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  1. Soooo…no Julian Blackmon then? Bummer.
  2. I love that he’s telling these teams to shove it regarding these workouts. Just another data point for them to critique and nit pick you on. Go look at the tape to see what he’s capable of.
  3. Slim pickings out there. SJD or Calais is about the best left. Calais can still play despite his age. Just not sure he’d want to do it here. There are a few guys on that list a little older, but it’s a pretty underwhelming set of options.
  4. Understood, but my point is more of a “how are they doing this” vs a “I’m worried about what the dolphins are doing” sorta thing.
  5. Wasn’t Miami supposedly in worse cap shape than the Bills? They lost an absolute TON, but have managed to shake a few coins from the couch to make some decent signings.
  6. We never seem to be in on any of these types of trades. I like a lot of what Beane does, but the dude seems to have a serious blind spot for identifying receivers. Refusal to take one in rounds 1-3 the last several years just shouldn’t happen on a Josh Allen team. Keep the cupboard stocked.
  7. Damn them and their special teams.
  8. I’m honestly fine with them not being hasty and letting the market come to them. We all like an early splash to get us excited, but I understand our fiscal position. I guess I’m more surprised at not hearing much more today about what they are doing to free up some additional space for cap compliance and maybe a little walking around money.
  9. Hey guys…don’t worry. At least we got our 4th string LB. I’m cool with cutting Poyer and even him sticking it to the Bills for doing so, but get your ass in gear with a plan Beane.
  10. McD loves him some special teams.
  11. I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks it looks like he shat out that helmet.
  12. Cousins has played the business side of the nfl better than just about anybody.
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