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  1. He should be gone for the season for that garbage and the Steelers that started pounding on him should be given medals.
  2. Look with the bye week after this game unless Allen and Singletary are 100% healed and fully ready to go you sit them both as much as that will hurt. 2 additional weeks, esp for a hammy injury, could be the difference between 70-75% (more likely to re-injure) and 100% the rest of the year. As far as Allen, if he gets through the protocol fine but he was out cold less then 24 hours ago so we will see. I would be as careful as needed with these two.
  3. Can’t wait to see Singletary used more in the game plan now and watch his progression. Any offense coordinator worth their salt would use him more going forward... right???
  4. Can’t believe we’re in a spot to win the game come on bills!!!!
  5. If only he touched the ball in the first half of the game...
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