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  1. How far do all you draft gurus think this guy will fall?? What moves would it take to draft him. Damn he would look nice in a Bill's uni...
  2. Great season...exceeded expectations, young squad gained some valuable experience.
  3. Admit that your not as good of a coach as Andy Reid??? Belichick is the only coach in the league that has a more impressive resume.
  4. What ever happened to that qb sweep play they used to continually use??
  5. They had some big stops in the red zone, but give credit where it's due the Colts Offense is one of the best with Probably the best olines in the league. Very surprised we came away at the half with the lead as we absolutely lost the field position battle.
  6. You're right, but he sat for a period of time, had no expectations of him when he did start. He was entrenched into a perfect situation, great defense, great coach, solid offense and cheated.
  7. Addison and Vernon Butler havent exactly put on a clinic.
  8. What's that stuff we used to eat back in the day???....oh yeah..*****!
  9. Dree Brees first 2 seasons where terrible, Brady and Rodgers didnt play their first 2. It's not where you start but where you finish
  10. Would love to see JA finally dominate Pats D Keep your disgusting fetishes to yourself
  11. Never would have happened if his name was Cody Chevy
  12. Star sitting out and Harrison Phillip's not developing, leaving the one tech DT empty has hurt the most. Our LBs have O lineman in their laps. Not being able to stop the run on first and 2nd down means fewer third and longs. 3rd and long the defensive play calling gets easier and the defensive lineman are in hunt mode. Chain reaction starting from the middle front.
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