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  1. Do not overlook Michael Pittman.
  2. No, it doesn't. But imagine if they did have that WR AND Knox becomes that type of TE (he showed flashes this year) AND an unstoppable freight train RB. Add a Ray Lewis/Ronnie Lott/Mike Singletary in the secondary and look out.
  3. The running game is the heart and soul of football, and with the trend toward running QBs, it's more so now than in years. Pretty clear the Bills could use a bull RB.
  4. The Bills got rid of Sammy Watkins when the new regime came in, so this isn't unthinkable.
  5. 8 defenders, 5 linemen: what else would you expect? It was stupid play calling not strictly poor line play.
  6. I think his down year was a function of wretched guard and center play. The OL in particular needs to mesh and function as one. Losing Wood and Incognito was a season killer.
  7. Wow. Absolutely great read. Give that man a lifetime contract.
  8. In Josh's defense, he had to play hero ball. When play call after play call has 5 wides and an empty backfield facing 8 in the box, it's just fortunate he wasn't annihilated.
  9. A most impressive post. Thanks.
  10. I go back and forth on Allen. For now, I think we should give him another year.
  11. Thanks for another season of insightful, level-headed analysis. I have my doubts about whether or not this QB and this staff can get the Bills to "the promised land," but I'm willing to give another year to "the process." As you point out, though the O line was vastly improved, it still isn't first-rate. I agree this will get another round of improvement. I think attention will also be paid to WR. A dominating LB too. But in the end, the biggest area of improvement has to be Josh.
  12. A Ronnie Lott-Mike Singletary LB without a doubt. Someone who makes QB knees tremble.
  13. If Beane is a for-real, cold-hearted GM who truly knows the game, and if McD is truly the problem, then he has to be at least thinking about making a change at HC. And if he's not, then maybe McD isn't the problem.
  14. But Sunday's game did count and 2019 will forever be in the book as a 10-6 season. I also disagree with the decision to "rest" the starters. That's a cautious, conservative, "play not to lose" mentality. You missed the larger point, that there is little reason to think the Bills are the team nobody wants to play.
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