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  1. Late to the party as many here have mentioned Peaky f'n Blinders in previous posts. I am currently mid season 3 and it's fantastic. Definitely binge worthy.
  2. Bills not planning for fan cutouts at stadium https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/bills-not-planning-for-fan-cutouts-at-stadium/article_480184da-f1fb-11ea-83d2-87ea7ded4678.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  3. Like I said in the other thread discussing this, give a shout out to New Era and TUSHY and call it Ass Hat Stadium...
  4. So you offer a combo drink/food deal...2.50 for an order of chips and a $1.50 for a beer. Still easy to get around it. There are gym's in WNY that are open that are now calling themselves places of worship. You do what you have to do when owning a business. It's up to the public whether or not to go... Not saying I agree with it, but I understand the hail Mary's...
  5. If this were to happen, we could use a combination of the past 2 names and call it Ass Hat Stadium....
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