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  1. The story I remember during the realignment exercise was that Ralph specifically DIDN'T want the Bills to end up in the "Rust Bowl" division for two reasons: 1) They'd have been an afterthought in an afterthought division, buried forever behind the Steelers; 2) They'd have been pulled away from major media markets in New York, Boston and Miami. They would have become essentially irrelevant.
  2. Are you serious? Look, dude, this place is going to be a China Syndrome after the first loss. And they're going to rightly blame Einstein for the bad juju. Don't bring this stuff around here.
  3. Oh, my goodness. Announcer Purgatory. What on earth are they going to be talking about by the middle of the third quarter?
  4. I was out in Orange County last week. Nuclear. And it's worse this week.
  5. Not to divert the thread, but this is a good point. Ugh. It wouldn't be right to have to be looking up in the rankings to Indy. Jesus.
  6. And this - right here - is the thought of the day. I can't stop laughing. Thank God WE were the team that ended up with the real QB.
  7. No, this is the part where you bring up the "Naughty Nurse" trope...
  8. AFCE may have just gotten weaker with Wilson's knee situation. I realize that's picking nits.
  9. Remember how Joe Montana's career ended. There's a chance...just sayin'...
  10. Man, that's perfect. Welcome back to my Saturday mornings. Lance Link. Secret Chimp. A Stadium Wall FIRST.
  11. Word has it that A.J. McCarron is available. The Alabama Trio of Doom.
  12. Not a player, but a coach. George Siefert. He should have just hung it up after San Francisco, and headed straight for Canton. But he made a detour at Carolina...
  13. I know I'll get sucked into the hype vortex like I do every year. But I'm going to try to fight it until about Week 6-7. That Steelers opener just shot the horse out underneath me last year. I was REALLY pumped, and actually started giving non-Bills fans a little sh!t. Nope. I feel good about them, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.
  14. Thought experiment (yeah, it's the off-season). Looking at the picture of Wilson and his ex-girlfriend. Those two kids somehow get married and have children. Jesus. The teeth.
  15. I believe there's a lot of truth to this. Obviously, I wasn't a fly on the wall at OBD during the time, but I remember a LOT of buzz about Rodgers. That he'd pulled a fast one on ol' Ralph, Bills fans would still support the team in Toronto, etc. And then *poof* - the younger man passed away first. Weird.
  16. That Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys was a turning point, so I'll list THAT one. We all knew there were sparks of promise that season, and the fan base was grateful for the exposure (yes, especially coupled with family, food and booze). But - you know - the Bills were supposed to get their collective asses handed to them on national TV, right? Those plucky Bills fans would - typically - get a few reasons to cheer, and then they would - typically - wipe the sh!t off their collective faces and go back to being Bills fans. You know the script. I know the script. We ALL know the script. And then "F*ck you." Man, that game felt GREAT.
  17. It can be any throwback uniform they want so long as it's not that tire fire from ~2000-2010.
  18. In fairness, friend, you have to keep in mind the time of season. We're in the dead zone between OTAs and Training Camp, there's nothing to talk about, and - I grant you - people get pissy. But if the collective response to THIS thread bothers you, do yourself a big favor and stay off the board after a loss. Particularly the afternoon/evening of the loss while people are still out of their minds on booze. The elbows get pretty sharp...
  19. Yeah, there's that. I think the part of my brain that experienced the Aaron Maybin phenomenon ate itself, and doesn't allow me to remember much about it.
  20. I know. Gotta find SOMETHING to worry about. If we're picking nits over the #3 WR or punt returner, things are pretty good. Think Trey Teague, Bennie Anderson, Zay Jones, Brian Brohm, Torrel Troupe, John McCargo, Kelvin Benjamin... Feel better now?
  21. My gut call as well (speaking, of course, as just another knucklehead on a fan board). Imagine this thought experiment: 1) Araiza loses the punt battle and the team tries to stash him on the practice squad. 2) Araiza lasts about 34 minutes on the practice squad before he's signed elsewhere. 3) Haack shanks a punt in the first game. 4) This board collectively goes to the closet to get out the pitchforks and torches.
  22. I was just saying this in another thread. Most of us watch these guys blabbering into the microphone and think "I could do that". Not as easy as it looks if you're trying to stay interesting. Because he wasn't.
  23. Wait. I thought the Bills got two Thanksgiving games. I heard it around here someplace. Honest.
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