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  1. Charcoal is def the way to go when time isn’t a factor. One of the features I love about my grill is that you can remove the grates & the burner guards and put in a charcoal tray do do charcoal grilling. It was an “add on” for an already super expensive grill but it’s nice option to have.
  2. Reverse sear on my Napoleon. The ceramic sear station gets up to like 1800 degrees. My buddy & I did 3 huge tomahawks and a couple strips last weekend, turned out great.
  3. Go out of my way coming from the South? Just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it works for everyone else. And just because other “big cities” have downtown stadiums with no traffic issues (which isn’t true anyways), doesn’t mean the same holds true for Buffalo.
  4. Not impressed at all by Jackson. I think he will bust out big time, and sooner than later.
  5. Had to play the game. Took probably 30+ minutes on the chat. They started by asking if I had a figure in mind, to which I replied I’d like to keep my bill where it is now for another 12 months. (Last year I got ticket covered plus some extra discounts). They started with like 16 off a month for 6 months for the ticket. I said I was hoping for more than that, loyal customer, blah blah blah. They made two more offers that were lower, but I’d still end up paying around $120 for the ticket. I pulled out the heavy artillery and said I never ask for any other discounts, I have outdated equipment and I’m still waiting on a service call to permanently mount the dish at our new house 3 months later. And that I’ll cancel service if they’re willing to treat a loyal customer like that. So finally I ended up getting ticket for free and my bill won’t change for 6 months. I wanted 12 but I guess I’ll play the game again in 6 mo.
  6. Used to spend a few weeks a year in Nashville for work and always loved it there. Went last time a few years back with a big group and obviously had a blast so I had this years’ circled for a while. Of course, it falls on the day we’re traveling home from our 10 yr anniversary trip to Napa. I was bummed on the day the schedule came out and my wife said we could bag Napa and do a Nashville weekend instead if I really wanted...That was clearly a trap.
  7. Did the online chat negotiation. Took some effort but got it for free.
  8. It will be less awesome Friday morning scouring the yard for fireworks debris hungover and baking away in the sun. But then it will be awesome again once I get in the pool and start drinking again. And will probably continue to be awesome when we do the low country boil Friday evening for whatever stragglers are still hanging around. Saturday morning is golf, so awesome is probably over at the first teebox for me at least...😂
  9. Throwing a big party. Pool, booze, bbq. Built a cinder block hog pit over last couple weeks and doing a whole hog. Fireworks at night. Should be pretty fun
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