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  1. i feel like this is one of many apology forms that stampede probably needs to sign..... just a hunch.
  2. There's hot starts and then theres doing things that literally only a handful of qb's have been able to muster. Yes, theres quite the difference.
  3. Whoever it is, they need to knock it off. He's jinxing the crap out of us.
  4. no you havnt. he's literally doing historicaly good things. not just in buffalo, but on a league wide scale. so stop it... and you definitely havnt seen it a FEW times. there's always a handful of you.
  5. I guess mine is a bit different from others. The game I knew we might at least be onto something different with him was last year in week 3 when we came out hot against the bengals. Went up 14-0 and then proceeded to give up 17 unanswered. 4 min left. There i stood in the bleacher seats, burnt to a crisp, still half buzzed, voice completely gone, MF'ing the whole team under my breath. Felt like another nice start to a season just ending with a typical Bills meltdown....... And then it wasnt.... Thats when i think i knew something was up.
  6. “Turnover worthy”. Not the same as an actual turnover. And that stat is sort of a running joke amongst bills fans for over a year now.
  7. Quick excerpt from Joe B's weekly post game article on the athletic. Figured it was pretty fitting for this thread. 4. The Bills switch up their defensive tackle rotation — and it worked After Darrell Henderson and the Rams dominated the line of scrimmage, the Bills knew something had to change. The Raiders feature talented running back Josh Jacobs and the Bills couldn’t just trot out the same personnel and expect different results. The defensive tackles were the culprits, getting pushed around far too often and easily, so the Bills changed up things. Last week, the Bills used Ed Oliver at three-technique and started Quinton Jefferson next to him at one-technique. On the back half of their rotation, they had Vernon Butler line up at three-technique, next to one-technique Harrison Phillips. The problem is, Jefferson isn’t well-suited to hold the point of attack and help the run game as the one-technique and the Rams took advantage. This week, the Bills switched things immediately and gave Phillips the start at one-technique next to Oliver. Then, when the Bills went to their rotation, they subbed in Jefferson for Oliver at three-technique, and Butler made the switch to one-technique. The results were night and day against the run. The combination of Oliver and Phillips was on the field for 35 snaps and allowed only 47 rushing yards on 13 carries by running backs (an average of 3.6 yards per carry). Seven of those rushing attempts went for 2 or fewer yards. Jefferson and Butler were even better. They were on the field together for 30 snaps and allowed just 19 yards on six attempts to running backs, or 3.2 yards per carry. Of those yards, 16 of the 19 were gained on one play. The Bills highlighted the skills of their defensive tackles much more appropriately this week, and the results were telling. Given the successes, those pairings will likely continue next week as well.
  8. During the Bills discussion today on "Get up", Orlovsky highlighted the throw to Brown and how insane it really was. Said he literally had a 3inch x 3inch box to put that ball in or its not getting caught. Followed that up by saying anytime Allen has walked on the field this year he's been the baddest dude out there for either team and Allen knows it as well... What really put a smile on my face is when Ryan Clark, a guy who hasnt shied away from criticizing allen in the the past, said he tweeted out how upset he was to see Allen get hurt. Saying he believes Josh is now the type of player that brings the quality of league up and that we'd all be getting cheated if he had to miss time..... WOW. Needless to say i caught myself grinning from ear to ear at the conclusion of that discussion.
  9. Ya gotta play another kicker I would say. All it takes is one positive tomorrow morning. I was big time lucky that the packs starting TE, Tonyan, was available because I have kelce rolling in my main league. So I get to hold out until Monday night to make the decision.
  10. not to be confused with "seepage".... which generally still isnt good in any situation.
  11. the dude legit accused our whole fanbase, or anyone thats white, of just hyping him because we dont like that theirs a good young group of black qb's on the come up. he's complete trash.... as are most people that paint with broad racist strokes.
  12. He was out there. Just saw the highlight on NFL network
  13. Sorry. Bomani is pure garbage. Mock the fans here all you like.... I just listened to his podcast because it was in the Bills related content on ESPN. The man claims he's watched every bills game this year and then 2 minutes later claims he's still the exact same qb and that he "Has no clue what he's doing out there".... he then goes on to accuse the whole fan base of being racist by saying its our fan base just trying to prop up a white qb because the top ones in the game right now are all black and references how hard a time we gave taylor...... Bomani HOT GARBAGE.... and honestly, after the that accusation he's lesser than garbage to me. He literally just attributed the Allen hype to the fact that White fans want a white qb to be up near the top of the list... You like Allen? Well dont mind the 12 total td and historic pace he's on. he just sucks and and if you're buying into the hype you're just blinded by race and not happy about plethora of good black qb's. Seems legit.
  14. I havnt clicked into this thread until now. But the one thing i was sure of is that i would immediately be able to spot some ridiculous cherry picked stats from a certain poster while he made ridiculous comparisons to our old qb. ..... NAILED IT.
  15. 2 seasons.... none in 18 or 19. just crazy considering the caliber of our pass d in that stretch.
  16. oh ya. in NE.... same year though. thats a really long draught.
  17. I asked it once and I’m gonna ask it again. Is the raiders game of 17 the last time our defense scored a td? I know it didn’t happen in 2019. If that is correct it’s a absurdly long draught. ESPECIALLY for how good our defense was over the last 2 seasons. We’re far passed due. Somebody in the secondary jumps one of carrs bazillion short throws and it busts the doors open on this game.
  18. I try not to get too high or too low on PFF anymore. I used to let them get to me but i've just decided to not let it happen anymore. That being said, this is their week 3 in review and its very clear they are doing quite the 180 on Allen. It looks like even his most bull headed detractors are being forced to tuck tail as long as he consistently keeps playing at a ridiculous level. Are there some backhanded comments? Sure. But as a general rule this is a nice little review of Allen here.... starts at 26:50 mark.
  19. Last year at our tailgate vs the WFT, we had a nice young couple wonder through and join us at our fire that had flown in all the way from Wyoming just to watch Allen play. They said we gained quite the following from that area once he was drafted by the Bills. Thats pretty cool.
  20. i mean.... he really didnt do anything between the 20's. Knox has shown more there.
  21. i was more annoyed in another segment where Peter was already crowning the Steelers AFC north champs after the Ravens lost. A steelers team that literally hasnt beaten a team with a win yet.... meanwhile last week he totally slammed the bills schedule and said the division still runs through NE even after their loss. Love the show. Love the cast.... but a little consistency from the panel please...
  22. you werent on the wagon last year when the bills were winning and developing their qb. i'd rather you just hop right off the first time allen has a letdown game.
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