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  1. I could not understand this week the people picking Baltimore over KC KC wasn't dominate last week, but that looked more like an outlier rather then the norm for KC
  2. But really, thats OK, I can't think of many teams, if any, that look like they could do it right now Its nice to be in a position though where the list of teams that we can't see the Bills beating is getting shorter.....
  3. Its ok, I'm sure they will shut down and allow baltimore to get back into the game......
  4. That might be a good idea, except it would have to be an indoor stadium since they don't usually build barns without roofs The Bills could have the largest wooden indoor stadium and if they can get enough of them, it could be erected in a weekend...... Might be hard to broadcast after without power and lighting though Except that its supposedly a 14 day incubation period and could surface anytime in that 14 day period A negative test only means that at that time of the test, your not positive. This is why places are wanting to only test people showing symptoms and everyone else that has come in contact with someone is told to Self-Isolate for 14 days.
  5. He's already an upgrade over Yeldon.....
  6. If they served their sentence, why not? Isn't that the point to the sentence anyway, as their punishment for doing something wrong? Why should you lose your right to vote for an elected leader? Depending on the crime, i would understand losing your right to own a purchase/carry/own a gun, but vote in an election?
  7. Considering they were gifted an interception earlier that gave them the momentum to start their comeback, I would call it a wash......
  8. So, um, yeah Probably not a good day for you yesterday, lol........ The worst part about picks and survivor pools is over thinking everything. I always laughed when you see people who barely follow football win pools making picks because they don't over think things. The hardcore fans start analyzing and looking at trends and statistics and over think things. Also alot of people think the best way to go is to save the better teams for later, but you have to make it to later in order to use them. I have done it a few times and had it backfire cause of an upset. I think I took the Chargers bit at the last minute made the change to Colts. There was one of the 'experts' on CBS's website that called the Colts the safest pick and had them winning big.
  9. Better check the By-Laws/Zoning first Sometimes they will allow you to rebuild what was there if it was destroyed by an 'Act of god'/Accidental Fire. If not, your forced to meet all the current requirements and setbacks and may end up with a completely useless lot.... Its alot of money to spend on a fixer upper And I think $10 mil might buy you Detroit.....
  10. I have no idea how it is ruled an INT when Kroft catches the ball in his hands, never looses the ball as he is coming down and the rams player just had to get his hands in and tie up into the receiver as they ended up on the ground. The ball is tucked into the receivers body and never came out. How can that be ruled an INT? Its just another play to add into the long list of 'whats a catch' in the NFL.... But I didn't see the Bills receiver put up much of an argument either. It has more to do with that kind of play happening and not usually getting called, in those situations they usually let it play out and not make that call
  11. The Bears are 3-0, and benched their QB during todays game? Guess it only proves that 3 games in is still too early to judge anything on this season. I did hear them talking the last 2 weeks that alot of teams will look really good on offence because defences are going to take a while to gel and get going, and without any preseason games they didn't get that time to get things together.
  12. I saw that too and thought it was great, could have also trolled the one player on Bucs a little and had Brett Favre out there with them (since he was questioning how Favre was able to get into the game for brady but he couldn't get someone from his family in)
  13. But this is becoming regular for them, Have a great first half then sleep through the 2nd half getting outscored.
  14. I've been saying that for a while, the NFL right now requires an offence that can put up big points, there are very few defences that are going to be able to stop most offences to allow you to win close games regularly
  15. How does Atlanta not fire their entire front office & coaching staff tonight?
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