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  1. What is happening? It's Thursday. Doesn't this stuff happen on the weekend?
  2. Apple Jacks? Dont know why it's spelled Jaqs though.
  3. Stuck watching Pats/Jets on TV and Bills on gametracker ( http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/gametracker/live/NFL_20131020_BUF@MIA ). So ecstatic when I saw Fred scored that TD back from his questionable injury status
  4. Mayock picked the Bills as his favourite draft earlier today too. I think he focused mostly on getting E.J. and getting him some weapons. But he also likes Kiko.
  5. He ran up behind Reggie Bush after a 9-yard gain and knocked the ball loose. And he sacked Matt Moore just as the QB was trying to step out of bounds. I don't think he actually touched the ball either time. Just poor ball security. And the fumbles rolled out of bounds both times. I never saw him get any legit pressure.
  6. I kind of thought they were different than the mainstream media. But they're still fooled by the Eagles, and indifferent about the Bills. I got the impression while reading their Audibles at the Line that most of them feel that the Eagles lost this game, not that the Bills won it. By their own metrics, even after losing to the lowly Bengals, the Bills were rated #1! The Eagles were only ranked 24th. Don't they believe their own system? 95% of the chat was centered on the Eagles, with about three lines devoted to the Bills, but here's a nice one regarding turnovers:
  7. There was also a nice example of it working just two weeks ago in the Falcons vs Bucs game to ice the game.
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