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  1. Richard Sherman - 3ry deal with 49ers

    I always thought he was a real POS, that shot on Carpenter was real dirty and would want nothing to do with him on this team. Wouldn't have wanted him when he was elite, definitely not now that he is even older
  2. The Top 5 Buffalo Bills Fullbacks Of The Past 30 Years

    I remember Jamie Mueller from Tecmo Superbowl
  3. Draft Wire Full 7 Rd Mock

    http://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/02/07/2018-nfl-mock-draft-full-7-round-projections/ I would be happy with these selections, what do you guys think?
  4. LeSean on the Wall?

    I said yes, however I would like to see another 2-3 solid years from him in a Bills uniform and a C on his jersey to make me feel better about it. I love how he has embraced the community after not wanting to come here
  5. Which non QB do you want to draft most?

    I'd love to see James Washington from OSU, I think he would be a nice compliment to KB and Zay
  6. [POLL] Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?

    I say I won't because the Pats are in it but I'm sure I will. I would have had more faith in Minnesota beating them then Philly, so that adds to me saying I won't but I'm sure I will anyway
  7. Comical Bills Spoof

    I laughed some, then cried a little
  8. Loving Dion Dawkins - on & off the field!

    What do you think we would get for him? I would guess 4th based on his injuries this year or possibly a 3rd
  9. Loving Dion Dawkins - on & off the field!

    I did notice he's always there celebrating with his teammates. I noticed Wentz participates in team celebrations with the Eagles as well, I like that. I know the two aren't connected really but I like the unity it shows. These are young men having fun and I think that mentality keeps you loose and leads to wins. Agree totally, seems like a great kid on and off the field!
  10. Sam Bradford To The Bills..? Puke

    I completely agree. I'm afraid we are going to get Cousins in free agency and use our picks to build around him instead of taking a shot at one of the qb prospects this year. I don't want an average qb anymore who will win us 7-9 games, I want a game changer
  11. Leading the charge

    I was a kid when he played here so I can't speak to the x's and o's of his play , but he certainly did seem to bring some magic to the franchise when it was needed. Really wouldn't mind having some of that magic back now.
  12. MCD on wgr

    That would make me like him even more