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  1. Sorry, but "hate" seems waaaay over the top, and I have seen none of thar here. Lots of critiques, analysis, doubts, as it should be. But hate? Must we go all Trumpian extreme in our language?
  2. For all his failings as an owner, the greatest thing he did was the way he set the franchise upon his death, basically forcing whomever bought it to stay in Buffalo. And to Mary, for massaging the sale to get it to the Pegulas.
  3. Just so they maintain the 6 foot social distancing, they can go ahead and play.
  4. I think Joshua Kelley of UCLA would be an excellent RB addition who should be available in the later rounds.
  5. Schtupping the owner's daughter has its benefits.
  6. Dr. Drew sounds like a Limbaugh Ditto-head. Coronavirus has a ten time higher mortality rate than the flu, and with between 70 and 150 million Americans projected to get it, you could have 500,000 deaths. Furthermore, we don't have a clue about how many now have it nor how many have died because of the botched job of the Trump administration with its gutted agencies, incompetent cronies running agencies, etc. Yesterday the CDC ran a total of...8 tests. 8!
  7. Played 16 games, gave up ZERO sacks. Seems pretty darn good in the passing game.
  8. Blazing speed but he's 5'11''. They still will need that big boy receiver.
  9. Who the funk needs a handgun anyway? This isn't Dodge City in 1875. For that matter, you had to surrender your guns to enter 1875 Dodge City.
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