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  1. A few thoughts: 1) The hair. Just...the hair. 2) What a wrecking crew. 3) Those cheerleaders were young when I was young. Bet they look better than I do. 4) It's a different game, isn't it?
  2. My sojourn wasn't as wild as Sherpa's, but I also had adventures in air travel. I was in Perth doing some training when I called my wife to check in. It was night time there. "You need to turn on the TV". Wow. Gloves off. And...like...NOW WHAT? I knew standard procedure would be to seal off the airspace, so I scrambled as fast as I could with the travel agent (yeah, we used those back then). Too late. US airspace closed. Tried to get back via Vancouver. Too late. Canadian airspace closed. Didn't even contemplate trying to get back through Mexico. I was slated to travel back from Sydney to Los Angeles the next day, but the idea of being on an overwater trip with a US flag on the fuselage didn't seem like a good idea. So the next morning I went down to the local travel agent in Perth and rebooked on neutral carriers. Singapore Airways from Perth to Singapore, connecting to London Heathrow. Heathrow was an insane mob scene. I mean - everything was locked up. I just ended up grabbing a hotel and called the company and said "See you when I can see you". It took a week to get home. Booked an Air Canada flight to Ottawa, rented a car, and drove across on the Ogdensburg bridge. I've never been so happy to hand my passport to the border patrol in my entire life.
  3. Wow. So...in seriousness...who's going to the London game? PM me. The trip that just got dropped in my lap now includes a departure on Sunday 8 October (because they want us to go to Oktoberfest in Stuttgart on 7 October), and I could possibly swing it. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I might (*gasp*) get to meet some of you in a weird environment. Who's going? Might do it.
  4. Good God, this place is going to be intolerable. We're picking #1 overall. I...I can just feel it...
  5. Aren't they moving as well? Sheesh. Sucks to be from Oakland.
  6. Thanks for the PM and the responses. I have a VPN. Apologies - not very tech-savvy. Light up the VPN, and then use YouTubeTV on the laptop, correct?
  7. Hello over there. I was just told that I'm going to Germany during the weekend of the Dolphins game (1 Oct 23). I'll have the following: 1) My laptop 2) An HDMI cable 3) An HDMI-to-USB-C adapter 4) A full-blown subscription to YouTube TV and NFL Direct Ticket and RedZone (I figured "F it" and got the whole 9 yards). Back when I was traveling to Europe during "The Drought", I could use GamePass. It worked - but the games sucked. Does it still work? Can I get YouTube TV NFL Direct Ticket in Europe? What is "DAZN"? Any input would be appreciated. I'll fly over a day early to make sure I'm in the hotel with equipment hooked up. Thanks much.
  8. This. Because that woman is "wow".
  9. And seriously good beef, but in my opinion not as good as is found in Sao Paolo. But I digress.
  10. It's thoughts like those that bring a ray of sunshine into one's life every single time one thinks them. It's actually marginally funnier than the Peerless Price trade. Because we're talking about Tyrod Taylor...going to the Browns...for the first pick of the 3rd round... There's that ray of sunshine again!
  11. Ha! True enough! In fairness, I DID leave my seat. Got to the top of the tunnel, turned around... The BEST part? We had a ticket for our stepbrother. He got so trashed the night before that he had to pass on traveling to the game, and then it wasn't televised in Rochester. We still have his untorn ticket kicking around someplace. It makes special guest appearances at family events.
  12. Anyone who says they didn't leave the game is bordering on lying, because people were STREAMING out. Including my brother any myself. But he has always been the die hard that waits until the last play, and said "Let's stand here (on a handicap area) and watch." And it just started happening. It was biblical.
  13. Marketing genius on the part of the DMV. SO going to get the Bills plates.
  14. Off-topic but related note - I'm not an NBA fan, so for years I've rooted for a Finals between Sacramento and Milwaukee just so I can read the reports of a bunch of network programming types throwing themselves off a freeway overpass. Back on topic - My guess would be Bills/49ers. My wish would be either Cowboys or Giants...and pound 'em both.
  15. Fewer seats per square foot are becoming a requirement. The average fan is "bigger" now than they were when the older stadiums were designed. Not trying to be snarky. It's morphological reality. Add in heavy winter clothing and it's like being sandwiched between the Michelin Man family.
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