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  1. That is as good a guess on this situation as any. McDermott took over the defense once before during the season.
  2. I'm with you all the way on the running back...
  3. I thought all the awards and so called entertainment were way overdone. I was totally bored with all of it. Just a chance for the NFL to hide all their garbage under a bunch of meaningless PR.
  4. KC has a knack for scoring in the last seconds of a game. Drives me nuts. I'm rooting for Philly.
  5. Tua had no business finishing the Bills game. He will be out for a while now if he comes back at all. Dolphins staff should be under the microscope for letting him play.
  6. I'm with you. Tyrod played his heart out as a Bill. I wish him nothing but success. I am sorry to hear he was hurt again.
  7. See you there! My brother and I have our tickets!
  8. It is not just Josh, it was anyone receiving a thrown ball. The ball is hard, slippery, and not as easy to catch in cold weather.
  9. There could come a game when getting 2 points means the difference between a win or loss. Experience in these situations matters.
  10. Or maybe Brandon Brooks from the Eagles? I know he is out right now with a torn pec.
  11. I'm right with you on that. But the more I read about the guy and saw what he was doing the more respect I developed for him.
  12. My take is that the offense began to believe the huge volume of "wonderfulness" in the press. Daboll is so good, Josh is MVP, everything offensively is so awesome. It simply went to their heads. I blame Daboll because he should have known better and his play calls were unimaginably bad. The offense was unprepared and Josh reverted to his 2019 ways.
  13. It's great we are all pumped up for the season but we have 17 games to play. I wouldn't be cocky regarding the Chiefs or a score of other teams including the fish.
  14. The problem with the Chargers is that they are owned by Dean Spanos.
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