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  1. Im almost through season 2 of Titans (next I'm going to watch Doom patrol) I completely forgot they filmed it in Toronto until there was mention of the FX guy that died while filiming Then during season 7 when Robin is on the roof with the new Robin, you can see the lower section of the CN tower (while they are supposed to be in San Francisco)
  2. I think Rivers ends up in Tampa or Jacksonville (doubt he wants to end his career on the Dolphins). I think Arians is done with Winston, seems like he was during the season but didn't want to just come out and say it. I think it would be funnier to see Winston end up in NE and BB 'fixing' his INT issues...... I could also see Marriotta ending up in NE if Brady leaves. I don't see BB at this stage going with an inexperienced rookie. (I do think this is all posturing and Brady will be back on a 1-2 year deal to retire a Pat and play in front of a guy they draft early this year). I think the Chargers are going to go to the draft and maybe pick up a placeholder to play for now til they feel the rookie is ready. Although I think they may try to pull off a blockbuster deal to move ahead in the draft and get a big name college QB to draw in the Fans or make a huge push for Brady to get fans into the new stadium.
  3. Yeah, as a team, I'm sure you don't want to lose lower coaches, but if you keep denying teams access to interview guys on your staff for promotions, when it comes time to you needing to interview someone, teams may block you. It also won't help you much if coaches can get promotions cause you keep preventing them from getting the opportunity.
  4. I think the 'dime a dozen' thinking is also because of supply and demand. With the league being a copycat league, and teams having great success with heavy passing attacks, teams stopped focusing on RBs and many of them started to slide on drafts down a few rounds. With teams starting to have success again by going run heavy, your probably going to see RBs moving back up in the draft and getting taken a bit sooner. You can still get decent servicable RBs later in the draft probably because it's an easier position to pickup and learn. Get the ball and look for a hole/opening......
  5. I don't think any of these games proved anything and may contradict each other. SF won because of their very good defence and a very good day on the ground with a RB thats been bounced around the league and went undrafted. KC won because of their QB Mahommes and a very good passing game, beating a team that got to where it was at by having a very good running game and solid defence. These playoffs have shown that anything can work if your players and coaching staff are good. Twice in these playoffs, a team has won a game with a QB throwing for less then 100 yards. Teams with really good RBs/running games have lost in these playoffs (Ravens and Titans). The one factor that was true yesterday is that you need to be able to score points and not take your foot off the gas. 49ers had 3+ TD lead at half time and GB came back to make it a closer game in the 2nd half. The Titans had an early 2 score lead at the beginning that quickly changed before half time and then KC just took over. Scoring 20 points on offence wasn't going to get you a win yesterday.......
  6. Although so far its only been ugly for 2 teams whos connection is through a coach thats believed to have orchestrated it.
  7. Would be a dream scenario for the NFL to celebrate their 100th...... Get a repeat of SB 1
  8. Might be some more bad news about Kenobi, I just read something earlier saying it may have just been scrapped and they aren't going to go through with it.
  9. I think alot of the differences between this and the NFL/Pats is the sport itself. baseball is viewed as a sport where many of the fans are purists and want to keep it traditional and old school. Technology is pushed aside to keep things more human. They could have improved the sport by having cameras and computers call balls and strikes but many fight it because they want to keep the human element of having someone behind the plate make hundreds of judgement calls a game. Seeing this unfold where it's found technology was used to cheat has people upset. Football has been more progressive in allowing technology in to the game and some have viewed the Pats cheating as being closer to skirting the line of what's acceptable and not acceptable. There is a long standing Commissioner in place who's been more worried about the issue of players in domestic violence situations compared to a new commissioner taking over a league that's already been through a huge steroid scandal that was handled a bit light.
  10. I heard $4M, and someone compared it to the Jabba puppet which took multiple puppeteers to operate and cost less even when figuring in inflation..... Although I wonder if it costs more because of animatronics? I would assume this puppet is mostly remote controlled where as the Jabba one while large in size, is controlled by puppeteers?
  11. I think the Dolphins draft someone this year and have them sit behind Fitz until Fitzmagic fizzles out Rosen is either released or dealt again this offseason. I could see him ending up in NE and sitting behind Brady for a year as BB works with him and they get a 1st round QB for next to nothing to take over for Brady.
  12. Rosenhaus and the Lawyer should be forced to stand by him through it all as punishment for standing by him through everything else. But of course and agent and lawyer will stand by everything and support him when the money rolls in, but once the gravy train stops they run away as fast as they can before he hits the bottom...... Drew probably thought he could get one more paycheck from him.....
  13. I think only one of the top 5 in the fan vote made it in. They said it's very rare that any of the top fan voted bands actually make it. Dave Matthews Band won the vote vote by a huge margin, Sound Garden and Judas Priest were also on the top and didn't make it. Why bother even having a fan vote....
  14. I saw that drum kit in person at the Hockey Hall of Fame years ago, I'm not sure if it is still there or not. Talking to a teammate on my hockey team, he said there someone out of Cleveland I believe who owns an early drum set of Pearts that he tours around with to charity events and for donations you get. Chance to play on them.
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