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  1. I went to school with Skeeter who is a Bills fan as well, only in 4 episodes though.
  2. Definitely a lot of "ifs" throughout the course of that game, for both teams. I just believe another TD by the Bills puts that game away. This team should be scoring more. The Bills consistently were in Browns territory and it almost seemed like they used a different playbook every time they crossed the 50. Just frustrating.
  3. The defense was really bad at times, no doubt about it. But the offense has enough talent to score 20 something points per game. If the Bills continue to average 16 points or whatever per game, they will lose all games where the D isn't perfect or close to it.
  4. Allen's comments yesterday said it all. When asked why he isn't hitting the long ball, he says he is afraid of under throwing and getting intercepted. The coaches are in his head big time, not a good thing. The Bills got rid of Tyrod Taylor, but they still have a Tyrod Taylor "don't take risks" mentality.
  5. I am sure that if JBJ'g group was successful in purchasing the Bills, they would have eventually tried to move to Toronto. But didn't it come out that Trump's group was the ones that released the rumors? Or elaborated on the rumors in order to increase his chances? I'll have to find the interview. Here are a few: https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2018/1/25/16925258/buffalo-bills-bon-jovi-says-he-wanted-to-keep-bills-in-buffalo-2018 https://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-shady-scheme-to-buy-nfl-buffalo-bills
  6. I wouldn't give up a third round pick, maybe a 5 and Yeldon with no pick in return. But the Bills running game is hurting, defenses are keying on Allen and not worrying too much about the run. Gore is great in spots, but he's not a lead back. Maybe Singletary can be the lead guy with Gore filling in for the tough yardage, but it definitely won't hurt his progress to bring in an elite back to watch and learn from.
  7. I see what you're trying to do here....
  8. I would park on Abbott, opposite stadium side of Southwestern. after the game right on Abbott and then left on Lake Ave to Route 5. Pick up on Plenzmd1's directions from there. Southwestern, Brompton, and McKinley get backed up quickly.
  9. This is total BS. It's Buffalo sports radio, not a national show. Statements like this are just ridiculous...
  10. Didn't they win 16-0 in 2017 when Brady was suspended?
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