...if you want to say they didn't play their best, then yes I would agree. But they sure didn't play poorly. They made Herbert look very average to below average much of the game. They took away Allen and Williams from the passing game most of the day. They ran the ball exceptionally well. They stopped the run very well except for 1 long run. Special teams played well. They had a series of 7 plays that they probably want back that resulted in 3 turnovers. It happens. The Bills are not especially turnover prone usually. Can they play better? Yeah. Do the Bills "let other teams back into games" more than most good teams? No not really. Look around the NFL...teams that are up big ens up holding on for dear life at the end of games more often than not. Is it realistic to think they will play their best every game? No. No team in the NFL does. If you think they do, you simply don't watch much football other than the Bills games apparently. Does this mean they "found a way to win"? No. They kind of dominated the game and cruised to victory even though they hit a few potholes on the way. The game was never really in doubt at any point. Some people really need to get some perspective with their over the top dramatics.
  21. If the Bills go into week 17 with the same 1 game lead as they have right now that game is likely meaningless.
  22. Yes...because the Chargers have clearly lost by 25 points every game this season. The Bills actually broke the Chargers streak of most consecutive one score games at 12. How about know what you are talking about before posting. Far better to not post anything and let people think you don't know much than post and confirm it. Led for like 57 minutes out of 60. Clearly they badly struggled. Leading for 57 out of 60 minutes in a game, and building a 3 score lead, I consider cruising. You mean like how they still aggressively were blitzing Herbert in the last 2 minutes? Sometimes I wonder if people see what they want to see to fit a narrative they want to write.
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