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  1. yungmack

    Your draft sleeper pick

    Boss Tagaloa.
  2. So who knows Wes from his time in Buffalo?
  3. In an article in today's LA Times, the incident that triggered police involvement was a post showing a gun and a photo of Martin's high school, the very elite Harvard-Westlake Prep, and a message that appeared to be a threat of violence which led to a school shut down. In addition, Martin focused his anger on Mike Pouncey. There was no mention of RI in the article.
  4. I was surprised how many here actually care about...and even watch...the half time show. I remember when they had marching bands! First show biz half time featured broadway star Carol Channing, who just died...at 97.
  5. yungmack

    Lorenzo is back

    Great news.
  6. yungmack

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Shouldn't matter. But it seems to be a very big deal with McD at least.
  7. yungmack

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    Reporter: "What do you think of your offensive line's execution"? Bucs HC John McKay: "I'm all for it." A classic.
  8. yungmack

    Cool Detailed Analysis - Zay Jones

    Zay seems to lack "football intelligence."
  9. yungmack

    Antonio Brown Trade Value

    He is a cancer on the team. No.
  10. yungmack

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    The old adage is, "Build a team from the inside out, front to back. " Those two rules intersect at the Center. That's the first position you have to get right. I believe a great deal of the O-line's problems this year had to do with inferior center play, which spilled over to the guards, which affected the tackles, yada yada yada. So upgrading there is Job One as I see it. Problem is, it's rare a rookie makes a huge impact right off the bat at Center so the Bills would have to be prepared to live with a learning curve. The alternative is to sign a FA center. In any case, a better than average Center is crucial.
  11. yungmack

    Marijuana to treat CTE in NFL players

    Proceed with caution. Lots of shady companies in the long-term care business.
  12. yungmack

    [Vague Title] If your the GM of the Bills.

    Don't overlook Boss Tagaloa at center.
  13. "Nattering nabobs of negativity"? How old are you? That's an Agnew line from nearly 50 years ago. By the tone of your post, you've reached that fabled age of "Get off my lawn-ism." And btw, it wasn't so much that Ralph was miserly. It was more about him believing he knew more about football than any of the football people he hired.
  14. I think you're confusing him with Kiper. If anyone qualifies as the absolute worst it would be him.