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  1. Don't see anything wrong with what he said: I’ve got to be smarter with the football,” Allen said. “I gave it away three times and I didn’t put us in great situations and great position. Coach (Sean) McDermott preaches ball security all the time, and there were a couple of plays where it just wasn’t the most important thing and it hurt us.” He's not saying ball security is not important to him, he is saying his decision on a couple plays made it look as though it wasn't. He is basically saying ball security is crucial and he made 3 really bad mistakes.
  2. What an awesome Florida trip this would be... Sabres vs TB - Thursday Sabres vs Florida - Friday Bills vs Miami - Sunday Damn responsibilities!
  3. I hope he "took" notes, i don't want to wait another couple years...
  4. The Hockey Fights Cancer night is such an emotional night. I'll give credit to Marty and Duff for holding it together for the most part during their segments, especially the post game... I was watching the NHL network and they showed the Risto goal with a pip of the guys watching live in studio and it was amazing. The reaction was classic, have to see if I can find it. Exciting game, exciting team, just fun to watch...House is rocking..As Shrader said, sit back and enjoy!
  5. Trust me, I get the point. I see more of the "pump the breaks" stuff regarding the Bills, strange as that may sound, but I get the point. In a 7 game series against Washington or Columbus, they would most likely come up short. But that's why ranking systems aren't anything to pay attention to, they go by stats and record and not experience and grit.
  6. ricojes

    Fear the Sabres....

    Well the Sabres are the hottest team since November 8th...
  7. Ah, the customary "pump the breaks" post. The Sabres are winning games, that's exciting. They are riding a hot streak and it's fun to watch them again. I haven't seen any declarations of Stanley Cup Champion posts yet, I don't think anyone believes they are an elite team. But they are young, having fun, and winning the close games for the first time in a very very long time and it really make the future that much more exciting. The only perspective I care about is that the Sabres are once again must watch TV, and I haven't felt that way in years.
  8. ricojes

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Drafting TT? not well at all. As for McClown...that's why i stopped playing fantasy, the logical choice is usually not the correct one.
  9. ricojes

    Why Is eball Such a Peterman Apologist?

    This is just so mean... Good thing I drive a nice car, now back to my high level business meetings...
  10. You kind of just did...
  11. That's exactly what they have been lacking. You have to be able to steal a win when not playing at your best. In previous years they had to play exceptionally well for 3 periods to get a win, that's impossible to maintain for 82 games. Plus there are so many new players still getting used to each others tendencies, it really bodes well for the future! I was actually very loud in the arena yesterday, for some reason the broadcasts microphones didn't really pick up the noise from ice level. Kind of like the Bills/Indy broadcast that sounded like there were a dozen fans in attendance.
  12. He seems to be a little hard to please, but there are quite a few like that around here. I agree with you, I love Marty on the Sabres broadcast as well as on the instigators. I don't find him difficult to listen to at all.
  13. I was exhausted just watching that game! Jack's face off move was amazing! From the way he baited them into thinking he was going to draw the puck, to the slick move to sidestep the opponent, it was sweet. the Montreal guy was still down for the face off when the puck went in the net. You could tell they practice that, but Skinner was shocked it actually worked. I was thinking they should pull Ullmark for Hutton after the second period, but didn't think they would do it. Not necessarily for bad play, but because he has already faced 30+ shots at that point and I thought getting a fresh guy in there could be the difference. It worked, so good move, but would have got a lot of heat if it went the other way. But they also tightened up the D, giving up only 5 shots in the third! Fun game, but it was ugly for the first two periods as far as the Sabres passing and defense. A win is a win, GO SABRES!
  14. ricojes

    What has happened to Ryan Lewis?

    He's no Dean Marlowe...