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  1. The owners would have to be okay with it because of the no strike/ no lockout provisions that exist in the collective bargaining agreement. It would be extremely costly for the players to do it unilaterally. Fan reaction would probably be a mixed bag. At this point nothing would surprise me.
  2. I'm not sure that any of our potential WR cuts will even be considered elsewhere. None of them are the kinds of players that can carry a team. If picked up, they are more than likely to end up as depth players on a bad team or on a practice squad. I doubt that Beane is worried about it.
  3. Good point. I think knowledge of all of that is around the league and it may help in attracting free agents to Buffalo also. As others have pointed out, something changed with the Bills in a positive way.
  4. Nice rewrite of history. Go back and watch some games. He took plays off and was slow when he did decide to exert some effort. If he was a decent player and not a locker room problem, he would be on a roster. He developed a reputation that eventually ended his time in the league. He got paid and fell off a cliff. As far as the money, the Bills saved the unpaid non-guaranteed portion of his salary. I understand why the Bills didn't want to throw more cash at the guy. Being in cap hell didn't mean much because the roster was in bad shape and required a complete rebuild. We now see the results of the rebuilding process. It looks pretty good from where I sit. In keeping with full disclosure, I was a draft Dareus guy and was glad when the Bills selected him. I turned out to be really wrong about that.
  5. Potential landing spots could be Miami, Chicago, Chargers, Detroit, and Washington. It seems to me that Washington and the Chargers have the most need. He would be an immediate upgrade over Howard. Breida is a third down guy and the rest are unproven. Fournette could provide a real running threat to protect Tua when he finally gets out there. I would hate seeing him go there.
  6. Don't forget Cam Phillips. Some were ready to leap from a tall building when he was released and I believe he was better than Duke.
  7. You may have just coined a new nickname for Oliver. Mr. Ed may just catch on. Perhaps you should copyright it and register it as a trademark.
  8. I agree with you. I think there will be a lot of contracts restructured around the entire league before next season. Owners and GM's aren't going to destroy their rosters if there are workable alternatives. The Dawkins contract was a good indicator of Beane's approach at least through 2021. I think there are some veterans that will be on the roster this year but will be gone for 2021. You mentioned Star and I would also include DiMarco, Kroft, Murphy, Lee Smith, and Yeldon. Beane's done a good job handling the cap up to this point and I believe he will continue to do so. Teams like the Eagles ($86m over next year) have a much bigger problem than the Bills.
  9. I think you may be correct. I think o-line and d-line trades are plausible because of the Bills depth and the number of season ending injuries around the league in these position groups. We all know how Beane likes to stock up on extra draft picks.
  10. I was thinking about Derrick Burroughs but just found that he was 6' 1" but only weighed 180. Charles Romes was 6' 1" and weighed 191. I can't think of any more.
  11. Hard to predict the final 53. I'm expecting Beane to go shopping for draft picks with his excess o-line guys. Eagles just lost their second o-line starter for the season. Other teams have lost some to injury and other teams are really lacking depth. If he makes a trade, it could allow him to keep guys on the 53 that we are now expecting to go to PS or be lost when exposed to waivers. It's going to be one of the more interesting cut downs that we've experienced with the Bills in a number of years. I guess that's all part of having a decent team. I also believe that there will be some IR stashes made. As an example, Sweeney ( mystery foot injury ) could be stashed to get through this year of Kroft's contract. There could be others. One thing for sure is that Beane will do his due diligence to optimize the roster and protect the most talent.
  12. I hope you're not tired of picking in the top 6 in the draft every year because it looks like you'll be there again in 2021. Maybe you could actually draft someone in the first round that you can keep on the team? Novel idea isn't it? And what about your head coach? Maybe someone ought to be in charge of keeping him on his meds. He looks and acts like a complete psycho. Whether you realize it or not, your JESTS continue to be the biggest joke in the league. If you're going to troll a site, it comes off as pathetic when you're supporting a perennial loser. Then again, supporters of good teams don't need to troll anyone. They let their winning record do the talking for them.
  13. I'm not a Barkley fan but Geno Smith and Brett Hundley are grossly over rated on this list. Barkley is probably correctly placed in the bottom third. Some on the list haven't even played a down in the NFL and may someday prove to be a good player. Until they show it in real game situations, it is hard for me to accept that they should be in the top half of the league. For them, it's just a guess at this point.
  14. You're exactly correct. In addition, they had to wait until they could get him into NE for a physical.
  15. I think you are absolutely correct. In addition, more players employ personal trainers ( not talking about AB here...lol ) that have a good understanding about the importance of flexibility in the prevention of soft tissue injuries. I also believe that many players understood the training challenges resulting from reduced training camp time and they put in more personal effort to get ready. I've listened to many interviews from players who spent the whole off season sheltering at home with their families and working out because there wasn't much else to do. The first couple of games will really give us the indication of how it will go. By the way, being in the back row at a co-ed yoga class can be down right inspirational. You should give it a try....just sayin.
  16. Living in Florida I hear a lot of chatter about the Miami front office being a mess with most of the problem attributable to the involvement of the owner. If even part of that is actually true, it may explain this and some of the other questionable personnel moves in the past. Anything that keeps Miami struggling, is fine with me.
  17. Can't say you're wrong about that. After watching some of his college video, his game reminds me a little of Eric Moulds. He's really good at using his size to screen off the defender and pick the ball with his hands. So far it's looking like a real value for a fourth round pick.
  18. Based on the many times I have been in Miami to watch the Bills, at least half will be Bills fans. They should have the stadium to themselves by half time. Miami fans bail fast when the score isn't going their way.
  19. Several restaurant chains in central Florida are open with limited seating and show NFL Ticket every Sunday. Try Cody's Roadhouse, RJ Gators, Wing House, or Buffalo Wild Wings.
  20. Thanks for the breath of fresh air. A great reminder of a positive in the midst of uncertainty.
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