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  1. That sucks. I thought everything was in place to pick up the pace and have more action in season 3...
  2. I knew the father from high school, not good friends but hung around in the same circles. So my facebook feeds contains friends and friends of friends posting many pictures of Luca, such as Luca and family at the Bills vs Pittsburgh game and getting a Bills jersey at Christmas, he was a big Bills fan. I have a 7 year old son and get chills every time I see them, I just can't even imagine the pain. Getting the Bills Mafia to donate to the foundation would be a great way to ensure the foundation lasts and his memory lives on. God bless his family. RIP Luca...
  3. Setting up S3 for sure...possible spoiler, so...
  4. At this point he is playoff caliber. He has the tools and work ethic to be championship caliber, let's hope he can get there. GO BILLS!
  5. This idea has been discussed on WGR and I completely agree.
  6. I don't think there are any weak teams in the playoffs right now. Philly is probably the worst because of all their injuries, but I wouldn't want to play them in Philly. And Tennessee isn't going to be a pushover either. While I agree, no one probably wants to play the Bills, but this year it's pick your poison. Should be a really interesting this year....
  7. I believe it's in their office, as the gallery is getting a make over, but still pretty cool.
  8. My wife loves this guy's articles, have a few cut our and hanging on the fridge.
  9. I went to school with Skeeter who is a Bills fan as well, only in 4 episodes though.
  10. Definitely a lot of "ifs" throughout the course of that game, for both teams. I just believe another TD by the Bills puts that game away. This team should be scoring more. The Bills consistently were in Browns territory and it almost seemed like they used a different playbook every time they crossed the 50. Just frustrating.
  11. The defense was really bad at times, no doubt about it. But the offense has enough talent to score 20 something points per game. If the Bills continue to average 16 points or whatever per game, they will lose all games where the D isn't perfect or close to it.
  12. Allen's comments yesterday said it all. When asked why he isn't hitting the long ball, he says he is afraid of under throwing and getting intercepted. The coaches are in his head big time, not a good thing. The Bills got rid of Tyrod Taylor, but they still have a Tyrod Taylor "don't take risks" mentality.
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