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  1. Could I get a spot if am there before 8:30? It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to make it up!
  2. I got 1 extra ticket to the game - can let it go for $50 (lower bowl sec 108 row 23). If you know anyone interested let me know!
  3. Just make sure you have your TV available after the game and we won't have any problems...
  4. I'll be there - save me 1 spot please! Plan to be in the lot around 7:30
  5. i had an amazing time as well - TBD tailgate is awesome. Appreciate all of the hospitality from everyone - great day for a bills win! Can't wait to see you all on the next one
  6. TV for the 4pm games is clutch!!!
  7. sounds like a lot of food but I'll bring some brats or something. Anything we specifically need?
  8. I plan to attend but something could change that - can I have a spot reserved and will let you know if I can't make it? Thx!
  9. I'm sorry for your loss - prayers for your family
  10. 1,500 /yr for 2 season tickets, gas, food, beer, hotel Guessing around 10-12k the past 5 years since I've been a season ticket holder. That number wil continue to grow...
  11. Same Rande! 5hr drive here but I don't care - I love the Bills and will always support as long as I can financially afford it. Looking forward to next year already!0
  12. So your point is Cam sucks now - got it. Not even gonna argue with you.
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