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  1. Ravens man…just sitting around and grabbing TJ Tampa. Every year people fall into their lap.
  2. Sorry to have upset the board gestapo. I said get some speed at the receiver position, as in more. As in additions to what we already have. You know to address the whole explosive plays they think they are missing.
  3. I’m aware. One guy is not enough. Incredibly slow as a team, particularly on offense.
  4. Can we get some GD speed at the receiver position please?
  5. Don’t hate it. For sure a position of need. Seems like a solid dude. Would’ve liked another receiver, but there’s always tomorrow I guess. A lot of picks tomorrow.
  6. Cole Bishop…great football player name.
  7. I’m good with AD Mitchell if Beane is. Though doesn’t seem like a process guy from the rumors. Warming back up to the Troy Franklin idea. I think he’s super explosive and just had a poor combine. Great height and speed. Little light, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. Bunch of people wanted Worthy and he’s tiny. If we can somehow come out of this with DeJean and Franklin, that would be incredible.
  8. T’Vondre Sweat just feels like a Ravens pick. His recent transgressions will push him down the board and somehow, someway find his way to the Ravens. Happens every year.
  9. All I know is the Bucs better damn well draft TJ Tampa.
  10. Maybe Shakir is in line to be diet Amon-Ra St. Brown (similar build, Shakir a little faster), but I’m not staking my season on it. Beane’s refusal to draft WRs in the early rounds of the draft over the last several drafts have put them in this predicament. Just get a guy or two in here picked early in the draft and roll. I’d also be interested in Aiyuk if the draft doesn’t go our way, but preferably for a pick next year if they do it.
  11. Getting Aiyuk would be huge. Diggs deal part deux. Would feel pretty damn confident going into the season with him as the number 1 and paired with one of these rookies. Toss in Samuel and Shakir and you just may have something here.
  12. I loved Big Phil’s energy and his love of the Bills and Bills Mafia, but it was time. Injuries were a big part of it, but, aside from the one year, that energy wasn’t commensurate with his production. G’luck in Jersey Big Phil!
  13. All good dude! I’m just kidding around and breaking balls!
  14. Personally, I’m more female content.
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