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  1. Chris from Rochester

    Bears won't let season ticket holder wear Packers jersey

    I'm from upstate NY originally and live in NC now and am very excited to wear my Sabres jersey at the Hurricanes game next month. As much as I hate to say it, there are Patriots fans who live in Buffalo and have every right to support the team they love when they come to town. I'm sure the Bears ownership has no problem with Pack fans buying $15 beers and $10 hot dogs tho when they are in the stadium. This is stupid.
  2. Chris from Rochester

    Go get Ramsey in the off-season

    We are going to have to pay Tre big money in a few years and I'd take him over any other CB in the league, can't pay 2 CB's big money
  3. Chris from Rochester

    82 &28

    I agree, I thought Lewis was playing well
  4. Maybe McDermott and Beane will set the franchise back with bad personnel decisions. Maybe we don't win another game this year. Or MAYBE we are building a solid foundation for a team that will compete on a regular basis. We have a rookie QB on the roster with all kinds of potential, a very well coached defense and all kinds of draft picks and cap space to address the offense in the off season. If you don't want to be patient and give these guys a chance, that's your choice. But for GODS SAKE IT HAS ONLY BEEN A SEASON AND A HALF AND WE MADE THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR! If next season comes and we are this awful again, fine, maybe change should happen but c'mon lets give them a chance!
  5. Chris from Rochester

    Bring in Huey Jackon as OC

    What do you think he would bring to the table? He had a much more talented team in Cleveland and was terrible. I think Daboll could be good with what we all hope is much more talent on the offensive side of the ball next season
  6. Chris from Rochester

    Our newest Bills fan has it right

    That is AMAZING!
  7. I would love to see him line up in the backfield with Ivory like that did with Murphy last week, could be used as a good decoy to help the line out a bit
  8. Chris from Rochester

    Who starts @ GB- Ryan Lewis or Philip Gaines?

    I've been very pleasantly surprised at how Lewis has looked, may be a diamond in the rough opposite of White
  9. Where would be be as a fan base without all of Rodaks compelling thoughts and hard hitting articles?! Mike Rodak is a national treasure and we as Bills fans are the luckiest fan base in the world to be able to not click on his "well thought out" takes on everything New Engl.... I mean Buffalo Bills
  10. Chris from Rochester

    2017 Browns vs 2018 Bills

    Based off these first two games, I can't see us beating anyone. With that being said, I think we are better then we have shown so far and I wouldn't be completely shocked if we someone won this week in Minnesota
  11. Chris from Rochester

    Hue Jackson didn't know Zane Gonzalez was kicking "whilst" injured Sunday

    You're welcome LOL
  12. Chris from Rochester

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    God Bless her family, prayers to them, RIP
  13. This guy may be the worst coach of all time. I remember when we hired Rex a lot of people thought it was Hue's job to lose. As bad as the Rex circus was, I think it would have been even worse had we hired him. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/hue-jackson-didnt-know-zane-gonzalez-kicking-injured-sunday-040058719.html
  14. Chris from Rochester

    Buffalo Rumblings: Coaches of the Drought Infographics

    The "All Drought Team" included several players who played in a playoff game with the Bills, we had plenty of players they could have chosen from who never saw the playoffs wearing the charging buffalo
  15. Chris from Rochester

    What’s on the menu for the 1st NFL Sunday?

    I recently got an air fryer as a gift, haven't used it yet. Can you taste a big difference or not really?