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  1. $35? I think that's when they are discounted....... For the top end fitted, that's not a bad price. I buy new era too, but that's because they are one of the only ones I know that sell the fitted ones of sports teams. I can't wear anything but the fitted hats, the others don't feel right on my head. They are usually very good quality and last a long time. Never had an issue with one until they get extremely dirty. I did find that taking a pressure washer to one cleaned it up really good without deforming it like throwing it in the washing machine
  2. Well his charitable contributions are contributing to society after his death......
  3. Some places around here have the Quarter locks on them that you need to insert a coin to unlock the cart and get it back when you put it back locked to another one. Usually works well even though you would think a quarter today isn't worth much. Some stores even have locks on the carts that are activated if they get a certain distance away from the doors so you can't leave the property with them. I always put my cart back in the cart coral/return area. It's difficult at time because I would have a child with me. I always felt awkward if I put them in my truck and just ran over a few spots to put the cart back because of what people would think of me leaving my kid in the vehicle. When it's raining it's tough to go down with the empty cart to return I and have to walk back with the kid. It's always better then just leaving the cart somewhere in a parking spot....
  4. In most cases no amount is enough because the difference is things just get more expensive. It's also why people don't just work until they have a certain amount of money then stop working. Lottery winners end up alot of the times in the same situation as rookie athletes because many have never seen the amount of money they were just given and they get it quickly. If you never had this kind of money and now are given it, you get a feeling that it will last forever and alot of people come out of nowhere willing to help you out to spend (or invest) your money with them.
  5. That's because COVID-19 was being spread through 5G by the Chinese to achieve Global domination.....
  6. Well they have had so much success with the Sabres coaching/GM position that I'm sure putting her on the sidelines is the next step cause it can't get much worse. As for the Topic, I think most sane football fans that aren't Josh Allen fans don't seriously believe he will be replaced this season by a late round draft pick QB who's position on the team may be hanging by a thread due to his comments. I'm comfortable saying that 90% of the people who still question whether Josh is the answer would agree that he won't get beaten out by Fromm..........
  7. Anything that makes something of Jerry's look like a POS is fantastic in my book! Yes it's overkill, but that's what everything is coming to today, building over the top sporting cathedrals with all the bells and whistles while trying to one up the other guy. Don't kid yourself thinking the Bills could just put some plain run of the mill little display for just out of town scores, it won't be to this or Jerry's scale, but it won't be something that would be a step down to some of the highschool fields in Texas.....
  8. There isn't even proof that getting it means you can never get it again, there have been people who have had it twice now. It's not like chicken pox that you become immune if you have ever tested positive.
  9. That was a good one Ending up watching 'Man in the high castle' afterwards, not bad Just finished 'American Gods' which was also pretty interesting in today's world.... Decided to start watching Sons of Anarchy now (yes I know I'm late on that one...) Binged the HBO show Barry which I thought was good. Started Veep now which is alright, not horrible but not fantastic. Jim Carreys show 'Kidding' was similar in that I thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic or something I would watch multiple times over
  10. Nah, this is like many of the houses you see the 'Flipping Couple' shows walk through as the before. Yeah, probably cheaper and easier to knock it down and rebuild on the lot with something bigger, that is if you can rebuild there
  11. Because Huawei and China....... It's all a ploy to spy and control you, and give you cancer and kill you........ I hear 5G has the capability to penetrate even the thickest tin foil hats....
  12. On Seinfelds 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' he ended up on one of the shows getting together with them at one of their houses where they would watch TV at night together
  13. I think I'd be looking for another doctor because it hasnt been proven that it's similar to chicken pox where you can only get it once and then your immune. There are people getting it a second time so exposing all of them to it now is no guarantee they would all be good to go in the fall.
  14. Single guys? Just think of how many wives would buy this for their husbands so they get left alone?
  15. Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a YouTube show where he goes and tries various local 'specialties' while he tours doing standup. He does one in Cleveland where he tries a few 'Polish Boys', last time he was in Rochester he goes out I believe to Nicks with a few others to try a garbage plate. He gave it a pretty good review.
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