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  1. apuszczalowski

    At What Temps Do You Set Your Thermostat

    I'm seeing them more and more, have been in presentations about them, it is nice. They say the science behind why it's better is that if your feet are warm, the rest of your body will feel warmer, so you dont need as much heat. I was just in a place talking to a guy installing heated floors throughout (this house also has in floor heat in the garage, the back patio, and the driveway), they installer said he has one shot to test and make sure its right cause once they pour the mortar/concrete subflooring you cant fix the piping. I think the electric heaters would be more of an issue and can see them breaking down more then the water systems. Most people use it as supplemental heat in certain areas or rooms so I'm sure many would just not use it if it did t work, or they would be looking at a major reno to replace it.
  2. apuszczalowski

    Bengals Release Vontaze Burfict

    Just like Richie........ Whatever team takes him needs to sign Suh and trade for Kiko, then go play the Pat's......
  3. apuszczalowski

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    Im always a little skeptical with ex Pat's players, very few end up doing much once the leave NE......
  4. So it's just a coincidence when a kid has no problem getting in when his last name is on the library, or sports building, or a 'donation' is made to one of the departments at the school.
  5. apuszczalowski

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    I think he ends up with the Giants for their 2nd 1st rounder, or the Pat's get him for next to nothing to backup Brady and eventually take over in a couple years.....
  6. apuszczalowski

    "New England adds to receiver corps" by Mark Daniels

    When they were first created it made sense, to help the lower teams from losing big name players in FA get something. Now the system is manipulated by teams like the Pat's who dont need help but still get it. I believe MLB has a 'competitive balance' picks that they give out to help small market teams....
  7. So if the money goes to the school, its ok If the money goes to someone else its a punishable crime.....
  8. apuszczalowski

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Trade up or grab one in the 2nd
  9. apuszczalowski

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    Looking at their FA moves, I think they continue with drafting on the defence with maybe a couple picks on Offence. This allows them to continue building their defence, while quickly putting together an offence that isnt going to cost them games.
  10. apuszczalowski

    Jets wanted Mitch Morse

    I never said I was a fan of Darnold but keep putting words in my mouth. I only said changing putting Brady and Darnold would make that list more believable. Again, I only said flipping Brady and Darnold makes the list a bit more reasonable.
  11. apuszczalowski

    Jets wanted Mitch Morse

    They arent that far off, flip the top 2, then put everyone else backup and about 10 spaces between #3 and Miamis current QB situation and it's pretty reasonable........ Why? Cause I'm not all over the front office circle jerk around here just yet? What did I say that was wrong? Up until this offseason this front office has not prioritized the Oline, they have almost neglected it while trading up to grab a LB. This year they grabbed one of the top linemen and 2 backups with upside potential.
  12. apuszczalowski

    Jets wanted Mitch Morse

    This year in FA they did. But since they have been here? They traded back up in the 1st last year to grab a LB and in both drafts never took an olinemen early on, even after losing 2 starters last offseason. They were content signing linemen who were grade near the bottom of the starter rankings.
  13. apuszczalowski

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    Its an odd move to see the Titans trade for backup QB, unless they are worried that Marriota may be hurt or get hurt and want an experienced backup. Tannehill wasnt a great starter but would be a very good backup QB to have.
  14. I wonder if this would have even been a story if it didnt involve 2 Hollywood families. But because theres people involved that are 'celebrities', it's taking over the media and made out to be a huge deal.
  15. apuszczalowski

    Uncle Sam's Niteclub

    Personally, I think the 80s were slightly worse.