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  1. I think everything about him his classy. When he was first hired I wasn't a huge fan but now I wouldn't want another coach, really like what he is doing here
  2. Him with solid qb play in his prime would have been fantastic!
  3. Next years WR draft is supposed to be pretty good, I'm guessing the plan is to take a shot at one of them early
  4. I would have loved 4-0, but am very happy with 3-1. I'm not as concerned with Josh as some, he looked bad against a really good defense. I do think this weekend is important to make a statement. This is a team you're supposed to beat, go out and do it. What I would like to see is a more killer instinct moving forward. The Bengals had no right making that a game, I want to see the offense not slow down and keep the foot on the gas. Against better teams it could result in a loss that should be a win
  5. I think if Harry was injured in camp or the early preseason it may have been an option, but no way he is able to get into football shape at this point and be able to contribute
  6. He had a bad game, he’s had 3 overall pretty good games. 3-1 in the first quarter of the season is a good start
  7. the Pats d is the real deal and Allen is still young, bad take
  8. Fouts love affair with the Pats was pretty gross
  9. I heard Lee Smith on WGR this morning, really impressed by his interview. I know his comments to Josh are being discussed on different threads on here from Sunday as well, but if you didn't hear him this morning it's worth the listen. I was very meh about him when we brought him back, but he seems like a solid player and great locker room guy to have for the younger guys to learn from.
  10. My favorite female vocalist was Whitney Houston and I think Celine Dion has an amazing voice as well. Adele has a very unique voice, just not my cup of tea
  11. I think Adele is terrible and the Pats will be begging the Bills for "Mercy"
  12. That article is really, really, really long. I was looking for something to be mad about and then I remembered how much better our defense was when he retired and stopped
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