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  1. I remember staying at this place about 20 years ago. Came back after a fun night to a note saying "Dear Guests. Please note that the QE2 will be docking outside the hotel this evening, so you might want to keep your window shades drawn for privacy." Sure enough, I awoke to windows outside my window the next morning. I kept the note card; it's kicking around someplace.
  2. Probably, given that it's from 2014. I'm surprised that the Giants footprint extends so far up into the North Country. I don't see a lot of license plate rims and other Giants memorabilia up here. Definitely a lot of Giants fans in the Mohawk Valley.
  3. Hard Pass. F No. My best childhood friend is getting a trach tube today having fought for his life on a vent for two weeks. Only a true and utter idiot would take this thing lightly, or consider it a "simple flu". Good luck with that. I'll send flowers. Maybe dead ones. And there's not going to be a vaccine this year anyway, so it doesn't matter. Now, as for televising games without a crowd, they'll essentially be like the first week of college bowl games in December, when Northeast Central Missouri A&T plays Mount St. Mary's Sisters of the Blind. The game looks good until they pan away, or get a field level shot. And then you realize there are 4 people at the 50 yard line, and three of them are the coach's siblings. But with clever camera work, you don't even know.
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