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  1. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Bills executives lobbying at state level for in-stadium gambling

    If there was a book in the stadium I’d certainly plop down a couple bets before / after the game.
  2. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    Saw Volbeat a couple yrs ago, they were great.
  3. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    Not summer but saw Metallica in Indy a little over a week ago. Doing all three days at Sonic Temple in Cbus (formerly Rock on the Range). Nothing else set in stone yet.
  4. billsfanmiami(oh)

    So ...who knows where the Pegula jet is....

    Housley lives in Minnesota! Get er done!
  5. billsfanmiami(oh)

    3/14 - Happy Pi Day

    Ditto. Probably more likely to have a ribeye appear in front of me at this point...
  6. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Buffalo Sabres & NHL 2018-19: Next game: Sat. @7pm vs Montreal

    I tuned in just in time to catch the last two min. Glad I didn’t waste any time watching and was productive getting some stuff packed for our upcoming move.
  7. billsfanmiami(oh)

    3/14 - Happy Pi Day

    Nope not that. It involved a couple different kinds of meat...
  8. billsfanmiami(oh)

    3/14 - Happy Pi Day

    I heard today was a different “holiday”.
  9. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Texas Fires (former Bill) Vince Young from part time job

    Should be a good 30 for 30 someday
  10. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Happy Daylight Saving Time

  11. Ill be there Monday night! Great spot.
  12. billsfanmiami(oh)

    10 Year Anniversary of Signing T.O.

    I believe it was an end around he ran in for a TD. Near miss on a long ball earlier in the game if I remember correctly.
  13. billsfanmiami(oh)

    Inside The I-70 Avalanche

    Was just out that way a couple weeks ago to ski. Crazy stuff!
  14. Gotta bring in those dollars to pay for those other pretty new buildings that aren’t covered by former AT&T CEOs!
  15. Well now I know you’re either lying or just insane!