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  1. 2019 was a fun season. Obviously ended on a sour note, but most fun start to finish since the 90s. I think the Dallas game and the first 2.5 quarters of the Houston game. The lead up, Bills backers party & tailgate were awesome and how we started out the game was just unreal euphoria for me in that stadium.
  2. #4 at that Seven Canyons was like that. Par 3 with a tee box that sits like 70 ft above the green. Had no clue what to hit, so hard to gauge the distance. Hit a 50 deg and went over. Up and down for par though!
  3. Been trying to get tickets in the lottery for Augusta for years. No luck yet...
  4. Random, bored offseason topic. Scratching one off the bucket list in two weeks, heading to Pinehurst. Playing The Cradle and #8 on Saturday, then the big one #2 on Sunday. Haven’t swung a club since August & subsequent elbow surgery in September so I’m sure I’ll really rip it up. Anyone played there? How was it? Haven’t played too many top courses but have played Seven Canyons in Arizona and have played the Ocean course at Kiawah, both of which were awesome. Actually had some good moments at both. What’s a couple on your golf bucket list?
  5. Nice work. It takes some time but in a few months you will feel so much better physically. I smoked a bit in high school and heavily in college. Quit in 2006 after a particularly epic bender going back to my college for homecoming. Lit one up on the drive home and it just tasted disgusting since I smashed off about 2+ packs the night before. A few days turned into a few weeks and just kept it going. For me, the daily stuff was easy it was the moment any alcohol hit my throat that was tough. That lasted for a while but then it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the smell of cig smoke. After years, I even knocked back a few cigs here and there but it still just grossed me out. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a cigar from time to time and I’ve unfortunately gotten in the habit of some occasional Juul puffs when I’m having a few cold ones but I don’t make it a regular occurrence. Everything in moderation! Good luck!
  6. I can see the title now. “Beat a good team on the road on a random Saturday in February: The story of the 2019-2020 Buffalo Sabres” Too bad this one didn’t count for 10 pts, might only finish 6-8 out if that was the case.
  7. Whatever you need to tell yourself! Got the “good Hutts” for the 1 of every 10 games. That & jumping out to an early lead will steal you a game here and there. We just got waxed by Ottawa and outside Jack, Risto and the 4th line they still suffer from long stretches of non effort & non physical play. This team is still riddled with soft players that most of the time crumble under any adversity. They’ll finish 10+ pts out of a playoff spot but progress right!?
  8. I flew Frontier on the way out to Denver last week. Overall it was a good experience. Paid an extra $75 per seat for a checked bag, carryon, and the upfront “extra room” rows. That $75 also made the ticket fully refundable which was nice piece of mind when traveling with a 3 year old. I still like to fly Southwest whenever it makes sense because they’ve always been reliable, I usually take advantage of the free checked bags, and the great flexibility they have when haven’t to cancel / change. I’d certainly give Frontier another whirl if necessary though. Allegiant still scares me with the number of firsthand stories I’ve heard about cancelled / delayed flights. (Not to mention the maintenance)
  9. I can’t help myself it’s a sickness! I don’t mind grammar mistakes, hell I’m plenty guilty of that. But the getting a guys name wrong thing really grinds my gears for some reason. I’m glad I didn’t end up destroying my TV while we had “Ryan Fitzgerald”
  10. All good suggestions. After Freddy, I’d go with T McGee.
  11. I use a product called drip drop. Use it when 1/2 marathon training, post hockey, and It’s been a life saver from some epic hangovers. Good friend is an athletic trainer at a major university in a revenue sport and he turned me onto it. Tastes pretty damn good too!
  12. Gonna take a shot in the dark and guess he probably didn’t invest that 29 million wisely...
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