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  1. It may be good, but I can’t get past the liquid smoke.
  2. I think Daboll has to be better too. But in his defense and I guess one thing I kinda like, is that they seem to be going for the more long term development approach with JA (which I think is the correct move). They’re not trying to catch some lightning for a year or two with a gimmicky offense like the Ravens are doing. They seem to be throwing a lot at him, letting him sink or swim a bit, then adjusting as necessary. It seems like for the first time in forever, they’re actually trying to build a guy up for a 10+ year career as a legit starter. I can get behind that, even if it doesn’t work out in the long run. Especially with someone like JA who has incredible physical talent but was pretty raw coming out of college.
  3. Fun fact, the MD doesn’t actually stand for MadDog though! We did speed drinking challenges with it when I was pledging. Woof
  4. Since we had to bag Aruba in April and almost certainly will be bagging our Annual fall wine & dine 1/2 marathon at Disney we decided to do 5 nights in Hilton head before Labor Day with just the wife & kiddo. Her aunt lives in Charlotte so convenient stop for a night at least on the way down to break up the drive. When we leave we may drive all the way straight to WNY, looking at a lake house for the holiday weekend with a bunch of friends. Maybe Chautauqua lake. Should be like training camp for the liver before football season.
  5. Played at my alma mater also!
  6. Who the hell watches / cares about baseball?
  7. We have a row of trees right along one side of ours that constantly drop ***** into it. We have a robot vacuum and although pricey, it’s totally worth the time saving. I throw it in once every couple days for a cycle and we generally keep the cover on when we’re not using it, so I really don’t have to spend much time vacuuming / skimming. I have the stuff to run a vacuum off the suction but I think it’s just a pain in the ass. (Our pool is also pretty big and we have a deep end)
  8. Tre White can piss in noodle arm’s Cheerios every morning and force feed them to him for all I care. I’m taking the all pro over the guy that’s been around for a minute and will be lucky to make the team.
  9. We cruised over to Jerome in 2017 when we were spending some time in Sedona. Checked out the tasting room. It’s pretty cool, very small place and not busy at all when we were there. My wife was pregnant so even had a DD. Spent probably 2 hrs there sampling a bunch of stuff, it was all quite good. Still have one bottle of like a 2013 cab reserve from their velvet slipper club I’ve been saving for the right time.
  10. I’m still not ready to think about the Sabres for a while.
  11. Maynard James Keenan Trey Parker & Matt Stone (can that just count as one please?) Chappelle Kyle Williams Dwayne Johnson
  12. Just because I don’t buy everything I read on the internet doesn’t mean I’m not capable of realizing there are still problems at hand that need to be addressed and fixed. And embellishing or just plain making up stories to further an agenda (even if it’s well intentioned) doesn’t help anyone In the long run, and that goes for both “sides”. I’m sure plenty are true, to me that one just didn’t seem to pass the smell test. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s totally factual, but In general there’s tons of non verifiable garbage that gets posted on social media so I always take it with a grain of salt.
  13. Clearly hindered at racing by the extra weight being hauled around
  14. No, I’m not. I just think it’s wrong to make up sensationalist stuff just to try and influence / rile up people. (Oh and I’m aware of who the greatest current offender of that is)
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