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  1. Uh, or just so the defense can be more competitive.... but you do you.
  2. they're good. that defensive stat is wrong.the bills are 21st in points allowed..... more importantly they are 31st in 3rd down conversions given up at just over 50%. thats absolutely horrendous.
  3. But i mean.... he IS our starter there. So thats not just an issue based on your initial injury argument. Injuries or not he's the starting nickel. Also there are 5 teams allowing 20 ppg or less this season. So no, all defenses arent bad this year. Its a down year for sure but in a year of bad d's buffalos is at the bottom in a lot of categories. Its perfectly rational to be concerned about that. We agree on one thing. Its just a clunker of a game. They happen. I still believe the Bills are contenders...... that have serious defensive issue to iron out.
  4. He's a bit off that 28ppg allowed lands us at 21st. and one of the most troubling stat isnt listed.... 30th in 3rd down stops at just 50%. They literally cannot get off the field.
  5. @Ed_Formerly_of_Roch this is what I’m talking about. I’ve spoken to many people from outside my area that feel the same way I do about them.
  6. Not pleased. Nor are the 3 clients at my Gym that wont be getting sessions from me that evening. LOL. every now and again ya gotta take advantage of making your own work schedule! 🤷‍♂️
  7. man.... dont get me started. Literally the most self righteous fan base. They act as though the "Stillers" and the fans themselves are gracing the league and the nation with their presence. They make me wanna vomit. I"m a bit embarrassed to say this. But having grown up around them i honestly may hate the Steelers even more than the Pats. its very close.
  8. That Stillers schedule. Yuck.... I live on the outskirts of stiller country so I have to deal with those turd fans. You should listen to these people. Good lord. Lock them into the Super Bowl!
  9. I did it this week with Herbert and I did it last week because I had kelce going into Monday night for a game we didn’t know would happen when that news came out I immediately went and found a Monday night TE from the originally scheduled game. It just so happened to be Tonyan. Turns out i should have put him in. Lol. Regardless it’s a good safe strategy to use if those late game players are available to cover your butt.
  10. Well it makes the most sense for this particular situation because it means you don’t have to make a decision until tomorrow night. The main point I think he was making is the fact you can wait until Monday night to make a decision if you can find Herbert. that being said I went and got him yesterday for this exact situation. I was super relieved he was there. It’s actually a really nice matchup for him
  11. new /n(y)o͞o/ adjective 1. not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time
  12. Haha. I hit the submit button on that post and then saw yours as the page reloaded
  13. I’m not too confident they’ll be negative today. So I’m trying not to stress. EDIT: as I was typing that @YoloinOhio put out the good news. Lolol.
  14. Is anyone even remotely confident that the titans are clean through Tuesday? I can’t see it happening. Let’s not forget they already had 2 days clean and then 2 more with positives. I’m not holding my breath thinking it stops today
  15. This is a dumb thing to say. The bills could be a good team and still lose to the chiefs under normal circumstances. The bottom line is there’s no way this situation can do anything but hurt us.
  16. OP at his computer trying to make sense of what Gunner just said....
  17. Lighten up, Francis. Its fun to debate and its an obvious topic at the quarter mark..... nobody is handing anyone a trophy yet. geez.
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