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  1. Was just thinking the same thing. Its definitely setting up that way.
  2. I was actually envisioning today how they can stack up 300 rush yds on us.
  3. oh lord, i hope we get good Josh Allen. Gannon can be brutal on the qb's. I remember our last london game he held nothing back when breaking down manuel or bortles that day. I was laughing at how brutally honest he was.
  4. Bradshaw made it even better at halftime when he said he's a career 56% guy and thats all he'll ever be. Solid take there.
  5. He seems to have a knack for getting punched in the facemask and drawing free 5 yarders.... I could deal with some more of that.
  6. for me the biggest letdown from the offense was the bills D coming right out at the half and forcing a punt and then the offense proceeded to go three and out. A drive that ended with Allen missing a routine 5 yd throw to beasley where he had room to run in front of him. up to that point the D had allowed 13 pts into the midway point of the 3rd quarter. I'm not sure how long people thought they were expected to hold down the Chiefs....
  7. 2nd week in a row Hughes played a 2nd string tackle filling in and hasn’t gotten home.
  8. And those 4 teams are a cut above the rest of the AFC at this point.
  9. But how many pressures did Hughes have????? are we still treating that as a thing?
  10. I can’t believe we haven’t seen one to motor yet
  11. "could very well be" is a bit aggressive there.
  12. cart before the horse here, but we may honestly have a chance to put the dagger in them come week 8.
  13. I’ve always sorta thought bad weather favors speed/scat guys on offense. Sorta like McCoy in any snow accumulation.
  14. The thought of Chris Jones Vs any of our guards makes me wanna vomit.
  15. Pitt hasn’t played a single team with more than one win this year. We’ll have a much more accurate bead on what Pitt is after this 3 game stretch of Browns, titans and ravens. Similar to our stretch that started with LA and ends Tomorrow with KC.
  16. Just heard Teller is out this week for the browns. That’s low key big blow to that line first that stillers front. living here in the tri-state area of northwest Pa, it’s been a fun week leading up to that game. I’d say the area is about 60% PITT fans and then the other 40% is made up of bills and browns fans. Living in this area bills and browns fans have always gotten along and shared a similar passion for hating the “Stillers”
  17. Hoping those downgrades for Milano and brown are precautionary
  18. I’ve been bringing this up almost in a weekly basis. We are sooooooo due for this. If I’m not mistaken the last defensive td was late in 2017 when Poyer picked Brady. We had 3 defensive td’s that year and haven’t had one since. That’s an oddly long draught. Especially for the secondary we’ve had during that stretch.
  19. Am I off in thinking this is quite a pleasant surprise regarding Milano? Seems like we were all made to think this was more than 2 week recovery. Maybe I just read things wrong
  20. gone from 3.5 to 4 and 4.5 over the last day on the sites i use if this team wins ten games with this gauntlet of a schedule then they are completely capable of making noise in the playoffs..... and will.
  21. ..... and then tassstttyyyy little get right game against the jets...
  22. I have no problems chalking it up to something like that.... i just remember sitting there and saying over and over to my wife that i didnt even recognize the team i was watching.
  23. Cue the "Its because he throws such an inaccurate ball" posts....
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