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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39316577/dolphins-gm-says-contract-talks-tua-tagovailoa-pick-up Love this!
  2. Love how we came out and matched their physicality and played our game.
  3. Let’s gooo!!! But…who do we have left to play defense next week?
  4. I don’t trust Bass right now. Do we really have a kicker and punter problem?
  5. Anyone else hold their breath whenever Bass kicks now? Dude has made me nervous this year.
  6. A lot of people pining for Kingsley Jonathan over Von. Would’ve had no problem with that if the coaches went that way, but come on…what has Jonathan ever done? If it’s close, you’re going with the HOF’er every time. and yes….Von needs to pick it up and get going.
  7. Eventually Josh might have to think about going right on the tush push.
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