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  1. Boggles the mind. It’s as if they learn nothing in the close games.
  2. Horrible clock management. Horrible coaching to just now be hitting 2 minutes. Did them a huge favor for some idiotic reason.
  3. Love the decision to get a first down with 2:12 a still not hit the two minute warning. Unreal.
  4. Pathetic. Just take them out behind the barn already.
  5. That’s incomplete. No one wants to step up and make a f’n catch with the season on the line.
  6. Are they playing with 11 guys on defense? Christ.
  7. You just know they are going to lose this game. ***** is inevitable with this team.
  8. There’s the special teams we know and love. Should’ve just gone for it.
  9. What a ***** series. Play calling was ***** atrocious.
  10. Probably the right call…but how do you overturn? I know…it’s the Bills. I shouldn’t be surprised by now.
  11. Mahomes just finds Kelce running free. He’s not important to cover or anything.
  12. Forces it to Diggs. Shakir was open for the first.
  13. Yet another game they have to put on Josh and the offense. Defense is useless. Zero pass rush. Guys wide open. Ridiculous.
  14. Hyde is done. Love the guy, but another stinger. Time to hang it up dude.
  15. Our defense beats up each other more than the other team. Can’t make this ***** up. This defense is so mediocre
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