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  1. I can see the argument but I was just there last week and thought it was pretty damn cool.
  2. Article sounded like it was written by a 3rd grader. Not to mention the couple glaring factual errors.
  3. only thing I can think of, is that it was an attempt to help him get his confidence back. Kickers are like goalies, they’re head cases.
  4. He’s sucked for over a month. Getting picked on every week.
  5. He’ll walk from Cincy at the end of the year and they’ll get nothing. One of the worse franchises in sports.
  6. We were just in Napa about a month ago for our 10 year and now we’re in Disney. I’m well versed in extremely overpriced dining! Although we hit places both there and here that I consider to be “worth it” Friend of mine just hit Lugers on a business trip about a month ago and wasn’t real impressed. Felt bad because he was pretty pumped about it going in.
  7. I agree. But in the NFL you’re still going to get hit and that body will not take a whole lot of big ones and keep on going.
  8. Cant be. He looks about 5’8”. No way he survives long term, his frame is tiny.
  9. Are you the one that called into sals show on WGR Monday suggesting this?
  10. Gabriel’s Gate was packed tonight. Had to abort. Still ended up with good chow through!
  11. If anyone messed with the wife or kid, it’d be on, but it would have to be pretty significant.
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