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  1. Loria is why there's no baseball in Montreal. They were well supported until he decided to tear them down so they could be moved to the Washington and he would get the Marlins. After the strike year when they had led MLB and looked to be WS favorites they were never the same.
  2. Nice, usually the opposite happens as it makes more sense to keep the business name of the business that doesn't go bankrupt.... I believe Cher used to watch Anthony Keidis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers when he was a kid There's a few others like this too
  3. Yeah, when it sold recently it was one of the producers I believe that bought it and he intended to recreate the set inside but after having it looked at they said it couldn't be done because the inside was completely different then the outside. I believe he them decided to just have the house fixed up and then flip it.
  4. Some of the filming also took place on St Catharines Ontario, I believe they used a school there?
  5. Depends on what and how much you have been smoking (or snorting, or injecting)
  6. You missed out, if it hit you in the face or seriously hurt you there's the possibility of a nice lawsuit, I hear that's how Drake got his current gig with the team........
  7. Considering it would be an improvement over Tampa and their non existent fanbase. MLB has basically approved Montreal getting a franchise again and they have owners Who are ready to build a stadium once they know they have a team
  8. It's only a matter of time til they are the Expos....
  9. Wrigley was cool, even caught a foul ball that I ended up giving away to a kid behind me. We didn't end up going in to see the Sox game, they only had standing room left and my buddies didn't want that so we left
  10. I said ROR wanted out cause he was sick of all the losing. They brought him in after they got their saviour but instead of improving they continued to be horrible and even get worse. TM brought in some talented players but the team continued to lose, the blame should have been more on the coaches for this team being so bad rather then the GM who brought in guys who have found success right after leaving. The tank failed because the team didn't get better until many years/coaches/GMs later, and the result of it Was a player who has been some tremendous league leading talent who can change a team
  11. Is this a Rex Ryan type move to start him against one of his old teams, like how Rex made players captains against their ex's? You would have to think Flores was brought on board because he was willing to go along with the Dolphins tanking, unless he assumed they would atleast be given a chance to win games and not be in the running to be one of the worst teams in history....
  12. I think alot of people are missing the point, most of these suggestions would be extremely easy to just recreate these sets because they were just sets on a sound stage and not a real location. There's no challenge to it and could easily be done, and that set might even be in storage somewhere or in a dumpster behind a theatre like Merv Griffins set. The point to this was recreating a set in an actual location it was supposed to be based in. The Brady house was a real house, but the inside that you saw on tv was a set that was not based on that houses real interior. The full House set, Monks cafe from Seinfeld, those are possible cause there's an actual building somewhere that the tv show set was supposed to be based off of.
  13. Start getting used to the Rays........
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