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  1. Dave Gettleman is the happiest man in NYC today.
  2. Good to see TSW still attracts the high schoolers.
  3. I figure Smith v Fisher is about having a veteran presence in a very young TE room.
  4. The running game is the heart of the Rams offense. Gurley's unavailability the last few games killed them. FWIW, I think McBeane are building a team more in the Rams mold.
  5. Jake Fisher is one big TE. Only area of concern with this roster: undermanned at the Williams's.
  6. Scratch last season. With the massive improvement of the O.line, better RB, WR, TE rooms and line coaching, this will be the year to fairly judge JA.
  7. That is a pretty strange thing to say.
  8. Love the Singletary pick but I think Winovich would have been smarter for this year.
  9. Throw out his performance last year. The incompetent line coaching, the loss of Glenn, Incognito and Wood, and the inferior play of their replacements on the unit that requires the most "in sync" play is more likely the reason Dawkins had a down year. Far too soon to write him off.
  10. It's all "on paper" so far, but if the FA signings and the draft picks live up to expectations, then it will come.down to McDermott's handling of the team and Josh making big strides. So, yeah, cautiously optimistic.
  11. Anyone who thinks the Bills should have taken a WR who's only talent is to run fast straight ahead and not address the trenches should be immediately sent away from here to an institution where they teach football.
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