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  1. Just finished YOU on Netflix and thought it was good. Not sure where to go next, but I have heard good things about HBO's "The night of"...
  2. ricojes

    Non-call affected Super Bowl too

    The holding call on the Rams center was bad, negated a big play. And no one would have said a word if the defenseless receiver flag wasn't thrown on NRC, maybe the right call by the letter of the law, but in reality a good football play. Other than that, nothing worth noting...
  3. He'd quit at half time and head to the Sundowner...
  4. ricojes

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Residing in Amherst, I was very tempted to select "move it North of Buffalo", but I did select OP...
  5. Good Luck! My Mother-in-law was diagnosed in late November. They still have not been able to identify where it originated as it has spread throughout her body (although they believe it might be the lungs) , they have not identified the type or stage either. It's been frustrating not knowing any details after almost 2 months. She started a generic chemo a couple Friday's ago and has treatment scheduled for a spot on the brain this week.
  6. ricojes

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    It's been 20 years, if there is a team that can break the drought, it should be this one. But let's just hope they win the tourney... Dating to 2000, the MAC has had 10 teams finish with an RPI ranking in the top 60 and not receive an at-large bid. Five of those teams were rated no worse than 46 — Kent State was 36th in 2000, Miami was 40th in 2005, Buffalo was 46th in 2005, Toledo was 36th in 2014, and Akron was 34th in 2016.
  7. ricojes

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    Should they? No. They are by far the best team in the conference. Will they? I think they will. When they struggle, they really struggle. They will get some ugly wins, but I think they'll have at least have one bad loss. Plus everyone will be gunning for them. I just hope it doesn't come the tournament, I have no faith in the NCAA handing out an at large bid to a MAC team.
  8. ricojes

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    TT is all about Buffalo, great ambassador for the city. Although he only goes to a handful of games, I'm pretty sure he has season tickets for the Sabres as well. As for UB....WOW! That was a statement to the MAC, get ready. If this team is clicking, they can beat anyone. Harris is a big key, he has struggled to start the season, nice to see him come up big.
  9. No argument here, I never mentioned anything about the move just the "good character" BS some believe "the process" is all about.
  10. ricojes

    The Kodi Thread

    Sanctuary is the only add-on I know of that still has plenty of feeds on Kodi. Watching Ray Donovan currently with no issues. But Tea TV and Titanium have many more users now, so better to go through one of those sites for content.
  11. Why do most think McDermott and Beane are looking for choir boys? They don't care if guys have had trouble in the past, they are not just looking for "high character" Marv Levy guys, they are looking for team players. If they think he will mesh in the locker room, they will give him a chance. That doesn't mean they won't drop him off like a bad habit if he gets in trouble off the field, but "The process" is not about putting together a team of "good guys", it's about putting together a team.
  12. ricojes

    Brady and Belicheck Deserve to go Out On Top

    They didn't deserve to beat Atlanta, or even Oakland in one of their first runs to the finals...Call it even and let them go out losing...