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  1. ricojes

    McDermott doesn’t learn

    I believe he was clapping as well...
  2. ricojes

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    Opposite nicknames are so funny, let's go with Tiny! you know, because he's tall....that would be hilarious!
  3. ricojes

    Mahomes Struggling in Camp

    Zero, it's called a sack...
  4. ricojes

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    Skip the game and come party with me at Canalside....Headstones headlining tonight!
  5. ricojes

    PM me if you want tickets for tonight

    My tickets just sold as well...
  6. ricojes

    PM me if you want tickets for tonight

    They got rid of the "minimum allowed price" obstacle, I was surprised. But my 2 tickets are up for $10 each, plus their $1.22 or whatever it was fee. And transferring tickets is really easy, just go to your account manager via buffalobills.com.
  7. ricojes

    Summer Concert Roll Call

    Heading to Canalside tonight for the Headstones. I have seen them numerous times and they never disappoint. One of the best bands not many outside Canada and the surrounding area's know about. Looks like it's going to be a perfect evening weather wise...
  8. ricojes

    PM me if you want tickets for tonight

    I have 2 for tonight and need one for next home pre-season game if anyone wants to trade...
  9. Is it ironic because you usually think of everything?
  10. ricojes

    Does Culture make a difference?

    Or kill for them...aka Ray Lewis...
  11. ricojes

    Does Culture make a difference?

    Culture doesn't necessarily mean a team full of saints, you can have a great culture and include "guys who failed drug tests or guys possibly involved in a felony". The Bills had a losing culture the past 15+years, it became acceptable and/or expected. Same with the Sabres, they do not hold themselves accountable on an individual level, because no one really seems to care. Building a winning culture is much more than putting a Marv Levy band of good guys together, it's not accepting losing because "it's a Billsy thing to do", it's expecting to win every time you walk out on the field and giving 100% all the time. I think it's very easy to get comfortable and not put in the extra work and effort in a losing culture, you don't get away with half ass'ing it in a winning culture.
  12. ricojes

    Extra Ticket For Friday's Practice?

    Was planning on going, but now can't make it. So I can send tickets, but you'll have to own one of those smart phone thingy's...
  13. He's only 26, I would not be worried about his "sweet spot", I think he has several really good years left.
  14. ricojes

    Extra Ticket For Friday's Practice?

    Ah, my bad. I'm sure someone here will hook you up with a ticket...
  15. ricojes

    Extra Ticket For Friday's Practice?

    Bills fans, there’s still time to get tickets for ‘The Return of the Blue & Red’ presented by Bud Light! Taking place at New Era Field on Friday, August 3, at 6:15 p.m., this night practice will allow fans to see the Bills prepare for the season at their home field. The exciting event will also feature family-friendly activities, such as photo opportunities and appearances by the Stampede and Billy Buffalo. Additionally, fans will enjoy live commentary throughout the event from Bills Legend Steve Tasker and a fireworks display that will follow practice! Admission to the practice is free, but a ticket is required. Fans are limited to four tickets per person. Additional tickets are available at the following locations: Tops Friendly Markets - 3507 Mt. Read Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14616 Tops Friendly Markets - 1740 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda, NY 14223 7-Eleven - 1100 Southwestern Boulevard, West Seneca, NY 14224 The Bills Store at New Era Field, 1 Bills Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127