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  1. You guys overstate the protection QBs get. You can hit them anywhere so long as it's not ABOVE THE SHOULDERS. Or NOT BELOW THE KNEES. Or anywhere BETWEEN THE SHOULDERS AND THE KNEES. Got it?
  2. The biggest reasons for JA's less-than-stellar performance was a combination of weather, his ongoing inability to accurately hit the long ball, terrible play by the Oline (particularly the left side), overly predictable play calling (especially on runs) and an untimely case of "the drops" by the receivers.
  3. There were times today when Allen was positively (this might get my knuckles whacked by some around here) Brady-esque. Other times, he reminded me of Elway at his peak.
  4. The only look I dislike more than blue on blue is the horrible all-reds.
  5. Would Best Leftie QBs, or Best Big Ten QBs be okay? If so, you're choosing to be upset by this list. And FWIW, if Moon or Cunningham aren't on the list, it's a joke.
  6. Compare this match with the previous one and it's clear they learned from the squeaker with Miami and made significant changes. That willingness to learn and change is a big positive, especially coming on the heels of that embarassment in Cleveland.
  7. Excellent analysis. If the Bills can straighten out ST - and they must - and replicate the four quarter/no let up approach they managed against Miami, I don't think any of the last 6 games are definite losses.
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