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  1. Not far, Guiness is greater then the majority of things........
  2. I just found recently that Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's daughter is on the show. She was in a bunch of his movies when she was really young and I think she was the one in the recent commercials with her mom for some skin cream Finished watching it a few days ago, it was pretty good,didn't realise it's based of an actual comic that's much more graphic (sexually and violence). The last episode has a bit of a surprise ending cliff hanger.....
  3. I think most reviews have been favorable for it, aside from Bruce Lee's daughter and his training partner who seem to hate it because of how they portrayed him.
  4. You have to change the Google map to satellite, then you can see the picture of the roof
  5. If you have never heard of them you probably haven't listened to Satellite radio before. I think it's the only place they constantly advertise for them and the cleaning of them.
  6. The plastic surgeon who ends up having to try and salvage her face after he thinks she didn't follow one of his rules exactly as expected?
  7. A drunk driver & Billy Joel? Isn't that the same thing?
  8. I get to deal with neighbors complaints all the time with work. Many are obvious that they are feuding and trying to go after them because they don't like them, a few have actually come out and said so. Some are also people who have way to much time on their hands and want to police the neighborhood. I usually get from the neighbor being complained on that they wish their neighbor would have come talk to them first because they would have resolved it and taken care of the issue themselves. I also always ask the people with an issue if they talked to their neighbors and suggest doing so first to resolve it if they haven't because many will take care of it. Few will refuse or out up a fight and that's when I say to get back to me and I will try and help out.
  9. You know Vince probably will......
  10. Most seem to be (or are being reported) as gang related from what I have noticed.
  11. They do flights here from a small Niagara airport across the lake to Toronto. I don't think it was the same price but it saves time instead of driving the 1-1/2 while having to find and overpay for parking while your in Toronto. It's also a small airport without larger commercial aircraft flying you in the same province so you don't have the same security wait times
  12. The difference here is that the 2-3 shootings a night in the GTA make the news as some of the top stories, in places like Chicago they just roll one of those lists like they do on morning shows for birthdays so they can get through it in the 1/2 hour news block. But we aren't all different, most blame for the shootings here are blamed on gangs and immigrants too
  13. same here, they did this a little while after I bought a home version for myself
  14. Get the easier one out of the way first?
  15. True, although they haven't any details about how they were found and what happened.... Wishing I had a chase credit card.....
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