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  1. I think the main difference was simply competent QB play. And maybe the addition of Teller & Foster. Other than that, it was the same coaches, same players. What Barkley did was get the ball to the primary receiver, and in such a way that they got separation and YAC. Take that first long pass. Peterman & Allen would usually be holding the ball too long then dumping it off to the third option. Or in Allen's case, taking off running. What we saw with Barkley was execution of the plays as Daboll intended and when that happens, the O hums. And, BTW, the Jets D is not awful. The O output wasn't because they stink, but because the Bills have decent players who were able to show that simply because they got competent QB play for the first time this year.
  2. yungmack

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Most yards in the first half by the Bills since 2000.
  3. Just Peterman, if any of them do. Anderson's job looks to be mentoring Allen.
  4. yungmack

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    You're right, Barkley wasn't checking down to the third option. That's why the O looked different. Competent QB play, that's all.
  5. yungmack

    The Bills now have the Number 1 Defense in the League

    I believe you're correct. Let's wait for the later games though.
  6. yungmack

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    They've done that quite a bit this year. Amazing what a reasonably competent QB can do to make an O line look good.
  7. yungmack

    Four Different Starting QBs in One Season

    Much like the America we now live in.
  8. yungmack

    Matt Barkley Will Be the Bills' Starter vs. the NYJ

    To all the tough guys who say, "If he's healthy, Josh should start," how about we give the kid a couple more weeks, what with the bye coming up. Last thing he needs is to be rushed out there at less than a 100%. It's not like they need a win to get to the SB.
  9. yungmack

    Wyatt Teller?

    Keep an eye on Boss Tagaloa, UCLA center.
  10. Dear Doug, Come home, all is forgiven. Yours truly, Terry & Kim
  11. yungmack

    Gregg Williams has a new job offer

    He used to be the Bills head coach so you'd figure Bills fans at least would know his first name has two Gs. Gregg.
  12. yungmack

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Just Plain Bad

    I've been a fan since their first season in 1960 and all I can say about this mess that is the Bills (team and FO) is: "Oh, the humanity! The humanity!"
  13. yungmack

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    Any way they can claim Russell Wilson? Because otherwise, what's the point?
  14. First you have to have a train...
  15. Great work, Virgil. Between you and Shaw, this is better analysis than any of the local media does. And also like Shaw and the rockpile report, you're both reaching into the gloom. All I can say is, you nailed it.