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  1. ricojes

    Amazing 13 year old singer

    It was unexpected and amazing. She came in second on the Children's Voice UK edition last year. We really should have an AGT thread, I have some questions about the escape artist with the scorpions....
  2. I did read this a few days ago: https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2018/05/23/nine-buffalo-news-reporters-take-buyout-offers.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
  3. ricojes

    Favorite Bills game last season

    Bengals at Ravens...
  4. ricojes

    TBD podcast by TBD for TBD!

    I don't think it was Dunkirk Don who provided us with the "high level meetings" gem, but I do agree he should be a guest, along with Chadwick Bay Chad (and any of his other persona's)...
  5. ricojes

    Which Bills Moments Legitimately Made You Cry?

    Listening to GR after the Pegula's bought the team ensuring the Bills would remain in Buffalo. Some very emotional moments when hearing about the love of the Bills along with family and family tradition stories. Most were saying it didn't matter how well they do, they would be happy as long as they were here to stay... Such liars!
  6. ricojes

    Gronkowski to be a Bill....

    He will only be 30, but his body must feel like 70, he has taken a beating in his career...
  7. ricojes

    Stadium Construction Facts & Figures

    So, does this now mean the Pegula's aren't looking to move the team? All kidding aside, that was a great post. Good job!
  8. ricojes

    Sabres & NHL 2017-18 - Entry Draft on June 22

    The Mark Pysyk trade may not be a bust after all! Let's hope not, time will tell...
  9. ricojes

    Ride for Roswell 2018 (Raising some cash)

    I have volunteered at the 1st rest stop for the past 10+ years, stop by for some great PB&J sandwiches to re-fuel!
  10. ricojes

    Laurel or Yanny

    Phone is Yanny and computer is Laurel for me...
  11. ricojes

    Sabres & NHL 2017-18 - Entry Draft on June 22

    Sabres Prospect Update https://thehockeywriters.com/sabres-prospect-update/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheHockeyWriters+(The+Hockey+Writers)
  12. Your pet peeve is mine as well....Last year prior to the start of the season, most here believed the Jets would be winless with the roster they had. They didn't have a great season, but did a heck of lot better than was expected. It's just way too early for this crap...