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  1. I will always think of it as Rich Stadium and call it The Ralph no matter who’s paying for it.
  2. The better question is: Has Skip Bayless ever been proven correct in anything he’s said? (the answer is no)
  3. If you use the power-up Allen card it goes to 93 w/gunslinger and is a monster (esp throwing to my 93 Diggs power-up card). Literally to only reason to play is to build up my Bills team as much as possible, the online game sucks the past few years.
  4. Maybe it will improve our chances at some compensatory picks!
  5. Just a heads up but I have spectrum in the Utica area and was able to add the sports package with NFLN and red zone for 5$ a month. Had the channels in 30 seconds. Hope it’s this easy to cancel in a month or two. Just another option if anyone is looking for one. GO BILLS
  6. Hey - I tried getting one a couple weeks back and nfl store didn’t know when they would be in stock but the bills store told me next season till the official ones arrive. You could get a personalized one and make it but it will be 50$ more and takes some time. Sorry
  7. We did what we had to do and won against a team we should beat by multiple scores. This is when you can see the baseline of the team as a whole has been raised - we lose this game easily in the past. Good sign and a good win but hope we tighten it up in the future. Consistency is the next step for the team as a whole to take.
  8. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not but the 4 turnovers helped a lot.... As far as a “signature” win I think this one makes the football fans who don’t follow every moment of the Bills 24/7 (like the majority of us) take notice that we are for real. I think as far as coaches/players/fans a playoff win fits that bill a lot better.
  9. Great deal for Tre and his family, the Bills organization and all Bills fans! Beane needs to get an extension ASAP
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