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  1. Beats what was common when I was a kid: adults throwing you in the water whether or not you could swim.
  2. Didn't Beiber grow up just over the bridge in Ontario? And aren't the Bills his childhood team? At least JA didn't pick Bon Jovi.
  3. So in spite of a jury decision of "Not Guilty," a lack of evidence of guilt, and several equally plausible potential perps, you have concluded he did it.
  4. I'd be for it if they restricted it to the many AFL players unjustly kept out by the pettiness of the NFL establishment.
  5. End of an era and the definitive sign we're getting old.
  6. Back to back 8 or fewer win seasons and he's gone. Back to back 10 or better win seasons, he's extended.
  7. Imagine this amount of passion, money & attention devoted to other pursuits, such as science. Maybe we'd take back our tech sector from dependency on foreign engineers. Lots of college scholarships going to foreign students while our kids fight for places on lacrosse teams, with degrees that qualify them for barrista jobs.
  8. P, K and LS are purely Special Teams, which leaves 50 spots for the rest of the roster. This projection has FOURTEEN of them going to RB, WR, TE. Seems high to me. If the Bills do carry that many I think one of each will be kept primarily as ST players.
  9. He was tagged as a project. Waiting to see if he 's actually improving which I believe he is.
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