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  1. If I'm conscious at 8 AM ( the games start at 10 out here), I'll watch the one on CBSSN with Adam Schein. Also like their NFL Monday QB.
  2. He just seems to have no "football sense." He's like a guy who has seen soccer played but if he plays a match, he doesn't instinctively know what to do.
  3. That's been true of all 5 games. Could easily be 0-5. Or 5-0. I'm nervous that if this O doesn't get it together quickly that these close, go-either-way games will continue, and you can't count on the football gods to keep smiling on the Bills.
  4. Since their misstep with Wreck's - understandable for new owners - they've been virtually flawless. Mighty glad they're the owners.
  5. If Singletary's injury was worse than expected, I think they'd have signed Murphy so my guess is that's not the reason. Or I hope it's not.
  6. The last two times the Bills opened 4-1, they wound up with a losing record. Does that predict the future? Absolutely not. But neither does opening 4-1 mean they're on the way to the Super Bowl. So long as the offense remains poor, a couple of injuries on the D and things can change overnight. So, fingers crossed.
  7. Not as confident about him as I was two or three weeks ago. Worried about his continued tendency to throw stupid interceptions, the failure to slide enough, his growing inability (or insecurity) to throw the long hall and apparently his inability to see and process the whole field, thus not seeing open receivers enough. Fingers crossed though.
  8. The offense will need to improve immensely. They struggle so much to get two or three scores when they have the talent to fairly easily score 24 each week and to do it earlier in the game. I hope Josh works on nothing but the long ball the next two weeks.
  9. Here's the thing, we don't know if Josh is changing the play.
  10. Woods, Aaron Williams, Nigel "The English Gentleman" Bradham, Gilmore, Eric Wood, a reasonably sane Incognito, and, if at all possible, bring back the pick they didn't use on Mahomes.
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