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  1. The story I remember during the realignment exercise was that Ralph specifically DIDN'T want the Bills to end up in the "Rust Bowl" division for two reasons: 1) They'd have been an afterthought in an afterthought division, buried forever behind the Steelers; 2) They'd have been pulled away from major media markets in New York, Boston and Miami. They would have become essentially irrelevant.
  2. Are you serious? Look, dude, this place is going to be a China Syndrome after the first loss. And they're going to rightly blame Einstein for the bad juju. Don't bring this stuff around here.
  3. Oh, my goodness. Announcer Purgatory. What on earth are they going to be talking about by the middle of the third quarter?
  4. I was out in Orange County last week. Nuclear. And it's worse this week.
  5. Not to divert the thread, but this is a good point. Ugh. It wouldn't be right to have to be looking up in the rankings to Indy. Jesus.
  6. And this - right here - is the thought of the day. I can't stop laughing. Thank God WE were the team that ended up with the real QB.
  7. No, this is the part where you bring up the "Naughty Nurse" trope...
  8. AFCE may have just gotten weaker with Wilson's knee situation. I realize that's picking nits.
  9. Remember how Joe Montana's career ended. There's a chance...just sayin'...
  10. Man, that's perfect. Welcome back to my Saturday mornings. Lance Link. Secret Chimp. A Stadium Wall FIRST.
  11. Word has it that A.J. McCarron is available. The Alabama Trio of Doom.
  12. Not a player, but a coach. George Siefert. He should have just hung it up after San Francisco, and headed straight for Canton. But he made a detour at Carolina...
  13. I know I'll get sucked into the hype vortex like I do every year. But I'm going to try to fight it until about Week 6-7. That Steelers opener just shot the horse out underneath me last year. I was REALLY pumped, and actually started giving non-Bills fans a little sh!t. Nope. I feel good about them, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.
  14. Thought experiment (yeah, it's the off-season). Looking at the picture of Wilson and his ex-girlfriend. Those two kids somehow get married and have children. Jesus. The teeth.
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