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  1. ricojes

    Things I Wonder About

    I always wondered what you wondered...thanks for sharing!
  2. ricojes

    TBD "Kelly The Dog" - great writer

    Almost as many paragraphs as words, that's pretty cool!
  3. ricojes


    They remodeled not too long ago and really expanded their ice cream selection. They are one of the best in the Buffalo area post remodel.
  4. Is someone taking out saviors who do not play nice with Rick's crew? Could the one that wrote we are Negan on the wall of the sanctuary be one of the saviors missing? Whomever it was, Justin was not threatened at all, so he knew them well. No clue in other words...
  5. ricojes

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    Woods wasn't staying and Goodwin couldn't stay healthy. But we easily could still have Hogan and Watkins, I would be very happy with that.
  6. ricojes

    How much blame does Daboll deserve?

    Must be a complicated system. For an offense that only produces about 10 points per game, there sure is a lot of confusion on where to line up.
  7. Allen was a career backup heading into week 2, so.....
  8. ricojes

    Bruce Smith talks to players

    I attended the CDW event yesterday, got an autographed picture and a photo with Bruce. Super nice guy, still looks to be in great shape. Talked to him a bit about the SB years and Fredonia training camp.
  9. ricojes

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    I was in utter terror!
  10. Game 3, 4 or 5 all matter at the end of the season. The only chance of tying that game is to pull the goaltender...
  11. I think Beane and McD were in utter terror regarding Milano going into the season, bet he's been great!
  12. only 5 nationally televised games on the schedule this season... Tue, Nov. 13 Tampa Bay at Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m. Wed, Nov. 21 Philadelphia at Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m. Tue, Dec. 4 Toronto at Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m. Fri, Dec. 21 Buffalo at Washington NBCSN 7 p.m. Tue, Feb. 26 Buffalo at Philadelphia NBCSN 7 p.m.
  13. ricojes

    2018 MLB Playoffs

    They could replay that every night for a month and I would watch it every time...