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  1. Attended all 3 days of Sonic Temple (replacement to rock on the range) here in Cbus. Saw a bunch of great bands. Foo Fighters killed it Sunday night to wrap things up.
  2. Amazing we didn’t win more games with a TE group of Shawn Nelson, Derek Fine, and Derek Schouman!
  3. I’d say thats true for most of the big agents we’d typically think of. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case with small time guys that might have a player or a few on the fringe of nfl rosters. For those kind of guys, I’d guess with most of them it’s something they’re truly passionate about. It’s a very tough business, and not remotely glamorous for those in that type of situation. (I have a good friend that is a “small time” agent)
  4. I’ve holed out from like 85 yards before, unfortunately for par 🤦🏻‍♂️.... Had an incredible long, twisty birdie putt that stands out a couple years ago but those are just luck. Unfortunately don’t have any aces or great eagle stories but I have made a lot of really awesome recovery shots and difficult shots around the green that did exactly what I envisioned them doing and looked like a pro doing it. On vacation this week in Hilton head and had one of those the other day. Good drive, then threw a dart with my 60 deg over a bunker with a little backspin then sunk the 8 ft birdie putt. For me anytime I can actually put a hole like that together, I’m happy.
  5. My wife and I made a little trip over to the tasting room in Jerome when we were staying in Sedona for a few nights. Real cool little spot. She was pregnant so I even had a DD! The wine was all very good. I still have an expensive bottle we bought there, maybe I’ll drink it when the album comes out. Can’t wait to hear it. I’ve seen them 3 times now and each show has been absolutely fantastic.
  6. Her bath water would quench my thirst...
  7. No wonder my mouth gets numb. Always thought it was the cocktail sauce
  8. Sounds like typical leafs “fan”.
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