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  1. BS. Of course this happens to the Bills. Most unprecedented or impossible things do.
  2. All fair points. Believe me, I realize the arguments against outweigh the fors at this point in his career. Effort is probably the one thing that would likely take him off Beane’s list completely anyhow (see Darcel Mareus). That said, I’m betting on traits here and a max 1-2 year deal for reasonable dough. I’d like our pass rushers to be guys that aren’t 107 years old for what feels like forever. If McD and Babich can’t salvage him, then I agree, just isn’t going to happen for him. His 7.5 sacks last year, while not great, would’ve been third on the team behind Floyd and Oliver and one above Epenesa. All things equal, If I’m choosing between Young and Epenesa, I’d be more inclined to go with the guy with the better physical traits and higher ceiling.
  3. I get that side of it and it would certainly be a concern if it were a huge contract/commitment, but we’re talking about a 24 year old with immense physical traits. At one time this guy was up there being compared to as good as (or in some cases maybe better than) the Bosas. You’re right though, if the engine is not always running hot, then those other traits become far less important. I guess I’m banking on McD’s ability to coach it out of him. To me, someone worth taking a swing on under the right terms.
  4. If he’s not expecting the moon, I’m going after Chase Young in free agency.
  5. I agree he was off to a rough start when he was asked to play Hyde’s FS role alongside Poyer. The Bills used to always say Hyde and Poyer were interchangeable, and that’s true from a disguise perspective, but that’s somewhat of a misnomer from a player type perspective. Rapp and Poyer on the field together are like two Poyers out there. Assuming they don’t get anyone else to man that spot, I expect he’ll play in Poyer’s role which he’s better suited for. Not saying he’s an All-Pro and there won’t be a drop off from peak Poyer, but he played better toward the end of the season in a three safety look with Hyde in his usual FS role, Rapp in Poyer’s SS role, and dropping Poyer down to LB. Time will ultimately tell, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with DBs. They’ve earned that.
  6. I read this as Jeffrey Simmons at first glance. Would’ve been all in on him.
  7. I like this. Rapp has one year in the system, young enough, plays physical, and came on at the end of the season. Was probably going to be the Poyer replacement last year if it wasn’t for him coming back. Trust this regime at defensive back.
  8. Already used this in another post, but I’ll do it here too: Better than this one I suppose:
  9. Sad day. Love Tre. Complete revamp of the secondary. Meanwhile I’m out here like:
  10. Hate Haack. Not the guy (don’t know him), but the player.
  11. I think this McGovern to center thing is the exact type of thing you’d want out there if you’re the Bills and targeting a center in the draft.
  12. Po was an absolute dog. Love the player and everything he’s done for the Bills. That said, as others have mentioned, it’s time to get younger and cheaper at the safety spot. Unlike some other positions, I trust McBeane unequivocally on anything defensive back related.
  13. Really solid re-signing. Love that he’s back on a more than fair deal.
  14. I’d prefer an infusion of youth throughout the team (especially the defense), but safety and corner are the two areas I have complete trust in whatever McBeane decide.
  15. Thought the same thing. But, then again, we still don’t have a damn drone fly-through view like literally every other new stadium, proposed or reality. I just don’t get why that’s so difficult to provide. Makes no sense. Now this. Tease us with another 17 minute video where they dance around it.
  16. I like Bates, so I don’t love it, but I get it. Not going to get all worked up over a backup lineman. Take the pick and move on.
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