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  1. That article is really, really, really long. I was looking for something to be mad about and then I remembered how much better our defense was when he retired and stopped
  2. Not to sound cheap, but is it worth subscribing to the athletic? I feel like most of these writers are worse then the people we have on TSW. For those who have it, do you get your moneys worth?
  3. The biggest thing for me was I had 0 confidence when they were down by so much in the second of them making a comeback. They stayed cool and collective and beat a team I feel like they are better then and should have beaten. That's the biggest difference and something that if they really have turned the corner ( I believe they have) will make this a very fun season!
  4. I was sitting on my sofa for the first 3 quarters, laid down after the FG and it was all good from there, you're welcome Bills fans
  5. He’s disappointed because he didn’t put up enough fantasy points
  6. I was browsing twitter and I couldn’t believe the amount of “fans” calling for his head. On a a side note, Browns- hahahahahaha
  7. I really hope we find a way to keep Murphy, I was impressed with him last year too
  8. I forced my buddy to go to the Bills/Panthers game with me week 2, now he's (steelers fan) making me go to the Steelers/Panthers tonight, so I'll "enjoy" that game this evening
  9. I'm going 11-5 with a division win, Pats fall is finally upon us! God I love being a Bills fan in August
  10. I would really like to see Duke Williams make the roster
  11. I saw another "article" yesterday saying Josh Allen is ranked 32nd out of all the qbs this year. I wonder sometimes if people are still upset at him for his controversial tweets he mad when he was like 15 or whatever and desperately want him to fail. It's obnoxious all the hate he gets
  12. I think he is the guy at this point, just on a shorter leash then he’s ever been on
  13. I would actually be really surprised if the Bills did not make the playoffs
  14. I lived in Rochester all my life and that was definitely Bills territory, I'm in the Raleigh area now and although it's not Bills territory I see almost as much Bills gear worn day to day as I do Panthers
  15. I don't know if I dislike him or if I just dislike his teammates so much (Beckham and Landry) and it's more just dislike by association. Either way, I really like Josh Allen and am optimistic and excited about this season!
  16. What I liked about him was he seemed to put the work in then give his takes, I feel like most guys on there make it up as they go (Sal excluded, he knows his stuff as well)
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