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  1. I think he is the guy at this point, just on a shorter leash then he’s ever been on
  2. I would actually be really surprised if the Bills did not make the playoffs
  3. I lived in Rochester all my life and that was definitely Bills territory, I'm in the Raleigh area now and although it's not Bills territory I see almost as much Bills gear worn day to day as I do Panthers
  4. I don't know if I dislike him or if I just dislike his teammates so much (Beckham and Landry) and it's more just dislike by association. Either way, I really like Josh Allen and am optimistic and excited about this season!
  5. What I liked about him was he seemed to put the work in then give his takes, I feel like most guys on there make it up as they go (Sal excluded, he knows his stuff as well)
  6. So you obviously gave him a great tip and 5 star rating after that interaction
  7. I agree. On a similar note the other morning on WGR Jeremy was yapping how they should retire more numbers and have more statues of players. You do it too ofter or make where so many players get in it doesn't make it as special
  8. Even if he is the 4th best, he's on a super cheap rookie deal right now. Develop him! This is an awful take
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