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  1. I think this will be the 4th reboot since the 80's/90's Batman not including TV (Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney, Bale, Affleck) compared to 3 Spidermans Just DC trying to upstage marvel and take back the title of most rebooted series...... From what I have read, DC is looking at moving away from the ensemble movies and focusing back on the solo stuff after not being able to replicate the success Marvel has had with the Avengers It really shows you how bad they have been when the company with 2 of arguably the biggest super heros (Batman and Superman) can't get an ensemble movie right, but the other one can break box office records pulling out super hero characters that are relatively unknown to the average movie goer....
  2. Until the last couple movies, they were more like the 90s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.....
  3. DC continuing to one up themselves when it comes to "It cant get any worse, Can it?" Either that or they had a deal with Afleck to make his Batman look better......... Yup, From My understanding, Afleck was being pushed out and they wanted to go in a new direction with focusing more on the individual movies and away from the group movies (less justice League/Suicide Squad) and they wanted the Batman movies with a younger Bruce Wayne
  4. I have noticed he had an obsession with glass pyramids.......
  5. I'm going to say OD or Suicide, she was part of a lawsuit over CTE and the WWE in the past.
  6. But if they didn't take a QB first, then everyone would be saying Gettleman is an idiot for not getting one then and waiting. I agree with the Browns comment, so much love is being given to them for making some flashy moves, that's always the recipe for winning the offseason, but not always the receipt for winning on the field. They could very well continue just being the Browns but with some bigger names. As for the Bills, I'm skeptical on how this season will play out. It's not common to see a roster have so many new players brought in and get turned around right away. They will need to start clicking and working together right away to be successful, other wise it was just a bad offseason with a bunch of signings
  7. I don't think Talent is the biggest issue in Buffalo, they have talent, it's possible they have more talent then some of the teams that made the playoffs this year. The issue was getting those players to maximize their talent and play to their highest level. This is a team which grossly underachiever last year because many players didn't play up to their potential/ability. He sounds like a better motivator then X's and O's guy which may be just what they need. Kinda makes me think of Nolan, and that he might be a guy who can take a bunch of players and have them play at their potential, even if they are the most talented group. Hopefully this works out, but he doesn't have much NHL HCing experience and has been out of the league for a few years working the front office of a soccer team.
  8. This year's Tampa was a huge choke job. They were hands down the best team in the league this year and pretty much just walked through the regular season, only to get knocked out in the first round like they forgot they had to actually play now. This is the problem with some of these really good regular season teams, they sometimes forget that they have to play in the playoffs and forget to turn the switch back after coasting the last leg of the season. It's one reason I believe it's a bad idea for teams to rest players and not keep playing for wins even after they have clinched a spot
  9. Lol, I found it funny too that I mentioned them and the article mentions Corey Taylor From my understanding though, they didn't have anything to do with his mask, just the place that made this one has also made ones for Corey Taylor of Slipknot.
  10. All I have seen recently are article about how he has become friends with celebrities he has had feuds in the past with (Rosie O'Donnell, Wendy Williams), he is apologizing for it and saying how great they are and they are friends.
  11. Sooooooo.... He's part of the band Slipknot?
  12. I think he was the Christmas Poo? And now the Sabres want to hire George's Boss on Seinfeld?
  13. Yeah, can't really call it a choke job. I believe the Raptors were favorites heading into the series, they were in a game seven that was close almost all game, and they lost on a buzzer beater. Had they had a 20 point lead late and lost, then yes, that's a bit of a choke job, or if they were the Leafs... If you want to see impressive choking, look at the Ontario Hockey Leagues (OHL) playoffs this year. The winner, the Guelph Storm, came back from 3-0 series deficits twice , and in the finals were down 2 games to 0 against a team that was 12-0 in the playoffs to that point, to win 4 straight to take the championship. At least 3 teams choked against them this year......
  14. Is that photo really a big deal? It's part of one page from a playbook that was given out to the 90+ players signed this offseason. I would assume this early in the offseason the playbook they get is not the same one they get after the preseason, and it's probably filled with more general/generic plays they will run during training camp. I doubt teams are running to their computers to get a copy of that photo to get the Bills secrets. They would probably get the same info from him if they asked while interviewing him after he is cut.
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