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  1. Episode 2 was really good. I'll put the following in spoiler section, even though it's not.
  2. Calling all "pump the brakes" posters, calling all "pump the brakes" posters...
  3. Me too. Watched the first episode looking forward to the next one tonight. Probably should have watched the end of season 1 though, took me a while to remember how everything ended.
  4. Same injury as Bruce Smith used to have before every training camp....
  5. Episode 4....McDermott's clapping in mid-season form...
  6. I always wonder why people assume Buffalo loves the Blue Collar identity and love Genny and Blue. It's stated over and over on TV or newspapers, but is it really true?
  7. Again this money did not come from Rob's wallet directly, it's from he and his brothers foundation. I am sure Rob plays a huge role in fundraising events such as golf outings and dinners to raise money for the foundation. But they could have very well said it was donated by Gordie Gronkowski Jr, he is an equal partner in the foundation, but obviously Rob name is the key to it's success. I am not belittling the donation, I think it's great that they are donating to the area. It's just misleading that it's from Rob alone. So, thank you to all the Gronk brothers. And the title was pulled from another article, i believe the OP wanted to put that in there to get it going quickly. Which it did, well done!
  8. Pretty sure since it is from the Gronk Nation Foundation, it cannot be anonymous.
  9. I believe it was Rob and his brothers that started and run the foundation.
  10. It's a donation from his Foundation, not his wallet. Good for the hospital...
  11. It's idiotic comments like this: Sadly, Bills fans cheered when one or our QBs got injured. Embarrassing. That prove that point...
  12. 4 pages in and some would cheer and some wouldn't. In a stadium setting it would be the same thing, some of the fans will cheer, some won't.
  13. Brady being out of the season was good news for the Bills, that's just the bottom line. I was at that game and was happy to hear he wouldn't be playing the rest of the season. I wasn't happy about the type of injury, just happy the odds of the Bills beating the *patsies greatly increased. There couldn't have been many in the stadium that said "Brady is out for the rest of the season? Oh darn, what a shame."
  14. I don't think it's fair to compare the NBA and NFL on this topic. If there is a huge hit in a game, the crowd will roar. That's the same for any team's fans. Now if that player is a key player on the opposing team, and does not get up immediately, there will be an immediate "yes! This greatly increases our chances of winning" thought from most. How 60 or 70,000 people sound during that moment can be interpreted as cheering for the injury rather than cheering for the Bills chances of winning. And there are some that will cheer the injury, especially if it were Brady. How long the "cheer" lasts is the key. For the KD instance, it's completely different IMO. The fans knew he was coming off a significant injury and was off to a hot start in the game. When he went down, there wasn't just cheering, many fans were waving goodbye and shouting at KD.
  15. you'll never beat your wife in memory, she'll remember things you did wrong 20 years ago...
  16. I beat my 6 year old 2 out of 3 times in foosball yesterday...pissed about the one loss!
  17. My parents have had season tickets since the early 80's. They are in their 70's now and tailgate at the Red Carpet Inn, other side of Southwestern from the stadium, about a half mile walk (even more if you factor in getting to their seats). The past few years they have had both knee's replaced. Previous to that, they would have to stop several times on their walk to the stadium due to knee pain. But now they have no issues and the only thing they say is they wish they didn't wait so long to get it done. My parents are die hard Bills fans, they scheduled their surgeries in the off season so they would not miss any games! Good luck!
  18. https://www.jimrome.com/media/audio-channel/5292019-lorenzo-alexander
  19. Here are all 106 movies and TV shows arriving on Netflix next month: Available June 1 Arthdal Chronicles Oh, Ramona! (Netflix Film) 50/50 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Batman Begins Cabaret Carrie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Dynasty, Season 2 Good Night, and Good Luck Gran Torino Life in the Doghouse Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Magic Mike Network Platoon Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz Satan & Adam Small Soldiers The Dark Knight The Phantom of the Opera The Space Between Us What a Girl Wants Available June 3 Documentary Now, Season 3 Malibu Rescue: The Series (Netflix Family) . Available June 4 Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome (Netflix Original) Available June 5 A Silent Voice Black Mirror, Season 5 (Netflix Original) Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Available June 6 Alles Ist Gut (Netflix Film) Todos lo Saben Available June 7 3%, Season 3 (Netflix Original) Belmonte The Black Godfather (Netflix Film) The Chef Show (Netflix Original) Designated Survivor, Season 3 (Netflix Original) Elisa & Marcela (Netflix Film) I Am Mother (Netflix Film) Pachamama (Netflix Family) Rock My Heart (Netflix Film) Super Monsters Monster Pets (Netflix Family) Tales of the City (Netflix Original) Available June 8 Berlin, I Love You Available June 11 Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet Available June 12 Jo Koy: Comin' In Hot (Netflix Original) Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (Netflix Film) Available June 13 The 3rd Eye 2 (Netflix Film) Jinn (Netflix Original) Kakegurui xx (Netflix Anime) Available June 14 Aggretsuko, season 2 (Netflix Anime) The Alcàsser Murders (Netflix Original) Awake: The Million Dollar Game (Netflix Original) Charité at War (Netflix Original) Cinderella Pop (Netflix Film) Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Season 5 Leila (Netflix Original) Life Overtakes Me (Netflix Original) Marlon, Season 2 Murder Mystery (Netflix Film) Unité 42 (Netflix Original) Available June 15 Grey's Anatomy, Season 15 Available June 16 Cop Car Available June 17 The Missing, Season 3 (Netflix Original) Available June 18 Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives (Netflix Original) Big Kill Available June 19 Beats (Netflix Film) The Edge of Democracy (Netflix Film) Available June 20 Le Chant du Loup (Netflix Film) Available June 21 Ad Vitam (Netflix Original) Bolívar (Netflix Original) The Casketeers, Season 2 (Netflix Original) The Confession Tapes, Season 2 (Netflix Original) Dark, Season 2 (Netflix Original) The End of Evangelion Evangelion: Death (True)² Girls Incarcerated, Season 2 (Netflix Original) Go! Live Your Way, Season 2 (Netflix Family) Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil (Netflix Film) La Misma Sangre (Netflix Film) Mr. Iglesias (Netflix Original) Neon Genesis Evangelion Shooter, Season 3 Available June 24 Forest of Piano, Season 2 (Netflix Anime) Available June 25 Mike Epps: Only One Mike (Netflix Original) Available June 26 The Golem Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse The Zookeeper Available June 27 Answer for Heaven (Netflix Original) Available June 28 20th Century Women 7SEEDS (Netflix Anime) Dope, Season 3 (Netflix Original) Exhibit A (Netflix Original) Instant Hotel, Season 2 (Netflix Original) Motown Magic, Season 2 (Netflix Original) Paquita Salas, Season 3 (Netflix Original) The Chosen One (Netflix Original) Available June 29 Scare Tactics, Seasons 4 and 5 Available June 30 Madam Secretary, Season 5 New podcast episodes on Netflix I Hate Talking About Myself Watching With... Human Algorithm I'm Obsessed With This You Can't Make This Up Coming soon to Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones, Season 3 Trinkets
  20. He looks pretty accurate to me...
  21. Watch out for Kellen Winslow II....
  22. Great show just announced for Artpark... https://www.artpark.net/events/headstones-the-trews-lowest-of-the-low-steven-page Headstones, The Trews, Lowest of the Low & Steven Page I have seen the Headstones many times and they never disappoint...
  23. Jeff Miers Top Summer Concerts...(for those that do not know, he writes for the Buffalo News, reviews most of the local concerts in the Gusto section.) The Flaming Lips and the Claypool Lennon Delirium, with Particle Kid July 27 at Artpark Why? Because your heart deserves a holiday. Two of the finest ensembles currently making psychedelic rock music, both of whom happen to be supporting fantastic new albums, team for a summer show that I’m predicting will be the high-point of the summer. Beck and Cage the Elephant Aug. 13 at the Darien Lake Amphitheatre Why, Because Beck is completely awesome, and the new Cage the Elephant album, “Social Cues,” is, too. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic with Galactic, Fishbone, and Miss Velvet & the Blue Wolf June 11 at Artpark Why? Because a summer without funk isn’t really a summer at all. James and the Psychedelic Furs July 18 at Canalside Why? Because James is one of the great, largely unsung bands of the great alternative rock era of the 1980s and early '90s, and the band has not played a major summer stage in the city of Buffalo. The Psychedelic Furs always deliver the goods, too. Cobblestone Live! Aug. 2-3 in the Cobblestone District Why? The lineup for the third annual Cobblestone Live! fest, is stellar and ably blends national and local talent of the topper-most tier. Iron Maiden Aug. 13 at KeyBank Center Why? Iron Maiden remains the greatest heavy metal band in the world. And the band’s visits to Buffalo have become increasingly rare over the years. Rockin’ at the Knox with Death Cab for Cutie, Tank and the Bangas, Phosphorescent June 16 outside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Why? This consistently wonderful annual event is a must-see, and this year’s lineup is one of its finest. The Struts and Glorious Sons July 25 at Canalside Why? They keep telling us that rock 'n' roll is dead, and we need to gather in numbers to prove how wrong they are. Two awesomely raunchy young rock bands make this one a summer requirement. Borderland Music & Arts Festival Sept. 22-23 at Knox Farm State Park Why? The setting is beautiful, and the lineup (including Gov’t Mule, Greensky Bluegrass, Shakey Graves and Mavis Staples) is sublime.
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