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  1. After a Josh turnover yesterday, I was extra annoyed, flipped my ottoman and it ended up breaking the screen on my fireplace. My stupidity caused me to miss the pick by White as I had to look online to find a replacement screen. This got me thinking, over the years what have you broken because of over emotion during games, or is it just me and if so the names of any good anger management places would be appreciated
  2. I am optimistic Edmonds will be a good matchup against Murray with his range and speed. He also looked healthy last week for the first time in a while. Allen also plays great in nice weather/dome, I think we get the W.
  3. I truly despise both of them, and it makes me sick to defend BB, like really I feel gross typing this, but I have to say we won't know until next year. The Bucs roster top to bottom is leaps and bounds better then NE. Any one of the receivers on the Bucs would be an instant one on the Pats and they had a ton of players opt-out of the season. Now, if they suck next year too and I really hope they do, then we will have the answer, but I give this year as an incomplete for BB.
  4. Had we been able to be patient with Zay and if he had the trio ahead of him like Davis does he probably could have become a solid 2-3 receiver. We didn't have talent in front of him and needed him to produce immediately and Zay wasn't ready. That being said, I wish him well in LV, and am very happy with our current WR room
  5. I think he will get something similar to what Watson signed in Houston
  6. If you're afraid to go to a tailgate, stay home. Who are you to stop people from living life?
  7. To me it's easy, if people want to go out and tailgate, go. If you don't, stay home.
  8. I remember his dads Celino and Barnes commercial, "Remember kids, wear your helmet." I was sad see him go, put together a nice career
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