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  1. Titans. They’re scrappy. I really enjoy watching Derrick Henry play and if Mahomes wins a Super Bowl I fear all the Bills should’ve drafted him people being even more obnoxious then usual
  2. I don't think they would block position coaches either. I agree Frazier and Daboll will get some looks but I do feel confident we will have everyone back next year
  3. I don’t think this regime would ever even try to block one of its staff from a possible promotion elsewhere. Beane and McDermott I believe would love to eventually have a “coaching tree”
  4. That was really cool! Thank you for sharing!
  5. I don't watch enough college football to give an educated opinion, but if he is like Mike Evans sign me up!
  6. This is where I am also, I really want to see a big fast WR brought in during the off season as well as a big RB to compliment Singletary. That along with Allens continued development an I believe sky's the limit
  7. I think if Daboll was in the booth from the beginning of the year we'd be talking about Josh in the MVP discussion. The offense has looked great the past couple of weeks and Josh, while improving each week has looked really great the past 2 weeks in particular.
  8. Cole Beasly thinks highly of him... https://www.yahoo.com/news/buffalo-wr-josh-allen-hes-003624549.html
  9. I hope it does succeed. While it will never be in the same league as the NFL, competition is good for everyone. A new pro wrestling promotion started up and is causing WWE to have to step up there game, so even if the XFL does something that the NFL can adopt to give us a better or more entertaining thing on Sundays, why not
  10. I was a big on Frank Reich, I thought it would be a cool story and being an offensive minded coach was a huge plus for me too Perfectly put!
  11. I wasn't happy when we hired him but I am very happy we have him now. I think he is doing an excellent job and he seems to be a great human being as well
  12. I think everything about him his classy. When he was first hired I wasn't a huge fan but now I wouldn't want another coach, really like what he is doing here
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