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  1. Chris from Rochester

    2017 Browns vs 2018 Bills

    Based off these first two games, I can't see us beating anyone. With that being said, I think we are better then we have shown so far and I wouldn't be completely shocked if we someone won this week in Minnesota
  2. Chris from Rochester

    Hue Jackson didn't know Zane Gonzalez was kicking "whilst" injured Sunday

    You're welcome LOL
  3. Chris from Rochester

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    God Bless her family, prayers to them, RIP
  4. This guy may be the worst coach of all time. I remember when we hired Rex a lot of people thought it was Hue's job to lose. As bad as the Rex circus was, I think it would have been even worse had we hired him. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/hue-jackson-didnt-know-zane-gonzalez-kicking-injured-sunday-040058719.html
  5. Chris from Rochester

    Buffalo Rumblings: Coaches of the Drought Infographics

    The "All Drought Team" included several players who played in a playoff game with the Bills, we had plenty of players they could have chosen from who never saw the playoffs wearing the charging buffalo
  6. Chris from Rochester

    What’s on the menu for the 1st NFL Sunday?

    I recently got an air fryer as a gift, haven't used it yet. Can you taste a big difference or not really?
  7. You can be a real Bills fan and want one person more so then another, but to me a real Bills fan is the person who is rooting for whoever is under center when the regular season starts to succeed
  8. Chris from Rochester

    Bills' GM Beane Bullish on Keeping Training Camp in Rochester

    Don't let my name fool you as I actually moved to NC, but I think they would be foolish to take the camp out of Rochester. It seemed like no matter what day I would go or no matter how the weather was when I was up there it was always a packed house and the Rochester fan base is as important as any to the Bills. It's three weeks Rochester fans got to enjoy their home team, would hate to see it taken away.
  9. 51 Linebacker had a rough night, loved what I saw from RB Murphy, may be a diamond in the rough
  10. Chris from Rochester

    WGR The Night Cap

    I've only listened a couple of times, but it's like listening to a fan who doesn't know much about football give his takes and the callers are like his more educated in the topic buddies giving much better takes
  11. Chris from Rochester

    [Vague Title] It continues... Josh Allen...

    I don't know if he is going to be great or terrible, but I do know I will be rooting my butt off for him to succeed
  12. I don't think 3-5 or 4-4 is that crazy to start the season
  13. Chris from Rochester

    How Old Are You?