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  1. I know they overachieved early in the season & during the streak but man, they’ve really lost it.
  2. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Jim Kelly is cancer-free

    I’m sure you will find a match, and not necessarily from where you would expect! My mother in law needed a transplant and my wife & other family were not good candidates for a match. However a completely random person on the registry was a near perfect match! Stay positive & give it hell!
  3. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Marquise Goodwin: Tough year, loses twins

    Man that’s tough.
  4. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Favorite participation sport... what's yours?

    Hockey, snowboarding/skiing, golf.
  5. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    I was there for that one. I was 11 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Do you let your adult children sleep in your bed?

    Our cat has slept in bed every night with us since the day we got her. Often times on top of my legs until I move her. For a little 10 lb cat, she’s quite the bed hog.
  7. Scandella blows and should not be playing. Bad sequence of events in last 5 min to ruin a chance at points. I know this season is almost like found money, but it’s going off the rails quickly. Real good chance they don’t make the playoffs.
  8. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Mr Decoy, Sammy Watkins expected to play vs. Colts

    Talent doesn’t mean squat if you’re not on the field.
  9. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Ya'll Thought My Wedding Was Crazy

    So you win?
  10. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Colts flying “1-0” flag outside Lucas Oil

    The Colts bother me. I know a few colts fans and they’re annoying as hell. They’re a very “under the radar” spoiled fan base. The year of suck for Luck, their games were a ghost town. Some friends that live in Indy (but are transplants) pretty much say the same things.
  11. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    They’re def trying to figure out “how much are you willing to pay for X”. Pretty detailed and as many said, very interesting. I think no matter what, the days of Rockpile section priced seats are numbered.
  12. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Just took it as well. To me, maybe slightly “felt” more slanted towards major renovation.
  13. billsfanmiami(oh)

    The Whiskey Thread

    There were also multiple weed pens present. When the bottle was still pretty full, one of my buddies kept trying to pour the whiskey with the cup flat on the table instead of raising the cup up to the bottle. Watching him try to not spill any was pretty entertaining. I’m thinking the pens may have had something to do with that for all involved parties 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. billsfanmiami(oh)

    The Whiskey Thread

    My buddy brought one of those for the MNF game this year vs the Pats. We were in RV lot so we got started Sunday afternoon. There were 3 of us, and one didn’t have any at all on Monday. We had killed at least 1/2 the bottle. Lots of beer also.