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  1. I put my back out really bad hacking a loogi once...
  2. Right. Clueless ole me. This is obviously what they do almost exclusively. Because that sounds like something top 5 defense would make a living doing....Thanks for the education. 🙄🙄(oozing with sarcasm) on serious note what you mentioned is but a section of what this defense has been about. but again, thanks for the education.
  3. its truly dumbfounding to me that somebody who is heralded every year for a crazy amount of pressures and rush wins cannot ever get home..... i really just dont understand. if a guy is winning that often, just the general odds would favor higher sack numbers. he's quite the anomaly.
  4. I personally prefer Brandts "Joshy Knoxville", but both are good.
  5. Davis made it in. in fact peter and kay both voted for him to win it but Nate went with Rudolphs one handed snab. i cant argue with it. it was a pretty amazing catch and toe tap
  6. mixed bag. from first to sixth: Rivers wilson bridgewater carr minshew fitz
  7. Pereira immediately came on and said “unlike the interception ruling I think they got this call right” he then went on to say he thinks a more accurate call would have been illegal contact. regardless it’s an automatic first down.
  8. This right here. I’m really confused at how he came on the broadcast and explained it and yet nobody refers to that statement and the media is running rampant with it being a 100% bogus call. Could it have gone uncalled? Sure. Was it technically an okay call? YES.
  9. This is the most overblown bull crap ever. There is legitimately around 2, sometimes only 1, awful weather games in OC each year. Why do people keep on about this crap? As a general rule, even in the winter, the weather is manageable most of the time.
  10. I just lost my fantasy matchup because of the Jackson kneel down. We were tied. Tiebreaker was bench points, which I had. Minus .1 on the kneel and I lost 148.8 to 148.9 i am broken
  11. My bad for bumping the other thread. I got sat down from work and just saw his breakdown and decided to track down the other thread
  12. I didn’t see any post. Did you post this in another thread? ... crap I shoulda taken 5 seconds to look at the front page. My bad everyone
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1310662027174645760 baldy is PUMPED this week!!! My god these are great!
  14. I was literally only watching because i was flipping through channels during my office hours and they had said it was a topic coming up after the commercial break.... That show used to be one of my favorites and i can barely tolerate it anymore.
  15. i'll give credit to Kellerman there. He was the only one to say he didnt think it was awful. And in clarks defense he said the Rams had plenty of attempts to seal that game and shame on them for it coming to that. Also on get up this morning he had said, while he didnt agree with the call he didnt want to let it detract from how outstanding Allen was.....I"m a little annoyed there has literally been no mention anywhere on any sort of media outlet that Mike Pereira came on the broadcast and said while he didnt think it was a PI, he most definitely thought there was enough there to call an illegal contact that would have resulted in a first down regardless.
  16. newton passed for a feeble 150 on the fins. the game after allen torched them for 400+ minshew could barely move the ball or score any points on them. but aint nobody hearing that.
  17. its guys like him and a couple others i dont even wanna see them change their tunes now. They were so blind and negative, missing the obvious progression from 2018 until now that i'd just prefer they stay off the wagon, honestly.
  18. right. i'm not at all outraged. i totally expected it. at this point its just sorta their "thing".
  19. welp..... lebatard admitted he has been way too harsh today. even quoted the 33td and 3 int stat over the last 14 games....... and the other 2 knuckle heads DOUBLED DOWN. geez o man. foxworth says he's the same player he was last year, he's just on a bit of a heater. this is former player saying this. thats alarming he could be that clueless and played as a professional .... bomani says "i'm confident saying any game they lose this year, and it may not be very many, will be because of allen". LOL. good lord.
  20. Right, but they also had a missed FG, an int, and were stopped at midfield on 4th down....
  21. Love Kyle Brandt. Says theres a side of josh that likes to come out every now and again that he calls "Sugar high" Josh Allen. "He just gets a little nuts like he's a recess sometimes." LOL. Then goes on to Call him the MEP. Most entertaining player... this was after Nate said he needs to be squarely put in early season MVP talks. Schrager led off with his usual backhandedness. Its sort of his thing with the bills. Plenty of praise but always a "Ya but" with it. He was on the rams bandwagon all last week. They did a follow up segment on him just minutes ago as well. i'm sure @SlimShady'sSpaceForce will be able to find them and post them.... i'm not great with the interwebs.
  22. I read it. I really don’t feel like going back and looking for a link though.
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