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  1. I got an account credit a couple weeks back when I called but still no luck on the Sunday ticket max. I figure I’ll play nice one more time and call back in about a week, and if still nothing will threaten to cancel service completely.
  2. Sure was. I would have bet anything he was missing that kick and drilled it twice. I still haven’t fully recovered from that game, probably never will unless we hoist the Lombardi. Don’t think I’ve ever been at a game that I’ve been so up & down at various points.
  3. Yep I remember Sal tweeting something a couple weeks back about the rules this year and not being able to say much about personnel groupings, etc.
  4. You messed up Chris. Take your suspension like a big boy and go back to your room.
  5. Ditched my wife’s 2011 Grand Cherokee in early 2018 (I think) after the transfer case failed for the 3rd time. It had been replaced less than a year earlier. I did like the car until that point. Fought with them for a couple months at both the local and corporate level and got nowhere. Had some fun when the dealership we bought it from cold called a few months later to see if we’d be interested in coming in for refreshments and to check out the inventory. They haven’t called back since....?
  6. I was excited for him. Watched his entire college career in person and he was a really good player. Tore his ACL either junior or senior year and just didn’t have the speed after that to cut it at the next level. Too bad, I think he could have been like a 2nd-3rd round pick if that hadn’t happened.
  7. Actually yes. I noticed a lump on my chest just below my sternum about two years back. I had lost a few pounds but it It kind of came out of nowhere. Went to the doctor and it just ended up being my Xiphoid process which is like a piece of cartilage down at the base of your sternum. Was definitely a little worried about it those couple weeks between really noticing it and getting it looked at. Hoping you’ll have a similar result!
  8. Luckily Sounds like it’s early / treatable. Cancer sucks https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29706773/washington-head-coach-ron-rivera-says-cancer
  9. I think false negatives are more of the problem..
  10. I’ve heard from a pretty reliable source that the big 10 & pac 12 will be announcing cancellation as early as tomorrow. Take it fwiw
  11. Kamala Vs Undertaker in the casket match was one of the best.
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